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Well maybe.... We have been photographing the stars for over 20 years. We like some and hate others. We know how the business works. We are not some gossip site where someone writes a story on this star or another and does not even know how the business works or even knows the celebrity. We know the business and we are in the business. We know the celebrity. We may not be the best, but we are real. That's because we know the people and we report on the people. We are either their friends or we don't like them. We are honest. I hate this business the way it has become. The paparazzi have turned into animals. In my day there were 20 of us roaming New York City. Now there are hundreds. Photo agency's are hiring thugs and illegal aliens and gang members. The celebrities are in danger. Yes danger. It's not what it used to be. Every interview I do, they also interview the agency's after me and they water everything down from everything I say because they buy photos from them. When is it going to stop. Every magazine claims they won't use shady shots, but they all do. They support the endless harassment of Britney Spears and others. Very few honest agency's around. One of our suppliers Buzz Foto had a photographer recently turn in a shot of some celebrity, and the owners Brad Elterman and Henry Flores said it was invasive and pulled the shot from every publication. Is this the only agency that has the balls to see when the line was crossed? Celebrities are in danger now. You have gang members that are now the paparazzi. You have ex-cons and scum that creates the news instead of reporting it. I was never like this and never will publish a photo taken in this manner. But we will if the celebrity acted like a asshole and it is clear that they did. We believe if a celebrity would stand there for two minutes, everyone would go their own way. What movie studio would pay George Clooney or other so called stars if we didn't show up? If the writers didn't write about the movie and the paparazzi didn't show up, the star would not be paid. Imagine a premier without the photographers. Imagine a premier if we didn't write about it. The star would not be paid the huge money they get. Anyway, I just slid back to New York City after hanging out with Dina Lohan, Lindsay's Mom and star of her own great show Living Lohan. More on this later. Point being, what have we become? I get hundreds of e-mails saying they want to hear more from me and what I think. I know I should, for some reason I can't. Several e-mails said today they want more of me. It's hard. I'm going to try. I will try to make Times Square Gossip more personal. And I do try to answer every e-mail, so write. May take a few days, but I will try. Anyway, we are real and live from Times Square. Please tell your friends to visit us. We may not be the best but we give it our best !

James Edstrom


Anonymous said…
I know James from some contacts in New Yooooork. HE is the BEST...I watched him and other so called Pro's trying to take pictures one night of celebrities. One Celebrity asked him if he "GOT" the shot. He mocked them and said of course, I NEVER miss a shot...I would have SWORN he missed it, but I was WRONG...HE was the only one who got it and you never saw how he did it. GREAT MAN.....keep it up James.....
Anonymous said…
Don't they have to register or something? Is there a guild for them where background checks can be run? Might make it safer and more professional.
Anonymous said…

The proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. Class needs no words to describe itself. Your website and your professionalism in the industry are class. If I am ever famous, I will see to it that you alone get all interviews, photos, and coverage. You treat folks with dignity and class. I'll move to New York. I'd love to live there.

Nancy C.
Phoenix, AZ
James Edstrom said…
Thats sweet Nancy...... Would love to have my paparazzi chase you around New York City...lol..... Thanks for the nice comment..