Former wild Hollywood party girl Lindsay lohan's dad Michael is hitting out at the actress’s decision to star in a new movie about famous murderer Charles Manson, because he fears it could ruin her career. Lohan has signed on to play Manson cult member Nancy Pittman in forthcoming film Manson Girls. ‘Manson Family’ members were responsible for the murders of seven people in the 1960s, including director Roman Polanski’s actress wife Sharon Tate. Michael Lohan, who recently reunited with the star following a spell in prison, is disappointed with his daughter’s decision to accept the grisly role, and urges her to stick to the wholesome family films that helped her find fame. He tells the New York Daily News, "I don’t know who is making her decisions for her. But I just wish she would go back to those family-style films, The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, you know."This is a bad decision and I don’t know who is telling her to do it."