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Sarah Silverman was left very embarrassed on ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show on Thursday, when the television host screened lost footage of his former girlfriend singing in a talent contest when she was just a teen. Silverman and Kimmel pretended to be awkward around each other as their interview started, but things really got uncomfortable when the host revealed he had a clip of his ex performing on a local Massachusetts talent show, called "Community Auditions." Silverman denied all knowledge of the contest and urged her ex to move on with his questions, but Kimmel revealed he had footage and then showed it. The very Stunned Silverman said, "You're a [bleep] [bleep]," after the clip, adding, "I can't believe that exists."The interview continued until the comedienne addressed the real issue, adding, "They wanna know that you and I went out and then we broke up ... Don't you feel like a fraud just talking about just shooting the [bleep]."And when Silverman asked, "When we were split, did you kiss anyone else?" a speechless Kimmel simply showed the footage from the talent contest again.