Fashion icon Victoria Beckham has dropped her lawsuit against American fashion label Rock & Republic over her alleged loss of earnings.The superstar signed a deal with the company in 2004 to make her dVb brand jeans, but split from the firm only two years later amid media reports of a fall out with owner Michael Ball. She then filed suit against the firm’s executives at London’s High Court earlier this year and was claiming they owe her up to $100 million in lost revenue. Beckham’s $2.2 million claim was due to be heard before a judge next month, but she has now abandoned the case. According to British newspaper the Sunday Express, a notice of discontinuance was filed in the High Court last week. A source close to Beckham tells the publication: "Victoria had meetings with her (legal) team, who have advised her extensively on the case. She just wants to move on and focus on her own successful line of clothing and draw a line under the matter. She doesn’t want to spend any more time or money on it."