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Monday, April 02, 2007


Kelly Brook believes she is the saviour of "bigger busted" women.The 'Three' actress has designed her own range of lingerie for a British high street chain especially for large breasted women like herself. Kelly said: "When you're bigger busted it's hard to find any lingerie that is young, fresh, girly and sexy."It's quite nice to have a sexy bra range that fits us bigger girls."I feel like I'm giving something back to the big-t***ed community."The sexy actress - who is currently fronting Lynx deodorant's advertising campaign to find Britain's most successful ladies man - insists she wears her own underwear as well as designer ranges. She said: "I usually mix and match my lingerie. I love wearing my own stuff, but Agent Provocateur can be sexy too."The great thing about my range of underwear is that it's based on me so I can guarantee it fits!"

Friday, March 09, 2007


Kimberly Stewart Love's Underwear

Kimberly Stewart wants to move out of home so she can parade around in her underwear.The 27-year-old blonde loves wearing sexy lingerie but can't walk round her house in her knickers because she lives with her 62-year-old rocker dad Rod Stewart, Kimberly told Britain's FHM magazine : "I love lingerie. I'm obsessed with Agent Provocateur. I have this polka dot set that is just so hot. When I know I've got something like that on, I'm sexy and confident, it's such a good feeling."But I live with my dad so I can't walk around the house in it. That would be plain weird. But maybe when I get my new house."The sexy star also revealed any man who paid for her to go on a private shopping spree at her favourite store would win her heart. Kimberly, who is good friends with Paris Hilton, said: "There's a store in Beverly Hills that organises everything from your books, shoes and mail."Close that down and give me five minutes to take what I wanted and I'd fall in love with you!"