Kate Moss

Aging supermodel Kate Moss was left red-faced over the holidays when she reportedly misplaced a ring only three hours after her boyfriend Jamie Hince gave it to her. Hince was said to be furious after Moss lost the $4,400 tribal piece he had custom-made for her while recently touring the U.S.And Moss was so desperate to find the jewellery the couple nearly missed their flight to Thailand, where they plan to celebrate New Year's Eve. A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, "There was a terrible panic when Kate realised the ring had disappeared. Jamie’d had it specially made for her in Santa Fe. It was a Native American ring designed to symbolize Kate’s happy future and Jamie’s role in it. "It was solid silver with a gorgeous blue stone, and was supposed to have all sorts of protective powers. But Kate forgot to put it back in its box… Jamie almost lost his rag (went crazy) when he thought they were going to miss the flight. He had to practically shove her into the car. Poor Kate kept apologizing. But she later joked that the ring’s protective powers left a lot to be desired."
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna