We wish you a great Thanksgiving Holiday. It has been a very tough year for just about everyone, including us here in the middle of Times Square. With the economy in the gutter, the banks going after everyone, even their good customers, the high unemployment rate and inflation, we are still somehow surviving in this great country. We are very lucky to live in a country where freedom exists. But Americans have to start to use their power.

We must stop illegal immigration now. Illegal immigration is taking American jobs no matter what anyone is saying. They are not paying into our system and we are paying for their medical care in our hospitals. Jobs in deli's and restaurants and everywhere else are being filled by immigrants that jumped across the border to take away our livelihood. They enjoy our schools, our hospitals, our transportation system and we pay for it all. We must speak up and demand that the politicians do something to stop illegal immigration. One way would be to fine the businesses that hire them, 50 thousand the first time they were caught using cheap labor.

We must stop doing business with banks that no longer care about the customer. Bank Of America is one good example of not caring for us anymore. Their bottom line is money for their CEO'S and not the American Public. We must fight the Credit Card companies who continue to rake the public for their mistakes. Cancel your accounts with these companies.

We must stop buying goods from overseas. We must start supporting American made goods. It used to be where we could make anything in America, but now the infrastructure is not here anymore because the companies import all their parts and labor. Buy American, the job you save might be your own. Demand that your politicians stop shipping our money overseas. Companies like Sprint has laid off thousands of Americans, yet they still continue to hire in India and other countries. They want our money, but they do not want to hire us.

We live in the best Country in the world and we have alot to be thankful for. But it is time Americans got the piece of the pie that they built. Make American companies act American !


Anonymous said…
Amen, James. Amen.