Lindsay Lohan

Slut Lindsay Lohan was at it again at New Yorks famed Topless club Scores again the other night. The ever so AA poster girl bumped and grinded the poles then took some dancers into the ladies room to apologize for recently calling all topless dancers whores.(what else were you doing in the ladies room?) She arrived at the west side location Scores West around 12;30 am announcing that she loved strippers. She could not get enough of the lap dances from the girls then jumped on the stripper pole and performed herself. She even received a double lap dance in the clubs exclusive VIP area where she was hanging with 15 friends. Lohan is currently staring in the upcoming film 'I Know Who Killed Me', seems to love the erotic club. Last January, I caught her and Kate Moss going wild and watched them both dance on the poles and in and out of the ladies room all night rubbing their noses. I had just gotten 2 teeth pulled that day and I was a zombie myself and made the mistake of asking for a picture when Lindsay's bodyguard slammed me against the wall while Lindsay ran for her SUV and drove away into the night. I don't like Lindsay Lohan. In fact I think of her as a spoiled brat who drinks and parties too much even know she is underage, and she treats people like shit. If she was only nice to the press, she would get so much more out of them and people would not hate her so much. She is a bitch who is going to end up dead soon if she does not change her attitude and party ways ! Why topless bars anyway? Are you turning into a lesbian Lindsay?