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It's time we start waking up in this Country. I am no economist, but I tend to see things pretty clear and cut. I get right to the chase in almost everything I do in life. Do not let your politicians bail out Wall Street. Protest now !

Wall Street has been full of greedy people since it's start. They have robbed companies blind and people have lost their life savings, while the greedy businessman aka crooks, have become rich and walk away with 100 million dollar bonuses. Now I'm no fancy Wall Street trader or a Crystal Champagne loving millionaire, I'm just a modest celebrity photographer who is getting by just like everyone else. I got the fame, but not the fortune, as I was never a greedy person. I do how ever hang out with the rich and famous and I believe I know just about better than anyone on how their minds work.


I have been to thousands of these fancy parties with rich billionaires and have brought up the subject a few times about the gas prices, the food prices and the bailout of so many companies. They don't care about the gas prices, they are making money. They don't give a rats ass about food prices and how the majority of the American Public is struggling just to pay for food. They got plenty of gas and food. I sat in on one conversation and these rich guys were talking about how some stock went way down and they brought it and when it went up because of their investment, they sold it, which in turn made it go down again, but hey kiddies, they made money, you lost it. Milk is almost six bucks a gallon in New York City. My favorite bedtime snack York Peppermint patties went up to almost seven dollars a bag. My 7-11 nachos went from $2.49 to $3.49. They didn't even bother printing a higher price on the item. They just repriced over the old price. I even cut down on my cigarettes, I went from 3 packs a day to 2 and a half. They raised prices on them to almost nine bucks a pack. Hey, Marijuana is cheaper. I'll have to smoke more. Do the rich people care? Poor people and the elderly on food stamps are getting on average $150.00 a month. Can you feed yourself on that? Not to worry. The rich wall streeters are in topless clubs getting lap dances and drinking expensive champagne and billing it on their expense account. Wasn't there a story a couple of years ago about a wall streeter charging over a 100 thousand at Scores in New York City on his corporate business card? And who pays, the poor small investors. And the rich only get richer !


No matter what anyone says we are in a recession. Inflation is running rampant. We can't afford gas, food or any extras. My understanding on what a recession does is make companies cut the waste and fat. This happens after everyone has lived high on the hog for a very long time. Stock and home prices are over inflated. Everyone is having a great time, especially the rich. Everyone is spending and everyone is living above their means. But the party always ends and there is always a winner and that is the rich. You the middle income or poor person always ends up the loser. The rich control the wealth. When the parties over, they want their credit card money they lent you and they want that mortgage from you.


If we bail out wall street, we are not only helping the rich get richer, we are only delaying our recovery from this recession. We need companies to fail so they will start to cut the fat, and the waste and prices will start to go down. Everything is over inflated right now. Homes, food, stock, gas, everything. We are going to suffer no matter what. People will lose their jobs. Some people will lose their life savings. It's sad but everyone took a gamble on wall street. They lost, and it should cost them and not the taxpayers. If we give wall street a trillion dollars it will only delay our recovery. I do not go to Atlantic City and gamble and expect the taxpayers to give me my money back because I took a risk where I knew I could lose. Wall street is a free market and must remain this way. Anymore government help to any more companies should be met with absolute protest from the citizens of this country. I'm already paying for the greed in the mortgage meltdown. Bank Of America raised my credit card rate to around 24 per-cent. I have a very high credit score, and this should never have happened, but they are trying to recoup their loses on all their bad mortgages and at the same time they are buying up all the failed companies. So I have to pay and so do you. Needless to say, I told Bank Of America to go F**k themselves and cancelled my cards.


They are trying to scare us. They are crying 1920's depression. It could never be that bad again. We have a different infrastructure than we did back then. Most bank accounts are insured by the federal government for up to 100 thousand. Check with your bank. They are saying you won't be able to sell your house and it will be harder to get a new mortgage. So what, stay in your house till things get better. We must learn to suffer a little, because things are going to get worse even if this trillion dollar bailout happens. This bailout will only delay our recovery from this recession. Most of my rich wall street friends are cleaning up right now. They are making a fortune. With this bailout, they will make even more. We need wall street to crash and we need this recession to bring prices back to where they should be. We need the government to audit all these failed companies and the people responsible need to be sent to jail. The trillion dollars could be better spent helping people out of this mortgage crisis and doing more energy research to get us off foreign oil. And one last note. Do you realize all the foreign investors we have in this country? Are we supposed to bailout these countries that invested and brought American Companies and American stocks and made a fortune and now are crying save us? It is time to only buy American. Say no to Japan, Say no to China. It's time America stands on it's own feet and produces here, not there. We don't need the global economy, we can do it all here in The United States Of America, because that is who we are. We need to become the leaders again and not the followers !


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Anonymous said…
amen and amen again. Let's get this party started. America is just not america anymore, and I am one pissed off american.. PEOPLE , LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!!!! Middle America
Anonymous said…
James -

Can I suggest to you and your readers to do a Google search for
"Bar Stool Economics"....... read it and it will clear up a lot!
Anonymous said…
James -

I do not know if anyone else reads these comments or this website, but I certainly hope you get a grip on what you're saying and realize how foolish some of your comments are in the story about Wall Street.
You talk about people living above their means and then you complain about your high rate credit cards. Obviously you are living beyond your means if you can't pay back your credit cards! Then you complain that the companies want THEIR money back from your loans and mortgage? THAT'S HOW IT WORKS!

James, as a friend I ask you to.....take this story off the site before anyone else reads it!!! Or, spend more time gathering facts and then rewrite it!
However, if the story stays up I hope more comments come in so we can really have a Financial Battle-Royal!!!

James Edstrom said…
Bulldog I think you are the best guy in the world. You did not read closly. First of all I said I was No economist. This is my thoughts on the whole thing. They could be right or wrong. Second, you didn't read my comment on my credit card closely. Below was what I said on my credit card.
I'm already paying for the greed in the mortgage meltdown. Bank Of America raised my credit card rate to around 24 per-cent. I have a very high credit score, and this should never have happened, but they are trying to recoup their loses on all their bad mortgages and at the same time they are buying up all the failed companies. So I have to pay and so do you. Needless to say, I told Bank Of America to go F**k themselves and cancelled my cards.
I have credit cards because you can't get a hotel room without them. I have them because you need them to order plane tickets and just about everything else in this world. I don't have a huge credit card debt like so many other people. My credit score was 702 when they raised the rates. That is considered excellent. When I called, they said they reviewed my account and they decided I was a bigger risk. Are you kidding me? Here is the link to my orginal story. http://www.timessquaregossip.com/2008/03/boycott-crooks-of-bank-of-america.html

I always pay my credit cards and carry a low balance, so this is why I have a high credit rating. Also my credit rating dropped because I cancelled that card. Is This Fair? Because I don't like a bank taking me to the cleaners and I cancel their card, I get a lower rating?

We are in a recession. You don't know because you invest in wall street and have done quite good. Hey, you were on the Chicago exchange. We need the recession to play out so companies will get rid of waste and prices will go to where they should be, not over inflated like everything is. Companies need to merge, changes have to be made and all of this is natural in a recession. There has to be more regulation so this does not happen again. The crooks have to go to jail. If we give these companies almost a trillion dollars, it is only delaying our recovery. And to top it of, we are giving this money to the same people that got us into this mess. Why? So the stocks can go back up and then the rich sell to make even more money? So we can give these CEO's millions more in perks? We just end up back where we started. I'm not going to argue with you about this. This is what I think. I said at the beginning of the story that this is just what I thought. Maybe you will like next weeks editorial on immagration better. I think we think alike on that one.

Anonymous said…
poor james
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