Cameron Diaz drives boyfriend Justin Timberlake crazy because she's so perfect.The 'Charlie's Angels' star insists she is faultless and that's why her heartthrob lover gets frustrated with her on occasions. Cameron told Britain's OK! magazine: "I don't know if I do anything to annoy Justin. Nothing. I'm perfect. That's probably what drives him crazy! "The Hollywood actress has also raved about Justin's music - insisting she is a huge fan. She exclaimed: "Have you heard it? It's fantastic! It's hot! He's incredibly talented, amazingly talented. He's the real thing all the way through. He's amazing."Justin recently confessed he cannot make love to his own music because it distracts him.The 25-year-old singer said: "I have trouble having sex to music because I'll start picking out the chords."Although he cannot get hot and steamy to his tunes, Justin, 25, insists his latest album 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' is packed with songs about sex. He said: "I wanted the album to look to a time when everything was really sexy. When it was hot, when it was all about sex."