Former Culture Club singer Boy George, stormed out of an interview on live radio in England on Friday, after he was grilled on his famous drug taking past.The singing icon, ended the chat with Radio DJ Tony Lyman, when Lyman asked if there was a connection between his drug taking and the band splitting in 1986 and again in 2002.He told the presenter, "I really don't want to do this interview. ... I'm sorry but I'm just not doing it," and left the studio. Lyman tells CMU Music, "We were doing the interview via a studio link and I thought we'd got off to a good start. Boy George was giving some very honest answers. But then the air went dead, never a good thing in radio, and I realized he was gone."George was recently denied a visa to tour in the United States this year because of outstanding criminal charges in the United Kingdom. Speaking after canceling the tour, the star, whose real name is George O'Dowd, revealed he has been clean since the end of 2002.


Anonymous said…
I have read versions of this tale of George "Storming out of Interview" a few times and I have to say, the teaser is more than misleading. "Storms out of Interview"? I am still confused about the "storming" part. George apologized while stating he was not comfortable with the way the interview was going, and left. The headline would have us all believe that he acted very Diva like, haughty and left in a rage! It sounds like he was polite and to the point. It could have been a lot worse and all I can say, shame of the tabloid creator who came up with the idiotic headline!