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Saturday, July 20, 2013


 Project Runway's Heidi Klum

YourTango recently chatted with PR newbie and designer to the stars Zac Posen, and got the scoop on what’s happening behind the scenes - from what he and Heidi disagree on to Tim Gunn’s heavenly presence.

On what Jennifer Aniston should wear for her wedding:

 I think that Jennifer Aniston looks really good when she’s really clean. I mean, I’d love to see Jennifer in Azzedine Alaia. She has a rocking body. It's super elegant. The level of sort of architecture and simplicity, I think would balance her sporty, easy-[going attitude].

On what Kim Kardashian should wear for her wedding:

 I think she should make her own dress. I think she should design and make her own dress. I think that would feel the most authentic.

On the dress he’s working on for a “secret musician:”

 I’m working on a piece right now for an amazing musician. I can’t who yet, but bringing her fantasy to fruition is a thrilling experience. With a wedding gown, custom, you have the time to perfect and nuance and tweak and change every little element of it, and it's a real labor of love, and it’s a very real deal.

On what it’s like to work with Heidi:

 Amazing. Heidi is inspiring; she is driven; she is funny; she is entertaining. Heidi is sort of the bijoux of the whole show and holds it all together. I think Tim is sort of the overarching angel of the show. I think the show is so fortunate, and the fans are so fortunate and the viewers to have him involved because he's a light.

On what he and  Project Runway's  Heidi usually disagree about:

Heidi and I usually push for the more creative people and the newer ideas. Nina is definitely always going for what is the chicest to her, what is the most in trend in fashion at the moment. She comes from an editorial standpoint. I come from a real design standpoint of like, is this idea going to be something that in the future Nina is going to like? Tim comes from the development side, which is, how do we get this design and idea to be ready to present.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013



Snooki caught up with Snooki for the scoop on losing her v-card, Amanda Bynes’ latest antics, and her plans for her upcoming wedding.

On losing her virginity: “I was 14. I mean, in upstate New York there’s really nothing to do up there but experiment. He was a senior, and I thought he liked me but turned out he was just a jerk. So, it was terrible.”

On Amanda Bynes: “She's just going wild, doing her thing I guess, and everyone writes crazy things on their Twitter about her. She's definitely interesting to follow, and I do follow her, of course. If she is in trouble and needs help.”

On whether she would try Jessica Alba’s double corset baby weight-loss trick: “Of course I would. Jessica Alba is hot mom, and she has a rocking body. I did it the old fashioned way, with working out in the gym and healthy diet. It took me about 4 to 5 months going 5 days a week with my trainer. Hard work pays off!”