Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford

Hollywood star Shia LaBeouf is scared of the first review of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, because he fears critics will can his performance and say he's unworthy of joining the action franchise.The actor appears alongside Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford in the action movie, and admits he constantly felt intimidated by the fans’ expectations of the fourth sequel in the film series. But the Transformers star claims Ford was great at putting the rest of the cast at ease and has even likened the 65-year-old to General George Smith Patton, the leading U.S. Army general during World War Two. LaBeouf tells British magazine Empire, "It was terrifying to join this franchise. Everything you imagine it is, is exactly what it is. You don’t want to be the addition who ruined everything. And you know there’s going to be so much critique, that it can be quite daunting."But Harrison always used to say before every take, ‘Alright, let’s shoot this piece of s**t.’ It was his way of alleviating the pressure. Another hats-off thing about Harrison is that he’s the troop leader - he’s General Patton; the guy leading the surge. When you’re around him, you don’t feel that pressure."


Anonymous said…
I saw his movie Disturbia. It was a good movie.

Maybe this one will be ok.
Anonymous said…
i think he's just a 'lil nervous 'coz it's one of the most anticipated films and there's a lot of expectations on this 4th Indy movie