Monday, April 02, 2007


Kelly Brook believes she is the saviour of "bigger busted" women.The 'Three' actress has designed her own range of lingerie for a British high street chain especially for large breasted women like herself. Kelly said: "When you're bigger busted it's hard to find any lingerie that is young, fresh, girly and sexy."It's quite nice to have a sexy bra range that fits us bigger girls."I feel like I'm giving something back to the big-t***ed community."The sexy actress - who is currently fronting Lynx deodorant's advertising campaign to find Britain's most successful ladies man - insists she wears her own underwear as well as designer ranges. She said: "I usually mix and match my lingerie. I love wearing my own stuff, but Agent Provocateur can be sexy too."The great thing about my range of underwear is that it's based on me so I can guarantee it fits!"


Sunday, April 01, 2007


Former "Malcolm in the Middle" star Frankie Muniz has turned his back on acting to concentrate on a career as a professional Champ Car driver. The speed-loving star is starting from the back of the grid at the upcoming Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach in California, where he'll compete for a win in the Champ Car Atlantic Series. Race spokeswoman Sherry Perez says, "He's had such success as an actor at such a young age and now it's almost like he's starting over again ... as a race car driver." Muniz, 21, is sporting a new Mohawk haircut as he attempts to be taken seriously as a member of the Jensen Motor Sport team. Muniz raced for Jensen Motor Sport in the 2006 Formula BMW USA series. The Long Beach Grand Prix has happy memories for Muniz -- he won the Toyota Pro/Celebrity race at the three-day event in 2005.


George Clooney will pay a million !

George Clooney has issued a $1 million challenge to anyone who can prove he's behind the leak of Internet outtakes of "I Heart Huckabees." The footage, featuring actress Lily Tomlin and director David O. Russell screaming at one another, hit cyberspace late last week, and Clooney, who famously fell out with the movie maker when they made "Three Kings" together, has been linked to the leak. But, in a statement released Thursday, the movie star wrote: "Contrary to popular opinion, neither the sound man, Ed Tise, nor yours truly sent in the David O. Russell tape. "I saw it when we were working on 'Ocean's 12,' and there have been quite a few copies travelling around town for the last couple of years. Any rumor that either of us put it on the Internet is simply false." Clooney is so eager to prove his innocence he's offering a huge reward if anyone can prove he was behind the leak. He adds, "(I will) offer a million bucks to anyone who would prove otherwise."


A British woman claiming to be the mother of Michael Jackson's three children has filed legal papers requesting visitation rights and child support. Nona Paris Lola Jackson filed papers in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday asking for the payments and shared physical custody allowing her and Michael to spend several hours a day with the children together. Nona - who is adamant she is the biological mother of ten-year-old Prince Michael, nine-year-old Paris and five-year-old Prince Michael II, who is known as 'Blanket' - even submitted a schedule demonstrating how easy it would be to make the arrangement work. Her proposals would still give the 'Thriller' singer full legal custody. Michael's ex-wife Deborah Rowe is named on the birth certificate as the mother of both Prince Michael and Paris, while the identity of Prince Michael II's mother is a mystery. Nona said: "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA."I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically a herbalist."Nona insists Michael's marriage to Deborah was never consummated and therefore she cannot be the mother of his children.The court has already thrown out Nona's two previous custody attempts. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider refused last month to hear her motion, stating that Nona had failed to properly notify Michael and Debbie of her intentions and that, even if she had followed procedure, she had "failed to submit any credible evidence she gave birth to the minor children". Nona is also requesting she is given the singer's Neverland Ranch and one of his other homes. Michael's representative Raymone Bain has called her actions "ludicrous".Court hearings on her motion have been scheduled for May 2 and May 30.


Brian Bonsall with Family Ties Cast

Former child actor Brian Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton on Family Ties, was being held in a Boulder, Colo., jail Friday after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, the Associated Press reports. Bonsall, 25, was arrested Wednesday on charges of second-degree assault and false imprisonment, according to the Associated Press. Bonsall's girlfriend told officers he poured an alcoholic drink on her face as she slept, put her in a choke hold and threw her onto a bed. Bonsall told police he acted in self-defense when she cut his arm and face with a steak knife, which she denied.


Jennifer Lopez left fans cringing after she fawned over her husband during a concert on Tuesday night. The 'Jenny from the Block' singer performed to a crowd of just 500 at New York's Spotlight Live venue to promote her first Spanish-language album 'Como Ama Una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)' and was joined on stage by her husband Marc Anthony. Jennifer thanked the crowd, which included her mother and sister, for coming and was interrupted by a call of "I think you're so cute" from the audience. Jennifer replied: "And my husband is here."After her first song the 37-year-old said: "The next song is a little treat. In a second you'll see why."She was joined on stage by Marc, 38, and they performed a romantic duet during which he pulled her into an embrace and they gazed into each other's eyes.When the song ended Jennifer said: "How you like them apples? That's my baby, for better or for worse!"After the concert the couple partied in the VIP area, drinking champagne and feasting on giant puffs of pink cotton candy, marbled "monkey bar" brownies, chocolate-dipped donuts and milk shakes in shot glasses. A source told People magazine: "They stayed close and whispered to each other."When Justin Timberlake's 'SexyBack' came on, Jennifer threw her glass up and shook her famous booty with her hand on Marc's shoulder."The couple - who married in 2004 and filmed a movie together last year -left at midnight, hand in hand.


Paul McCartney going back on tour

Sir Paul McCartney is going back on tour to get over his bitter split from Heather Mills.The Beatles legend is desperate to put his divorce battle behind him and has decided to hit the road again. A source told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Paul is itching to get back and play live. He never even got to perform in the UK or Europe so he's keen to rectify that. He has always loved touring and sees it as the perfect way to putting his problems behind him."Sir Paul, 64, was forced to abandon the European leg of his world tour last year because of his marital problems.The couple - who have a three-year-old daughter Beatrice together - split last May after four years of marriage. According to friends, Sir Paul will use his new stadium tour to promote his forthcoming album, which is to be released this summer on the new Starbucks record label, Hear Music. Sir Paul - who was the first artist to sign to the label - is leaving Capitol Records who he has worked with on and off for 43 years, to join the new Los Angeles-based music venture.


Courtney Love drug free with regrets

Courtney Love has had plastic surgery to make her look more natural.The former Hole singer has undergone a second rhinoplasty procedure to enlarge her nose and has also had her previously enlarged lips reduced.Courtney wrote on her website blog: "I have my old nose back."I hated that nose job, it was like a little beak."I've had my nose fixed. It looks like the one God gave me so I'm happy not to have crazy lips and a crazy teensy unnatural little nose."All I care about is that my self esteem is limitless and intact, and that nothing and no situation affects my self esteem."Love also confirmed she has lost almost 45lbs. She said: "I've lost 44 pounds with six more, maybe 11 more to go."Her representative revealed she has been following a macrobiotic diet of vegetables and fish. Courtney has also been practising yoga and exercising to meet her weight-loss goals.Courtney, the widow of rocker Kurt Cobain, also said that while she is happy with her new lifestyle, she still regrets her drug taking past. She said in an interview with Billboard magazine: "I always thought I'd be that girl that lives with no regrets."I have regrets. I've written so many amends letters, I can't even count them. It's still not enough. Drugs make you an a**hole."