Claire Danes has allegedly ditched boyfriend Hugh Dancy for another man.The 'Stardust' star, who has been dating the British actor, who she met on the set of their film 'Evening', since February, has been spotted in West Virginia with a local writer. A source told E! Online: "Claire arrived in town and hooked up with this writer dude. They were kissing for all to see."A representative for the 28-year-old actress refused to comment on Claire's new romance. However, friends say she is too busy starring as Liza Doolittle in the new Broadway production of 'Pygmalion' to be dating someone in Virginia. A source close to Claire said: "It's impossible that she could have even been in Virginia, she is in New York."In 2003, Claire famously ran away with her 'Stage Beauty' co-star Billy Crudup.Billy abandoned his pregnant girlfriend of seven years, 'Weeds' star Mary-Louise Parker, to be with the 'My So Called Life' actress. Claire left Australian rocker Ben Lee, who she dated for seven years, after falling for Billy, 36, and the pair set up home together in New York. Billy said later: "It was the last thing that I expected to happen. It took us completely by surprise and it's been a difficult and painful process."Mary-Louise gave birth to her first child in January 2004 and named him William after his father.