Ashton Kutcher enjoys talking about films with his wife Demi Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis. Ashton, who has a close relationship with the 'Die Hard' actor, admits he loves picking Bruce's brains about movies. He said: "He was spending a long weekend with us and I asked him something that had been bugging me since I'd seen 'Superman Returns'. I said, 'How the fuck was Superman lifting up that kryptonite island?' Bruce agreed, it made no sense."Bruce and Ashton have always had a close relationship. 'The Sixth Sense' star gave Ashton his full blessing when he wed Demi in September 2005, and even attended the ceremony. Ashton recently admitted he doesn't feel like a married man. The 'Guardian' actor - who at 28 is 16 years younger than his 44-year-old wife - is still head over heels in love with Demi but finds married life "bizarre". Ashton mused at the time: "Married life is great but I don't feel married. It's very bizarre. I don't think you can feel married I think you just feel in love and when you're in love that's a really great place to be."