James Edstrom With Silvia Miles And Barroness Sherry

Claire O'Connor With Rita Cosby,James Edstrom,Tomaczek Bednarek And Ian Miller

April Sandmeyer With Steve Wilkos, Rita Cosby,Claire O'Connor,James Edstrom And Sean Paul Ayala

Last week was a huge surprise. Publicist Linda Shafran from The Jerry Springer Show and the new hit The Steve Wilkos Show, called me and asked me to do some photos of Wilkos while he was in New York City last week to appear on the WB Network. Even know I was in a bad mood because I was turning 49 years old, I told her to have Steve to pick me up at the Times Square Gossip offices and we could do some press photos and then go for dinner and drinks at The Waverly Inn in the West Village. I then called public relations bigwig Claire O'Connor and asked her if she would like to join us. She hesitated, but then said she would come and to pick her up at her apartment and we all could all go out on the town. So, we limo it down to the Waverly Inn and we are having a few drinks and Claire comes running up and say's Angelina Jolie is at the Cutting Room on West 24th street and we should head over there. So we get into the Limo, I quickly call my Buzz Foto photographer Justin Campbell and TMZ's Vincent Vilela to tip them off, not knowing that they were waiting at the Cutting Room for me to arrive. We get to the club, I walk in the club, everyone starts taking photos of me and singing Happy Birthday and all I could think was I just walked in on Angelina's party or something. I tried to leave the club and Claire O'Connor shoved me back in the door. Then I looked around and saw all my friends. I was in shock. Rita Cosby along with Tomaczek Bednarek and longtime friends April Sandmeyer, W, and Ian Miller and Claire O'Connor had worked with Linda Shafran and Steve Wilkos to throw a surprise bash for me at the famed Cutting Room. I could not believe they were able to pull it off without me knowing anything. They worked with Cutting Room owner Steve Walter and they threw a bash like I never saw. My friends were all there, including Silvia Miles, Alistair Duncan, Vinny Parco, Robin Byrd, The Pascha David Salidor and many more. The club was packed. I never knew so many people cared. It was really a night I will never forget. Thanks to all who attended and thanks to Gypsy Impalla and Charlie Ruppman from the New York Daily News who had famed sports artist Bill Gallo draw a painting of me that was incredible. There are two many people to mention, but thank you to everyone !

Rita Cosby With James Edstrom And Bill Gallo Print

Tomaczek Bednarek With Steve Wilkos, James Edstrom And Rita Cosby


Anonymous said…
It was a great party. You need to know that Claire O'Connor deserves the kudos for being the main mastermind behind this wonderful celebrity bash, not me. I was happy that she and Ian Miller asked me to assist them!
Anonymous said…
Happy, happy birthday, James!
May your new year be filled with kind memories and loving friends.

passing thru
James Edstrom said…
Thanks passing....You are the best!

Anonymous said…
How nice of your friends to do that for you!

Happy belated Birthday James!!!!

You old fart! ;)


Anonymous said…
Hey dear friend!
Happy 21st birthday! Wow, you are FINALLY old enough to drink legally. LOL
That is wonderful to have good friends like that. You deserved it!
(((HUGS))) to you.
Anonymous said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES. To a wonderful guy that is a lot of fun. Remember the good ole days. We used to talk. Dee
Anonymous said…
happy belated birthday james.
Anonymous said…
James, Happy Birthday from sugarpie. I miss the good ole days too.
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday James!!

What a wonderful thing the party was!
I too miss the good ole days
aunt b
Mo said…
Happy belated birthday,James! You're looking well. I hope you have a happy and healthy year!
Anonymous said…
Hey James

Hapy Birthday! You look great.
You cannot be a day over 21?
I hope you had a great day, keep up the great work on your site~

Love, Kerry