Ben Stiller

A STILLER SNL -- This weekend's much heralded SNL, which featured Ben Stiller (who was briefly a writer for the show in the late 80's), was heavily anticipated per a quick cameo from former-SNL-er Eddie Murphy, who hadn't appeared on the show in almost 27 years (he left in 1984). The story goes that years ago, David Spade made some remark about a falling star … and, then held up a picture of Murphy, which apparently angered the star. Murphy is solidly talented, but stories of his ego reverberate like the nice weather in Hollywood. It's a shame as his presence would have definitely lifted the show, which despite an amusing cameo by Hugh Jackman, the writing for the most part was dreadful. The musical act, L. A.'s Foster The People was odd too. Their current hit “Pumped Up Kicks” is a nice radio hit, but seeing it performed live was somewhat reminiscent of a studio rehearsal. It's a great song .. but, someone at SNL should have insisted on a early look. The song success is somewhat akin to Adam Young/Owl City's “Fireflies.” So far this season, SNL has had some stellar guest hosts (Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and, Stiller) but, that writing needs to be ramped up … a lot!


John Noble

FRINGE IS BACK --- Our personal TV fave here, Fox's Fringe roared back Friday night with one of their best episodes ever, entitled Alone In The World. The show was just terrifically written and the acting, with the show's John Noble, delivering one of his best performances ever. This is the show that has as it's antecedents The X Files and Millennium … and, though it would take more than a few minutes to explain everything, it's devilishly good fun. The show has developed it's own mythology which gives it an added texture. This is the show that J.J. Abrams created … after Lost, and it's a very, good ride indeed. Here's to hoping it stays on track!


Rosie O''Donnell

A ROSIE RETURN --- Rosie O'Donnell returns with a new talk show on OWN; the Oprah Winfrey channel. Around these parts, the show will be shown at 7:00PM at night. Now, is that an odd time for her … or, not? We all remember Rosie from her hilarious earlier talk shows … and, her well documented time on The View. Call me silly, but to me she's geared much more for the earlier hours …. not, right after Brian Williams! The show will be shot in Chicago, which begs the question how the comedian will do in that locale. I mean, if there was ever a NY-comedian … it's her. I believe the show kicks off this week … all the best to her!


Dayme With Bobby Watman

WATMAN RISES -- DAYME, who's album Fusion Sundae is being shopped as we speak, was a guest as last week's sensational re-opening of Bobby Watman's Culture Club now located on 39th street here in NYC. Originally located down on Varick Street, it looks ready to re-capture all it's former glory. Check it out for sure!


Steve Jobs

ISAD --- What can you say about the passing of Steve Jobs. He was most definitely a visionary and when you think about how many of his products are used on an hourly basis; it's positively amazing. I can't honestly think of another contemporary personality that had so much impact. I mean, he could have been one of The Beatles. Sony is planning a movie based on the new authorized biography of Jobs, and attention has focused anew on a film about the Apple-icon. Noah Wyle played him in a terrific 1999 TNT-TV movie called The Pirates Of Silicon Valley … which is set to be re-played soon. Here's what the actor told Fortune Magazine about the experience of portraying Jobs, "I had apprehensions of playing Jobs in Pirates Of Silicon Valley. TNT was really excited about me taking the part, but I had worries I usually didn't have as an actor. I knew something about him and I had the script, but I couldn't really get a beat on the guy until they sent me the documentary, Triumph Of The Nerds. Then it was 'Ohmigod! I've never seen anything like this. I have to play this guy.' I was so taken by his presence, his confidence, smugness, smartness, ego, and his story’s trajectory. He seemed to be the most Shakespearean figure in American culture in the last 50 years I could think of – the rise of, the fall of, and the return of. The truest definition of a tragic hero — but you get the ‘bonus round’ that F. Scott Fitzgerald said didn't exist. Jobs has had one hell of a second act." Rumors abound that the actor will reprise that role ... and, he should!


Sir Paul McCartney And Nancy Shevell

MACCA MARRIED --- Paul McCartney got married for the third time, to Jersey-born Nancy Shevell … Barbra Walter's third cousin --- so, I guess an interview on The View will be forthcoming. I like the fact that the marriage occurred on what would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday. Ringo was there (with wife Barbara Bach); so, was Harrison's loyal widow Olivia, and the location was where Macca married Linda Eastman in 1969. The couple visited a nearby London synagogue on Saturday, so Nancy could get a rabbi's blessing. She, like Linda, is Jewish. Personally, I think the oddest fact of all is that Nancy's favorite Macca song is his “Let Me Roll It To You.” Now, that's a juicy tidbit. Paul was never my favorite Beatle … but, I must admit in the intervening years since Lennon and Harrison, left us, I have become intrigued. Let's face it, he's written some beautiful songs. God bless him!

Photos By: RD/Dziekan/Orchon/Sara De Boer/Retna

Dayme Photo By:by Vkastelstudios