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Kelly Ripa TV Land's Awards Hostess

TV Land is gearing up for their big TV Land Awards this April 29th. The always beautiful Kelly Ripa will host this year.

Honorees Include:

LAVERNE & SHIRLEY – Fan Favorite Award
Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Michael McKean, David Lander

ONE DAY AT A TIME – Innovator Award
Valerie Bertinelli, Bonnie Franklin, Mackenzie Phillips, Pat Harrington, Glenn Scarpelli, Richard Masur

PEE-WEE’S PLAYHOUSE – Pop Culture Award
Paul Reubens

ARETHA FRANKLIN – Music Icon Award

Photo Courtesy Of: TV Land



I enjoyed Vocal Trash, My kid loved them and it's the
kind of trash you want to take in!
James Edstrom


Vocal Trash

“It’s entertainment with a conscience,” says Steve Linder, creator of Vocal Trash; a diverse blend of environmental performers who have been engaging audiences across the U.S. for over a decade. The musical aspects of this exciting, high-energy troupe from Texas appeals to everyone – from the very young to the very old – in its perfect mix of pop, rock, swing and classic oldies.

Described as “Glee, with a kick”, Vocal Trash plays to capacity crowds, from Las Vegas to Madison Square Garden, presenting their “wow factor” experience and making them a hit with all venues. Audiences can’t seem to get enough of this energetic group whose “feel good” music literally gets people up and dancing in the aisles.

Vocal Trash combines uniquely recycled musical instruments, such as their “one of a kind” bass and guitars, with an industrial percussion section made-up of metal trash cans, plastic barrels, water bottles and other landfill rescued items. Their hip, yet poignant, presentation teaches children to use their imagination in a meaningful and lasting way as it relates to eco-friendly living. This makes for a powerful and personal tool to reach young minds while enforcing an important narrative to reuse items that would normally end up as discarded, earth burdensome waste.

With a rare display of excellence, synchronization, precision and musicianship, Vocal Trash followers, affectionately deemed as “Trash-Heads,” love the distinctive blend of first-rate singing, industrial style drumming, comedy antics and award-winning break-dancing. When it comes to diversity, Vocal Trash is the ultimate variety show with an urban feel and Broadway appeal.

While Earth Day is celebrated once a year in April (22nd), Vocal Trash has been doing their part by incorporating recycling into their shows for years, long before “green” was hip - making them one of the most positive role models in entertainment today. Part stage performers, part recycling gurus - these entertainers make green awareness fun for folks of all ages. Kelsey Rae, star of the show who coined the groups mantra ‘THINK... before you throw it away’ says, “We’re simply presenting a positive message. Music and dance is universal... there’s no better way to reach the masses.”

Touring coast to coast, this in-demand group of top notch entertainers have made appearances on Worldwide Telemundo, Fox 21 in Colorado and Good Morning Texas (both Houston and Dallas), various high profile “Green” websites and numerous large market newspaper publications.

Find out more on the band HERE.



Story By: James Edstrom

Sony PS Vita

I pre-ordered the Sony PS Vita for my son in December. How disappointed we were and I swear I will never buy another Sony product. The PS Vita arrived just in time for his birthday and right away the disappointments began. There was no memory card. They did not tell you that you had to buy that separate.

So as not wanting to ruin the kids birthday, we went everywhere looking for a memory card. It took all day to find a store that had one. Even the Sony store was out. When I complained, I was told I should have ordered the 3G model and that had the card. What a sham. I thought the bait and switch games were outlawed a long time ago. Reminds me of years ago, they used to sell you a new and expensive computer and when you got it home it did not have the most important wire. You had to buy that separate. It kills me that these companies do this and they get away with it. The old PSP had built in memory and now Sony has this new trick to make you spend more.

Now we spent all this extra money and the Sony Play Station network keeps going down for maintenance. Thousands of dollars of games from the old PSP system, that was supposed to work on the new PS Vita, don't. And the ones that do, they are charging you for. And everyone remembers when Sony got hacked and was down for months and all they gave their customers were a few cheap games. Even I would not want to play them.

I contacted the SONY Pictures press office by mistake and they e mailed me back saying they forwarded my e mail to the Sony Vita press department. I have received no response. Next time anything Sony comes out, you can count on us not being a customer.



I am lucky that I am online working so much of the time. The other night, I tried to sign into Facebook and I realized me account was stolen. I them tried to sign into my AOL accounts and they were hacked.

I called AOL right away, as in order for you to reset your Facebook accounts, you needed your e mail accounts for them to send reset links. Lucky I moved fast and restored all accounts, but I learned something about assholes that night.

First of all, this hacker spammed my friends list with a photo of some sneakers. I started getting some really nasty messages from people I knew 30 years ago. When I explained to them that my account was hacked, they even got nastier. What losers. I started thinking. Why are they even on my friends list, I hated them in High School and why did I even accept their friend request. I am very choosy about who I have on my friends list. I guess I was reminiscing, but this taught me to never look back. They were assholes then and they are assholes now. This is why I never go to my reunions. And besides, most of these losers were anti-gay and always the ones who tortured the gay kids in school. These are the same closet fags, who married and who over the years I would catch in the gay bars. I should tell their wives what fags their husbands are.

On another note, there were some very sweet messages of understanding from some of my newer friends. It amazes me that some people would get so upset about a pair of sneakers being posted on their wall. I am sorry I brought such horror into their lives!

On another note, Facebook needs to do something about their security. It seemed all the hacking started on Facebook. They got my e mail from there and followed the trail. I am very lucky I moved fast, but what about these people that are not always on the computer? A lot more damage could be done.


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Marquee - The Star- Sydney

Joe Jonas With Wimar Valderrama

Nick And Vanessa Lachey

Jessica Simpson With Minka Kelly

Last night, Paris Hilton, Slash,, Joe Jonas and a whole host of other superstars, helped launch Sydney's newest nightlife venue - Marquee - The Star, Sydney, a joint partnership between Echo Entertainment and Tao Group.

Over 1000 party-goers were the first to enjoy the new venue as they partied into the night with electrifying performances by Dutch DJ Afrojack and Redfoo from electro pop duo LMFAO.

The opening saw many local and international celebrities walking the red carpet at The Star's new harbour-side entry, including Paris Hilton,, Slash, Ashlee Simpson, Joe Jonas, Kellan Lutz and Sharni Vinson, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Wilmer Valderrama, Minka Kelly, Isabel Lucas, Abbie Cornish, Jodie Gordon, Jermaine Dupri, Afrojack, Ricki Lee Coulter and Redfoo of LMFAO.

In what is a first for Australia, Marquee - The Star, Sydney has been designed like no other nightlife venue with nearly 20,000 square feet of floor space, it features three distinct rooms within the one nightclub which allows it to cater for different music tastes and moods.

Marquee - The Star, Sydney will officially be open to the public tonight, with DJ, songwriter and producer,, from Black Eyed Peas fame, performing. Also at the DJ decks is rapper and producer, Jermaine Dupri.

The two nights of partying signal the beginning of an impressive line up of acts who will take to the stage in the coming weeks.

Photo Courtesy Of: James Morgan






The Wright Choice

Forty-hour work weeks, two-hour commutes, carpools, school conferences, commitments: who has time to eat healthy foods and exercise? And who can afford pricey organic, fresh foods anyway? You can, according to Randy Wright, MD and his co-author David Tabatsky. They spell it out in practical terms in The Wright Choice: Your Family’s Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness and Saving Money (Intouch Media Health Network).

“We all know we should make healthier choices,” Dr. Wright explains. “But we don’t necessarily make it a priority. Sometimes it feels like we can't make it our first choice. Staying fit and eating well seems to fall through the cracks.” Moms and dads with hectic schedules are the norm right now; this pragmatic guide to good health is written especially for them. “We want to help them achieve their goal of staying fit without sacrificing work and personal goals.”

The secret is locked inside our brains, Dr. Wright says. “I wanted to explore the psychology of why we think about being healthier but don’t actually do it. To succeed, we have to completely change the way we think about food and the role exercise plays in our lives. Then you're open for an ‘ah-ha’ moment: just as you shouldn't start planning for retirement a mere five years before you stop working, you shouldn't start living healthy only when something goes wrong.”

Dr. Wright's long medical career is the background for the guide's comprehensive overview on healthy living. From an explanation of fats and how they affect our bodies to a fascinating account of why Americans just can't seem to put down the Twinkies, the truth about food is revealed and medical myths debunked. The financial advantages of physical fitness are outlined, and an affordable easy-to-follow fitness routine to use at home is included. “The rules we've developed work as personal mantras,” Dr. Wright continues. “Protecting your family and your own health are goals that should be taken to heart.”

Making The Wright Choice even more compelling are the testimonials included by Dr. Wright and his co-author. Ordinary people have found success in their health, diets and pocketbooks by following Dr. Wright's simple regimen, including tasty, easy recipes. The Wright Choice: Your Family’s Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness and Saving Money is available for sale online at and other channels.

Dr. Randy Wright is Director of the Neurovascular Institute at Conroe Regional Medical Center as well as Medical Director for the Health South Rehabilitation Hospital’s stroke unit in the Woodlands, TX. He received his bachelor’s degree in physics from Xavier University and electrical engineering from Georgia Tech before going on to obtain his medical degree at Emory University. He completed his neurology training at Baylor College of Medicine, then went on to complete a two-year Fellowship in sleep medicine and neurophysiology at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Wright is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as well as a Diplomat of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. He currently serves as chairman of the stroke committee for the American Heart Association's SouthWest affiliate and as a liaison member to the South Central affiliate of the American Heart Association.

David Tabatsky is co-author of Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book: 101 Stories of Courage, Support & Love.

For More Info Visit



The King Of Queens

Starting Monday, April 2 at 9pm ET/PT, tune in to TV Land for a full week of the Heffernans with the “King of Queens” FOREVERTHON! Go through the ups and downs of Doug and Carrie’s relationship, starting with flashback episodes uncovering how they first met, who was the first to say those three special words, and what transpired on their wedding day. Then fast forward to the present with run-ins with the in-laws, petty jealousies, romantic misadventures, baby drama and more. The FOREVERTHON culminates with the two-part series finale, and viewers can decide for themselves whether Doug and Carrie lived happily forever after in sitcom history.

Photo Courtesy Of: TV Land



Will Chase

Melissa Van Der Schyff With Claybourne Elder And Laura Osnes

Tom Wopat

Jacqueline McElroy-Poquette And Leslie Uggams

Laura Osnes

Leslie Uggams With Will Chase

Leslie Uggams with Will Chase & Company were snapped during the New York City Center Encores! 'Pipe Dream' Opening Night Curtain Call in New York City. The stars were all smiles backstage.

Photos By: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.




Rose McGowan

Ellie Kemper


Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Nicky Hilton

Kim Kardashian

Teresa Palmer

Monet Mazur

Abigail Spencer

Jessica Szohr

Molly Sims

Jessica Stroup

Alice Eve

Rachel Zoe

Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly along with Alice Eve, Nicky Hilton, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jessica Stroup, Molly Sims, Monet Mazur, Abigail Spencer, Jessica Szohr, Rachel Zoe and others, attended as Valentino Celebrated its 50th Anniversary with its Flagship Store Opening held at the Valentino Store in Beverly Hills, California.

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital



Raven-Symone takes her first Broadway Bow in 'Sister Act' at the Broadway Theatre in New York City the other day.

Photo By: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.


Audra McDonald With Norm Lewis, Kelli O'Hara
And Matthew Broderick

Welcome Neighbor ... The two Gershwin Shows meet under their respected Marquees. 'Porgy and Bess' starring Audra McDonald & Norm Lewis at the Richard Rogers Theatre and 'Nice Work if You can Get It' stars Kelli O'Hara & Matthew Broderick at the Imperial Theatre. New York City.

Photo By: Walter McBride / WM Photography / Retna Ltd.


Candice Swanepoel With Miranda Kerr

Candice Swanepoel along with Miranda Kerr attended Victoria's Secret Celebrates its 2012 Swim Collection held at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills, California yesterday.

Photo By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital





Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson

John Buffalo Mailer

Yesterday, a coalition of ministers, rabbis, and other religious leaders joined The Village Voice co-founder’s son, advocates, activists, and three New York City Council Members to present a petition from nearly a quarter of a million people demanding that Village Voice Media cease running advertisements in the Adult section of its Web site, that others have used to buy and sell minors for sex.

Groundswell, the social action initiative of Auburn Seminary, sponsored the petition on and organized the rally outside of Village Voice Media's flagship publication The Village Voice in New York City. Village Voice Media operates 13 weeklies around the country. In October, Groundswell convened a coalition of clergy to launch a full-page advertisement in The New York Times demanding that Village Voice Media close the Adult section of

“How could we, or anyone, stand by while our nation’s leading publisher of weeklies continues to earn money from ads used to sell girls for sex? Nearly a quarter of a million people around the nation have made their position clear. Enough is enough. Village Voice Media, shut down the Adult section of your Web site,” said Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, President of Auburn Seminary.

John Buffalo Mailer, son of The Village Voice co-founder and celebrated journalist, the late Norman Mailer, said, "Village Voice appears to have lost its way from the days when Dan Wolfe, Ed Fancher, and my father began it. For the sake of the Village Voice brand and for the sake of the legacy of a great publication, take down the Adult section of, before another child is abused and exploited."

At the rally, Buffalo Mailer read a riveting statement from a young women trafficked by pimps, including via ads on The survivor said:

"I know first hand what happens to young girls who are sold for sex on because I was -- for over two years. At 16, I met my first pimp. He told me that I was pretty and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was a kid, and I believed him. Soon, he was selling me for sex every day, and I was being raped 365 days a year.Then, he sold me to other pimps, tossed back and forth between them like I was their property. They abused me, beat me, and treated me worse than an animal. Unfortunately, my story is not unique. Thousands of girls like me exist; many have not been found. Backpage needs to step in and do more to end to the sex trafficking of minors occurring through the use of its site by shutting down the Adult section. The young girls who are advertised on the site could have a chance at a better life if their pimps could no longer sell them online 24 hours a day. I hope they’ll get that chance."

“It is deeply troubling to me that Village Voice Media continues to fail in stopping the advertisements for prostitution on its online outlet The often unspoken truth is that sex trafficking happens in our City and is a form of modern day slavery,” said New York City Council Member Stephen Levin. “Legal obligations aside, it is a moral imperative that we stamp out any and all human trafficking. I am proud to join with my colleagues, Council members Melissa Mark-Viverito and Margaret Chin, in calling on Village Voice Media to stop providing a venue for ads that have been connected to child sex trafficking.”

"The evidence demonstrates that Backpage is being used by pimps for sex trafficking," said New York City Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito. "In 22 states, children have been forced into prostitution and trafficked on Backpage. I am proud to stand with faith leaders to send a message that Village Voice Media must shut down its Adult advertising section."

Nineteen United States Senators, 51 of the nation’s attorneys general, 53 anti-trafficking experts and organizations, and state lawmakers around the country, among others, have called for Village Voice Media to shut down the Adult section of, which services nearly 400 markets.

New York City Council Members Brad Lander and Melissa Mark-Viverito submitted a resolution this month making the same demand that Village Voice Media stop earning money from ads that others have used to exploit children. In Washington State, a bill primarily targeting that would hold accountable classified advertising companies that don't demand identification before allowing sex-related ads to be posted online passed both houses unanimously and is awaiting the governor's signature. Connecticut is considering similar legislation.

The attorneys general -- who in an August letter to called the site a "hub" for the trafficking of minors -- have identified at least 22 states where children have been trafficked for sex using advertisements on A recent case in New York involved a 15-year old Long Island girl who was drugged, gang-raped, and advertised on

Photos Courtey Of:Angela Jimenez/Fitzgibbon Media

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New Leaf Ring By Valeno

Valeno is owned by Nora Molero and my wonderful sister in law, Lena Edstrom. These two ladies enjoy quality and the fine things in life. Quality and fine things can be surprisingly affordable. You just need to look in the right place.

As many women do, Lena and Nora love accessories, and jewelry is one of their favorite ways to take an outfit from bland to glam. However, recent years it has become almost impossible to find good-quality, elegant and unique jewelry in stores and online. Nora and Lena felt as though a majority of the available jewelry is mass-produced, ordinary, and frankly cheap looking. What's more, you often don’t get good value for your money. For example, a small ordinary sterling silver pendant can cost more than $100 in a department store.

That’s why Nora and Lena decided to start the Valeno online silver store. Here they can share their passion for quality and beauty with other women who appreciate and value unique designs and handcrafted pieces.

New Bold Earings From Valeno

The Valeno Philosophy

The idea of Valeno is simple: for affordable prices provide bold, delicate, exciting, and elegant silver jewelry that you can’t find anywhere else. Valeno offers a way to enjoy everyday luxury without spending too much money. The sterling silver pieces are made to last and to become heirlooms for the future. All silver pieces come in pretty jewelry boxes that not only protect your new purchase, but also make it a perfect gift for a friend, or why not for yourself?


Nora Molero started exploring silver jewelry years ago, moved by her passion for this craftsmanship that is a mastered art form in her native country, Peru. She recognizes the pride that South American silversmiths take in their profession. Nora is always looking for new silver elements, finishes, and textures to offer unique and exclusive pieces to Valeno customers.

Nora has an Associate Degree in Foreign Trade and a background in various aspects related to international trade. For the past fifteen years she has worked with finance and international affairs.


Lena Estrom is from Sweden but has lived in the U.S. for many years. She uses her European taste and sense of style as Valeno decides on the design and look of the collection. When she travels throughout countries like Italy and Czech Republic, she takes in the beauty and aesthetics of these countries as inspiration for the Valeno products.

Lena has an MBA and a background in marketing and web design. Besides her passion for fine jewelry, Lena enjoys writing and languages.

Visit Valeno HERE.






East Hampton Studio

Long Island’s premier multimedia production and event venue is East Hampton Studio! Owner Michael Wudyka recently partnered with top event companies to offer the best all-in-one production services from leaders in the industry including: Empire Entertainment Incorporated, industry leader in promoting and producing headline concerts and events; BML Blackbird, full-service lighting video production service company; Ocean Productions, in-house production management and state-of-the-art sound service experts; Carlyle Off The Green, the premier caterer on Long Island; WVVH-TV Hamptons Television, reaching five million homes from New York to Montauk; Splashlight, top video and photography production services; In The Mixx, in-house TV and web series with exclusive coverage on celebrities, fashion, and events; and Enclave Inn, the premier Hamptons hotel with four locations.

The studio is an 18,400-square-foot facility located at 77 Industrial Road in Wainscott. This state-of-the-art media powerhouse is the largest indoor facility in Suffolk County and can hold 3,200 people plus seat up to 1,200 people. The facility houses WVVH-TV, a recording studio, a green room and an event stage. The studio is the perfect location to produce or host film and music videos, television series, private parties, events, concerts, art shows, photo shoots, fashion shows and more.

Pure Style At East Hampton Studio

East Hampton Studio was initially built as a conceptual idea for East Hampton resident Alec Baldwin to house movie and TV productions that was to include Shortcut to Happiness with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Anthony Hopkins. Although Shortcut to Happiness didn’t quite work out at the facility, East Hampton Studio became a favorite among the film and television industries. The studio has filmed many notable productions including: As Good as It Gets with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt; Something’s Gotta Give with Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Amanda Peet; Paper Man with Lisa Kudrow, Jeff Daniels, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone; The Romantics with Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody, Elijah Wood and Anna Paquin; Suburban Shootout directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starred Judy Greer, Kelly Preston and Michael Weaver ; AT&T Commercial with Tahlia, and was a final contender for the next season of America’s Got Talent with Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and East Hampton resident Howard Stern. The facility has also hosted numerous events including Hamptons International Film Industry events; Hamptons Rocks for Charity featuring Crosby, Stills and Nash; Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer 2011; The Creative Coalition; Wings Over Haiti; and The Hamptons Jams Concert Series featuring Blue Coupe, New Life Crisis and Sweet Cyanide. East Hampton Studio recorded a live album for Jimmy Buffet, who also prepped for a tour at the studio.

East Hampton Studio hosted open-house events on Friday, March 23, 2012 and Saturday, March 24, 2012 in Wainscott, on the East End of Long Island. The event welcomed guests to explore the new and improved state-of-the-art facility.

For more information about East Hampton Studio, please visit


The cover story of the new issue of Us Weekly is all about a humiliated Kim Kardashian’s divorce hell and how she is continually held back as she tries to move on.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s di­vorce from Kris Humphries has so far taken more than twice as long as their 72‑day marriage — all part of the New Jersey Nets player’s game plan to break the prenup and make Kim pay dearly, say sources. Yet no matter what he throws at her, Kim, 31, has remained silent. As she tells Us, “Out of respect for everyone involved, I’d rather not talk about it any­more. I’m so ready, emo­tionally, for this chapter to be over. I want to leave it in my past so I can start fresh.” But the damage has already been done. Bash­ing their wedding debacle has become sport for Kim’s Hollywood peers, like Mad Men’s Jon Hamm and The Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence. And Kim’s friends blame Humphries for keeping the divorce — and his name — in the news. Says one pal, “He’s doing this to humili­ate her, plain and simple. Kris wants to hurt her.”

The exes are no longer even on speaking terms, but that doesn’t stop Humphries from making sure Kim hears him. His routine: making increasingly bi­zarre legal demands that threaten to expose the Kar­dashian family, like report­edly requesting in Febru­ary that divorce hearings be televised. A Humphries source told Us at the time, “Kris and his lawyers are not opposed to having the divorce proceedings tele­vised. They have nothing to hide.”

“In my opinion, it’s a shakedown — like, Let me see what other coins I can shake out of her Louis Vuitton purse,” says Fox legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle. How about $7 million worth? A close source says Humphries floated that figure as a payoff to make him go away. His legal team, however, in­sists Humphries was of­fered that amount by Kim’s camp. Nonsense, says the Kardashian source. “Seven million? How about zero?”

Katy Perry

Also in this issue is a feature on Katy Perry’s rebound romance with a hot French model. It wasn’t just Perry’s electric-blue hair drawing stares. Traveling first-class from London to Paris on the Eurostar high-speed train March 19, the pop star cozied up to a dash­ing companion, French model Baptiste Giabiconi, 22. “They were chatting away,” an onlooker says of the pair, who shared magazines and sipped mineral water with a group of pals. “They looked very relaxed and happy.” That’s exactly the image she wants to project to her ex Russell Brand. Three months after the actor, 36, blindsided her with a divorce filing, sources say the singer, 27, is stepping out with Giabiconi partly in an effort to make Brand jealous. So when designer Karl Lagerfeld introduced her to the 6-foot-2 Giabiconi during Paris Fashion Week, Perry pounced. “She’s hot,” he said in a 2011 interview. “If I could make her di­vorce her husband, I’d marry her.”


Michelle Williams


Williams and Segel try a long-distance romance

No more blue valentines for Michelle Williams! The demure three-time Oscar nominee has fallen for longtime pal Jason Segel. “They are smitten and very serious,” a source tells Hot Stuff of Segel, 32, and Williams, 31. (The actress split from Heath Ledger five months before his death in 2008.) The pair have known each other for years through Williams’ BFF, Segel’s Freaks & Geeks costar Busy Philipps, but their relation­ship only recently turned romantic. They dined à deux at L.A.’s Chateau Marmont February 27, then shared supper at West Hollywood’s Comme Ça March 16. After a stop at Frankie’s Spuntino in Brooklyn March 24, “he put his arm around her and made her laugh as they walked,” says a witness. Segel also has bonded with her daughter, Matilda, 6. On March 25, he and Williams took her for a ride on her scooter. Though they live on different coasts, the Brooklyn-based actress and the L.A. denizen are “trying to make it work. She hasn’t been this happy in a long time.”

Bradley Cooper


Bradley Cooper is single again. An insider tells Hot Stuff the actor, 37, and his Words costar Zoë Saldana recently ended their three-month romance. “They’re definitely no longer together,” says the source of the pair, who were first spotted kissing at a New Year’s Eve bash. Though the actress, 33, was seen hang­ing with Cooper’s mom, Gloria, in February, friends say she isn’t too crushed about the split. “She and Bradley weren’t superseri­ous at all,” says a pal.

Britney Spears


Don’t call us . . . we’ll call you! The X Factor creator Simon Cowell, 52, has seri­ous reservations about placing Britney Spears, 30, at the judges’ table — despite her keen interest. “He’s worried she won’t be able to deliver good advice,” says an insider of the oft-troubled, soft-spoken pop star. “And he’s afraid contestants won’t take her seriously.” Although Cowell told Us he was “flattered” by Spears’ desire to join the talent show, it isn’t likely to lead to an offer. Says the source, “He’ll probably go more in the direction of Mariah Carey or Janet Jackson.”

Photos By: Sara de Boer/RD/Kirkland/Orchon/Retna

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Justin Long

Jeff Goldblum

Jerry O'Connell

Zoe Lister-Jones

Hettienne Park

Jerry O'Connell With Jeff Goldblum And Justin Long

Jeff Goldblum along with Hettienne Park, Jerry O'Connell , Zoe Lister-Jones, Justin Long and others, attended the 'SEMINAR' Come Meet The New Broadway Cast at the Roundabout Reharsal Studios today in New York City.

Photos By: Walter McBride / WM Photography / Retna Ltd.