Socialite Paris Hilton's uncle Steven is grateful for his safety after he confronted two intruders at his Malibu Hills home estate earlier this week. Initial reports suggested Hilton was attacked during a break-in at the mansion. But a spokesperson for Los Angeles California County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed the hotel heir placed an emergency call last Monday after spotting two intruders at his home - but they fled before cops arrived at the scene. Sgt. Janice Benning says, "Two people entered his home. He (Hilton) got away and he called 911, and while he was calling 911, they got away." Authorities have confirmed intruders didn’t steal anything, but a full investigation is ongoing. The incident occurred just days after Hilton’s celebrity niece, Paris Hilton, was burgled, losing an estimated $2 million worth of irreplaceable jewelry.
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Photo By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital