Candy Spelling

Tori Spelling's mom Candy is explaining her recent decision to sell the family estate in Los Angeles California, putting the big move down to fears she will never again spend time with her estranged daughter. The mom and daughter had a huge falling out before the death of Spelling's father, Aaron, in 2007. They finally reconciled later that year, following the birth of the actress' first child, Liam, with husband Dean McDermott. But mother and daughter are back on bad terms, and Candy now has little hope they will ever salvage their relationship. Spelling is admitting the most hurtful part of the fight is being kept away from her grandchildren, because she has never had a chance to meet the latest addition to the family, Stella, who was born last year. And she has put the family mansion on the market because her young relatives will never be able to enjoy it. She tells, "I don't see Tori and Dean anymore. I used to see Liam, but no longer. And I've never met Stella. I've tried to talk to her (Tori), but that doesn't work. She may not even know why she's angry. "If I had any hope that I would have a relationship with my grandchildren I would never sell this house. I've fantasized for years about a wonderful playhouse on the grounds for children." Spelling placed the family home in Los Angeles on the market earlier this month for $150 million. The three-story mansion has a bowling alley, wine cellar, library and a gym.
Photo By: Sara De Boer/Retna