Kelly Osbourne With Boyfriend Luke Worrell

Former reality show star Kelly Osbourne is very cautious about her health. She gets checked for sexually transmitted diseases four times a year.The daughter of rock icon Ozzy Osbourne is so paranoid about picking up an infection that she makes frequent visits to a clinic for tests. And although she insists she always practices safe sex, Osbourne prefers to get regular check-ups just to make sure she is OK. She tells Britain's New! magazine, "I'm not the kind of person who talks about my sex life, but I'm not afraid to talk about contraception. I go three, maybe four times a year to get tested (for sexually transmitted infections) and most of the time I don't even need to. I just go for peace of mind."


Anonymous said…
Maybe she should first get to know who she is sleeping with. This ain't her Daddy's '60's, ya' know?

Worried about STD? She may be the second one to know she has one and then it just might be too late.

Who cares when she finds out? Makes little sense if it is going to kill you.