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Monday, March 06, 2017



LABAlive presents LABAlive Two: Others on Thursday, March 16, 2017 at 7pm in the Theater at the 14th Street Y for an evening of literature, dance, theatre, and subversive teachings exploring the theme of OTHER. The evening will feature teachings by LABA Scholar Ruby Namdar and works-in-progress by LABA fellows Hadar Ahuvia, Abigail Katz, and Gordon Haber. Experience the power of ancient text through a modern lens as the fellows question, challenge, and make meaning through new, provocative art. This unique evening blends artistic disciplines with wine, nosh, and learning for a truly special event.

The LABAlive series consists of three performances, each showcasing the work of the LABA fellows. LABA: A Laboratory for Jewish Culture is a program of the 14th Street Y that uses classic Jewish texts to inspire the creation of art, dialogue, and study. Part of LABA is the House of Study, an artist fellowship program in which a group of artists from various disciplines are brought together to study classic Jewish texts in an open minded, non-religious setting. These studies inspire work which is featured in the LABAlive events series and on Each year's LABA studies are focused around a specific theme. This year's theme is OTHER. Previous themes include Paradise, Eros, Blueprint, Eat, Mother, and Time.

"The LABA theme is chosen every year in early January. When choosing [this year's theme], we didn't realize how poignant and deep it would be to our community and world. The study of ancient texts and the creation of contemporary work help us understand and find empathy for others' points of view, which is crucial in our society." Ronit Muszkatblit, Artistic Director

LABAlive Two: Others melds together literature, dance, and theater with presentations by Gordon Haber, Hadar Ahuvia, and Abigail Katz, respectively. Gordon Haber, author of novellas False Economies and Adjunctivitis, will read from his new book Uggs for Gaza and Other Stories, a collection of stories that investigate themes of displacement, otherness, and silly Australian boots. Brooklyn based dancer and choreographer Hadar Ahuvia (New York Live Arts, EMPAC, Dixon Place, CPR, Danspace Project's Draftwork) will present "Everything you have is yours?" This piece deconstructs instructional videos of Israeli folk dances to uncover the Arab origins of Israeli identity. Finally, Abigail Katz (Atlantic Theatre Company) will present Route One, inspired by Roger Kamenetz's The Jew in the Lotus, which follows the journey of two American friends who join a group of Jewish spiritual leaders visiting the Dalai Lama to discuss exile. These presentations are woven together with teachings by Sapir Award winning scholar Ruby Namdar, focusing on the theme of Other.

For more information about the fellows, projects, and LABA: House of Study, visit

About The Theater at the 14th Street Y

The Theater at the 14th Street Y focuses on social awareness and change through big picture narrative. Inspired by works that welcome artists of all backgrounds, we place artists at the heart of our community and seek to create an inclusive and open cultural experience for all.

Interested in a 14th Street Y Membership? Our members have access to more than 50 fitness classes per week, lap and family swim times, childcare, pick-up games in our basketball gymnasium, and a fitness center filled with a full range of cardio and weight equipment. 

 Photo Courtesy Of: 14th Street Y

Thursday, February 23, 2017


Theater For The New City

NEW YORK -- When the chips are down, are we men or beasts? That's the question of a new tragicomedy by W.M. Akers, "Dead Man's Dinner," which Theater for the New City will present March 23 to April 9 in a production by resident company Squeaky Bicycle Productions, directed by Kathryn McConnell. The piece is an absurdist adventure story set in a dystopian future. New York has been under siege for ten years and three women are struggling to survive in a frigid, rent-stabilized apartment on the Upper West Side. Olympia and her daughter Petra have spent years surviving any way they can. When Petra falls in love with Jackie, an injured soldier, their food supplies are stretched to the limit. Death creeps closer and each woman is torn between love and hunger. Hunger always wins.

The play is realistic at its base, but dialed up a bit with a gossamer level of giddiness. There are reverberations of the experiments of ethologist John B. Calhoun, who tested the effect of overcrowding on rats and advanced an animal model of societal collapse. Amid themes of starvation and desperation in the play, the characters' fear of losing human connection is at its core. The result is a surprising poignancy. The piece is dominated by the battle for Petra's love between her mother and her girlfriend. It is set in an apartment that was once nice but has been turned into a fortress: grimy, utilitarian and militaristic. The door to escape it seems barricaded; it turns out a man has died against it. Everything inside becomes a survival tool, including a skillet that is wielded as a deadly weapon against intruders. With dark humor, the three women are pushed to a brink where we find out where their breaking points are.

Playwright W.M. Akers creates relatable characters and cleverly nods to the unique glories and challenges the city has to offer them. These three women experience the siege from three different socioeconomic and generational vantage points, leaving audiences to wonder how they would respond if faced with such dire circumstances. 

Akers hails from Nashville, TN. He graduated in 2010 from NYU's dramatic writing program, where he received the John Golden Playwriting Prize. A journalist in his "day job," he is a features editor at Narratively and also writes for Deadspin, Vice and others. Squeaky Bicycle has presented two of his previous plays, both directed by Kathryn McConnell. "Tales of Love and Lasers" was three sci-fi stories about people trying to find love and fight loneliness in space. "Pop Dies in Vegas" was about a Justin Bieber-type musician faking his own suicide to live on in legend. Akers' "Cary’s Chainstore Massacre," which Kathryn McConnell directed for another company, was based on a plot to blow up a New York Barnes & Noble by a neighboring independent bookstore. Most of Akers' plays are comedic in their essence. He tends to sets exotic tales of war and conflict in very familiar settings and says that he tries to write serious stuff but then he "gets silly." His plays often tend toward gallows humor with a heavy dose of heart.

Creation of "Dead Man's Dinner" came about as Akers was reading "How To Cook a Wolf" by M.F.K Fisher, a meditation on cooking through hunger, and "Leningrad: Siege and Symphony" by Brian Moynahan, a chilling history of the siege of Leningrad. The perspective on how humans in extremis go to great lengths to preserve their humanity was inspiration for this piece. For Akers, "Dead Man's Dinner" is either a science fiction or an alternate universal survival play. It asks, "If everything breaks down, what is the last thing--for each person--that makes you stop caring or turns you into an animal?"

Director Kathryn McConnell is a co-founder of Squeaky Bicycle Productions. Her other Squeaky Bicycle productions include "Ten Ways on a Gun," "The Last Five Years," "The God Particle," "Tales of Love and Lasers," "The Tragedie of Cardenio," "For Better or Worse," "Récit" and "Supernova." She has a BFA in Dramaturgy from the University of Oklahoma and has worked with Workshop Theater Company, New York Women in Film and Television, Sanguine Theatre Company, NYWIFT, Sanguine, the Hippodrome Theatre, Westport Country Playhouse, OKC Theatre Company, and others. (

Annalisa Loeffler plays Olympia, the mother; Zohra Benzerga plays Petra, her daughter; Kate Garfield plays Jackie, Petra's girlfriend/lover and Marquis Wood plays both of the two brothers who encounter the three women at different times. Assistant director is Brandi Varnell. Set design is by Meg McGuigan. Lighting designer is Christopher D'Angelo. Sound designer is Meg Cully. Fight Director is Casey Mattison. Production manager is Tracy C. Wertheimer. Stage manager is K'Sandra Sampson.

Squeaky Bicycle (, founded in 2010 and dedicated to new works, is now a resident company of Theater for the New City. It is known for its productions of apocalyptic plays. In 2013, it produced "Alligator Summer" by Dylan Lamb at Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex. The play was an audacious farce in which two Louisiana families have taken refuge in an attic, Anne Frank style, after an endless army of alligators have overrun their town. It was subtitled "A Southern Gothic Atrocity in Three Acts." Most recently they mounted "Ten Ways on a Gun" at TNC. The company values the development process, seeking to nurture every contributor's artistic journey, offering a safe place to take risks and explore the depths of their talents. W.M. Akers and Dylan Lamb are resident playwrights of the company. Brandi Varnell is Artistic Director; Kathryn McConnell is Executive Producer and Literary Manager.

Brandi Varnell, Artistic Director of Squeaky Bicycle, writes, "Theater for the New City has been an institution for innovative new work for decades, one of the most known and respected downtown theaters. We could not be more appreciative and more inspired by our residency at TNC. Crystal Field and the staff of TNC have offered us such support and insight as we pursue our artistic vision. They believe in the unique voice of the artists they work with, and we are truly thankful to be nurtured by the innovators and creators at TNC."


March 23 to April 9, 2017
Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street)
Presented by Theater for the New City and Squeaky Bicycle Productions
Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 PM, Sundays at 3:00 PM. Added performance Monday, March 27 at 7:00PM.

$18 general admission; box office (212) 254-1109,
Running time: 90 min. Critics are invited on or after March 23.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Terra dei Fuochi

NEW YORK -- "Terra dei Fuochi / Land of Fires" is an environmental performance project blending modern dance, music and documentary theater to tell the story of Campania Felix, an area in Italy north of Naples that suffered devastating loss of life due to a scandal-ridden toxic waste disaster. The piece is a three-person dance with multimedia drawn largely from life stories of mothers in the region whose children "have become angels too quickly." Accompanying the performance will be a booth providing information about Campania Felix and how it can be compared to others around the world. The aim is to provide further education in the increasing land and water contamination issues facing our global community. This world premiere is choreographed and directed and by Bianca Falco (Napoli, Campania - NYC) and composed by Alberto Falco (Napoli, Campania). La MaMa will present the work's world premiere March 23 to April 2 in its First Floor Theater, 74A East Fourth Street.

In the 1980s, hazardous waste disposal became a joint venture uniting the Camorra (an organized crime group), industries from all over Europe and the political class of Naples and Campania into what is now known as an "Ecomafia." A region between Naples and Caserta became known as the Triangle of Death when cancers usually seen in older people became epidemic, taking their cruel aim at children. Illegal dumping there has been widely documented but the trash crisis has only worsened through the parallel problem of the illegal burning of toxic waste, which has brought the region another nickname, the Land of Fires. The situation is a result of decades of secret dealings between manufacturers in Italy and beyond, pressing to avoid the high costs of legally disposing of hazardous waste, and the Camorra, one of Italy's three main mafia organizations, which saw the potential to make huge profits by disposing of it. Some revelations came from the declassified 1997 testimony of Carmine Schiavone, a former treasurer for the Casalesi clan, one of the most powerful Camorra factions. Speaking in secret to an investigative parliamentary committee, Mr. Schiavone described nighttime operations in which mobsters wearing police uniforms supervised the burial of toxic garbage from as far away as Germany. It is believed that the Camorra, seeing its own children dying, stopped burying waste in its back yard a few years ago and is now illegally shipping it off to Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The region was once known as Europe's vegetable garden and was called by the Romans Campania Felix, the fertile countryside. Agriculture had ceased to be the primary source of income for many farmers there, who were suffering from price competition from Spain, Libya and Greece. They sold or rented portions of their land to companies for waste disposal. The growers stayed afloat with that money, using it to maintain their crops because they had been assured that the waste was not pernicious. Over 20 years or so, more than 10 million tons of illegal, toxic garbage was dumped into fields, caves, quarries and even the Bay of Naples. Cancer rates, malformations and birth defects increased dramatically, with both humans and farm animals affected. Farm products from the region, a major agricultural hub, have continued to be channeled into pasta sauces and frozen soups that are sold domestically and internationally. The effects of toxic drinking water have even been traced to migratory birds. But assertive action has been resisted through the corruption of politicians and fear that the Neapolitan agricultural economy would be compromised. Having failed to counteract the disaster politically at a local or national level, activists are now resorting to exposing the environmental disaster as a worldwide scandal, to at least result in it being monitored.

Director/choreographer Bianca Falco was impelled to create a dance on the subject after reading "The Gospels of the Land of Fire" by Father Patriciello, a priest of the town Caivano, who became kind of celebrity activist after he noticed how the number of "white coffin" (children's) funerals had doubled the number of weddings in his parish. He began organizing the community and serving as spokesman for its bereaved. Falco went on to watch interviews with the suffering mothers and reached out to Noi genitori di tutti (We are the Parents of All,, an association of mothers and fathers in the region who have lost their children to cancer. She started a dialogue with these parents and in particular with Marzia Marzia Caccioppoli, a seamstress whose only child died at age nine of a type of brain cancer usually seen as the result of radiation exposure in adults. Being a trained choreographer and dancer, she set out to portray their tragedy using the conventions of documentary theater and modern dance.

She writes, "As a native of Campania, this is a deeply important and emotional issue for me. After watching the interviews of mothers who lost their babies to cancer and being myself the aunt to nephews and nieces living in the area I was moved to act."

"Terra dei Fuochi/Land of Fires" was granted a residency by at their space XOCO 325 West Broadway in Soho during December, 2016.

To accompany the performance, an informational booth will provide details about the toxic waste situation afflicting Campania Felix and how this situation can be compared to others around the globe. The aim is to provide education on land and water contamination issues facing our global community. The production's blog here.

The ensemble is a collection of artists from Campania and neighboring communities, including Bianca Falco, composer Alberto Falco (Napoli, Campania), lighting designer Marcello Falco (Napoli, Campania) and dancers Bianca Delli Priscoli (Salerno, Campania) and Laura Orfanelli (Abruzzo).

All three Falcos are siblings; they are descended from Raffaele Calace (1863 – 1934), a famed Italian mandolin player, composer, and luthier. He and his brother Nicola were instrument makers in the Neapolitan mandolin family and their atelier continues to this day. (

Bianca Falco’s choreographic language draws from her life experience, dance training and personal research; she creates her own movement vocabulary with elements of Ballet, Modern, Contemporary and Butoh. She was formed in modern dance by Murray Louis in Alvin Nikolais Technique. Her work is theatrical and abstract at the same time, incorporating manipulation of props and using text, which in this production is recorded. The score by Alberto Falco contains three compositions of concrete music and one mixing concrete and contemporary music.

Bianca Falco ( is a choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, certified Pilates teacher, and musician born in Napoli, Italy. Her career began in Italy and after dancing ballet there for several years, she performed in a piece choreographed by Murray Louis and received a scholarship to study modern dance at the Nikolais and Louis Dance Lab in New York City. She also studied Zapateado and Son Jarocho (Veracruz folk dance), jazz dance, and movement for theater, as well as Cyr Wheel, aerial silk, and trapeze. She plays the clarinet and jarana, a Mexican string instrument.

Besides dancing for Murray Louis, her early experiences in Europe included operating her own dance school and receiving first prize in an international video dance competition sponsored by RAI Italian national TV. Her dance/soloist credits include "Freestyle Die Trilogie," an experimental dance theater piece choreographed by Peter Fuxx, which premiered at the famous Schauspielhaus Theater in Vienna. She has also danced for Poppo and the Gogo Boys at the Joyce Theater and performed with Fly-by-Night Dance Theater, a low flying trapeze company.

Her long association with La MaMa includes choreography for several productions, among them "Intermezzo" (La MaMa Moves Dance Festival), "Apnea" (La MaMa NYC), and "Easy" (Spoleto Festival, Italy). From 2000 to 2003, she co-directed an emerging dance company, NuVoLe Dance Theatre, which presented new work at the Present Theater Company, the Montreal Fringe Festival, La MaMa Moves, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Her choreographic credits also include the "Acettes" (Artscorporation, The Highline, NYC), "Intermezzo" (La MaMa Moves Dance Festival) and several art/music videos for director Massimo Monacelli in Perugia, Italy.

Falco has also worked as a choreographer and movement director for film, theater and video. She choreographed the music/art video "Somebody to Love" directed by Josh Jordan, the western-themed film musical "A Ballad for Tex" and the short film "ALEX", which won Best Fiction Film and Best Cinematography at the Directors Guild of America's festival Cityvisions in 2011. Most recently, she workshopped "Searching" a dance/spoken word/live music event, performed at the No-Lesque performance art series at the Slipper Room. She creates and performs site specific dances for and acts in "The Zero Hour," Zero Boy's interactive comedy and high art monthly event at The Slipper Room.

Friday, February 17, 2017



Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents Menopause The Musical-Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 8PM.

Menopause The Musical®

GFour Productions, winners of 54 Drama Desk and 44 Tony Awards bring back the international hit show Menopause The Musical® to bergenPAC. Menopause The Musical® is a groundbreaking celebration of women who are on the brink of, in the middle of, or have survived “The Change.”

Now celebrating 14 years of female empowerment through hilarious musical comedy, Menopause The Musical® has evolved as a "grassroots" movement of women who deal with life adjustments after 40 by embracing each other and the road ahead.

Set in a department store, four women meet while shopping for a black lace bra at a lingerie sale. After noticing similarities among one another, the cast jokes about their woeful hot flashes, mood swings, wrinkles, weight gain and much more. These women form a sisterhood and unique bond with the entire audience as they rejoice in celebrating that menopause is no longer “The Silent Passage.”

Inspired by a hot flash and a bottle of wine, Menopause The Musical® was created as a celebration of women who find themselves at any stage of “The Change.” The laughter-filled 90-minute production gets audience members out of their seats and singing along to parodies from classic pop songs of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.

The hilarious musical has entertained audiences across the country in more than 450 U.S. cities, nearly 300 international cities and a total of 15 countries.


30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1030

 Photo Courtesy of: Bergen PAC

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The Beach Boys

Englewood, New Jersey - Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents The Beach Boys-Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 7:30PM. Purchase tickets at or by calling bergenPAC’s Box Office at (201) 227-1030.

The Beach Boys

You can capsulize most pop music acts by reciting how many hits they’ve had and how many millions of albums they’ve sold. But these conventional measurements fall short when you’re assessing the impact of The Beach Boys. To be sure, this band has birthed a torrent of hit singles and sold albums by the tens of millions. But its greater significance lies in the fact that it changed the musical landscape so profoundly that every pop act since has been in its debt.

Captained by Mike Love, The Beach Boys play an astoundingly busy schedule of concerts, averaging 150 shows a year, ranging from sun drenched summer festivals to gala New Year’s celebrations and special events worldwide. In 1974 Mike Love’s concept album Endless Summer ignited a second generation of Beach Boys fans and stirred a tempest that rocked the music world.

Grammy-winning songwriter Bruce Johnston joined The Beach Boys in 1965. Highly regarded as a singer-songwriter, Johnston’s vocal work with such legendary artists as Elton John and Pink Floyd firmly established him among rock’s elite artists.

Had this remarkable band been less committed to its art and its fans, it could have retired from the field with honor at dozens of points along the way, confident that it had made a lasting contribution to world culture. The Beach Boys continue to have fun, fun, fun, with no end in sight.

Love’s role as the band’s front man sometimes overshadows his stature as one of rock’s foremost songwriters. “Surfin’,” The Beach Boys’ first hit came from his pen. With his cousin, Brian Wilson, Love wrote the classics “Fun, Fun, Fun,” “I Get Around,” “Help Me Rhonda,” “California Girls” and the Grammy nominated “Good Vibrations.” Years later, he showed he still had the lyrical chops by co-writing the irresistible and chart-topping “Kokomo.”

In addition to founding Beach Boy Mike Love (lead vocals) and Beach Boy-vet Bruce Johnston (vocals/keyboards)—Jeffrey Foskett (guitar/vocals), Brian Eichenburger (bass/vocals), Tim Bonhomme (keyboards/vocals), John Cowsill of The Cowsills (percussion /vocals) and Scott Totten (guitar/vocals) round out the band.

VIP upgrade available for purchase for ticket buyers at


30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1030

About bergenPAC

Founded in 2003, the 1,367-seat Bergen Performing Arts Center, or bergenPAC, is the area’s cultural mecca. Housed in a historic Art Deco-style theater boasting one of the finest acoustic halls in the United States, bergenPAC attracts a stellar roster of world-class entertainment. The jewel in our crown is The Performing Arts School at bergenPAC – the innovative, educational performing arts initiative that, through programs, classes, outreach, school shows, and main theater presented shows, reach more than 30,000 students and community youth annually. The Performing Arts School provides community youth, age 2 months to 21 years, with unique, “hands-on” training in music, dance and theater by industry professionals. It is through the ongoing generosity of sponsors, donors, members, and patrons that the not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) corporation bergenPAC and The Performing Arts School are able to thrive and enrich our community.

Photo Courtesy Of: Bergen PAC

Thursday, February 09, 2017



Singer IRA LEE COLLINGS returns to Don’t Tell Mama, 343 West 46th Street, NYC on Friday, February 24th at 7 PM with an encore presentation of Simply, Ira Lee (A Gay Geezer Celebration Through the Looking Glass..warts and all). Ira Lee first presented this celebration of his 80th birthday last spring and then again in October, 2016. He will be joined by Musical Director John M. Cook on piano.

Born in a very small town in Indiana, the youngest of 8 children, Ira Lee began singing on the radio with his sister when they were kids. After studying at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, he moved to New York where he appeared off-Broadway and in regional theatre, and even opened for the great Dawn Hampton in the 1960s. After many years of performing, he took a 25-year hiatus from show business, re-appearing a few years ago with several successful cabaret appearances in NYC. Anne-Allegra Bennett of Center on the Aisle said "He puts life, energy, and compassion into the music, and from the very beginning, he conveys his range of character and emotion." Kevin Scott Hall,, said: “Collings gives the impression of a life well-lived, with his heart smack-dab in the right place. He gives a self-assured performance, but he offers more than that. It’s a celebration of life itself.” Mark Dundas Wood said "He is a talented storyteller" and in Cabaret Scenes, Joel Benjamin wrote "Ira Lee Collings sings a quiet 'At Last,' a buoyant 'Just In Time,' a very sweet 'He Touched Me,' a moving 'Come In From The Rain' and a triumphant 'Nothing Can Stop Me Now!'

Ira Lee has appeared in the Metropolitan Room Marathon, at the 2016 Aids Day Celebration and placed in the top ten in the "Mama's Next Big Act" competition at Don't Tell Mama. He has also appeared in Cabaret Cares at the Metropolitan Room.

Ira Lee’s show includes songs by Jerry Herman, Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, Lee Adams and Charles Strouse, Bob Merrill and Jule Styne, Rodgers and Hart, Melissa Manchester and Carol Bayer Sager, and Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse. Ira Lee says the show includes “something old and something older" and promises a few surprises.

For more info on Ira Lee Collings, visit:


Singer IRA LEE COLLINGS continues his 80th birthday celebration with “Simply, Ira Lee (A Gay Geezer Celebration)" at Don’t Tell Mama, 343 West 46th Street, NYC, on Friday, Feb 24 at 7 pm. $15 cover/2 drink minimum. MAC members: $10 cover/2 drink min. Reservations recommended: (212) 757-0788 or

Photo Courtesy Of: Sheree Sano / SUSAN L. SCHULMAN/Publicity

Sunday, February 05, 2017


The Irish Tenors

Englewood, New Jersey -- Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents The Irish Tenors with members of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra-Friday, March 10, 2017 at 8PM.

The Irish Tenors powerful vocal line-up of Finbar Wright, Anthony Kearns and Ronan Tynan are unquestionably the leading brand of this genre. All classically trained singers, each having performed in leading concert halls across the world, together they combine to produce a sound and concert experience which touches hearts and stirs the emotions. Happy songs of celebration and humor, mixed with touching melodies and songs that warm the heart.

The Irish Tenors have been touring together since 1998, with sold-out shows at Radio City Music Hall, Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, The Hollywood Bowl, and major concert halls throughout the world. Their faces and voices are familiar to PBS audiences through several specials, including the Ellis Island recordings that sold a million CDs and DVDs. The dazzling technique and depth of feeling that defines this musical genre, amplified to the third power, is the hallmark of The Irish Tenors.

Since they first joined voices in 1998, The Irish Tenors have made countless traditional treasures breathe with new life. Moreover, they’ve proven themselves gifted interpreters of a wide range of material, with such songs as “My Heart Will Go On” (from Titanic), “Fairytale Of New York” (previously recorded by Kirsty MacColl and The Pogues) and even Jimmy Kennedy’s “South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way).” These songs live comfortably in their repertoire alongside “Danny Boy,” “Whiskey in the Jar” and “Fields Of Athenry.” Among their best-selling albums, Heritage ranks as one of the finest with classic recordings of many of the most beautiful Irish songs. We Three Kings is their best-selling Christmas album and includes superb Christmas gems.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Tattoo History At South Street Seaport Museum

The South Street Seaport Museum announces its new exhibition, The Original Gus Wagner: The Maritime Roots of Modern Tattoo, beginning on January 29, 2017, open Wednesday - Sunday 11am-5pm, at the Museum's mezzanine gallery level, accessible from the main entrance of the Museum on 12 Fulton Street. An Opening Reception with Live Tattoo Demonstration and a Silent Auction will be held Saturday, January 28, 2017 from 6-8pm, RSVP required.

The exhibition is included with Museum admission: South Street Seaport Museum members: FREE, $12 for adults, $8 for students and seniors, and $6 for children ages 2 - 17. Tickets can be purchased online at or in person at 12 Fulton St.

The Original Gus Wagner: The Maritime Roots of Modern Tattoo explores Augustus "Gus" Wagner's (American, 1872-1941) early life as a merchant mariner and tattoo artist who traveled the world, from 1898-1902, and his return to the United States as a professional tattooist and tattooed man.

Gus Wagner was born in 1872 in Marietta, Ohio, a trading and boat building town on the Ohio River. At age twelve he saw his first heavily tattooed man, "Captain Costentenus the Greek Albanian," in a traveling show. As a young man he hit the road as an itinerant salesman and laborer. In 1897 he boarded the cargo steamer Bellona at Newport News, Virginia, thus embarking on a four-year career as a merchant seaman. By traveling around the world, Gus Wagner got to know many seaports: Vera Cruz, London, Cape Town, Sydney, Auckland, Honolulu, New York, San Francisco, and others. It was during this time that he discovered the art of tattooing. He claimed that he learned to tattoo from tribesmen in Java and Borneo who showed him how to use traditional hand-made tools. By 1901, Gus reportedly had 264 tattoos of his own, (and over 800 by 1908) allowing him to promote himself as "the most artistically marked up man in America." After briefly moving home to Ohio, Gus embarked on a forty-year career as a traveling tattooist, tattooed man, and circus performer. He largely eschewed the new electric tattooing machines that transformed the art form after 1890, and remained faithful to his hand-held instruments. With other wandering artists, he carried tattooing inland from coastal ports, making it part of the culture of small-town America in the 20th century.

The exhibition will show original and reproduced artifacts from the Seaport Museum's Alan Govenar and Kaleta Doolin Tattoo Collection such as tattooing tools, a selection of tattoo flashes (drawings and sketches, on recycled paper based materials, displaying variations of tattoo designs) and a selection of pages from the artist's scrapbook - a 400 page book composed of press clippings, postcards, business cards, sketches, and photographs, that relate to his introduction to tattooing as a sailor.

Due to the fragile condition of the collection, most of the artifacts will be shown via reproductions. A video will show the turning of the pages of Gus Wagner's various canvas books, like Gus's clients were doing nearly a century ago.

The exhibition will familiarize viewers with hand tattoo techniques, and make the case for the importance of researching, documenting, and preserving tattoo collections in museums and research institutes.

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, January 28th, 6-8 pm. Two live tattooing demonstrations, with Gus Wagner original designs, will be part of the event, thanks to Daredevil Tattoo Museum's co-owners Michelle Myles and Brad Fink. A silent auction will also happen during the evening. Auction items include two gift certificates for two Gus Wagner tattoos that Daredevil's co-owners would make at a later date; one walking tour of New York City's tattoo history sites by Michelle Myles; and a few rare signed copies of publications and films on tattooing. All funds raised during the evening will be dedicated toward the conservation of the South Street Seaport Museum's tattoo collection.

Lectures and all-ages public programs will take place throughout the length of the exhibition in collaboration with Daredevil Tattoo Museum and Tattly.

The exhibition is curated by Alan Govenar, with Martina Caruso, Collections Manager and Registrar, and Michelle Kennedy, Collections Assistant at the Seaport Museum. The design and art direction is curated by Rob Wilson and Christine Picone of Bowne Printers, the Museum's historic print shop.

Monday, January 23, 2017


Dr. Lonnie Smith

Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts at Brooklyn College continues its 2016-17 Jazz series on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 8pm with 2017 NEA Jazz Master Dr. Lonnie Smith. An authentic master and guru of the Hammond B-3 organ for over five decades, he has been featured on over seventy albums, and has recorded and performed with a virtual "Who's Who" of the greatest jazz, blues and R&B giants in the industry.

Performances of The Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio will be at the Kumble Theater, located at Long Island University's Brooklyn campus in downtown Brooklyn, not at Brooklyn Center's regular venue, Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at or by calling the box office at 718-951-4500 (Tue-Sat, 1pm-6pm).

Dr. Lonnie Smith is an unparalleled musician, composer, performer and recording artist. Born in Buffalo, New York, Lonnie was blessed with the gift of music. Through his mother, he was immersed in gospel, blues and jazz at an early age. In his teens, he sang in several vocal groups including his own, the Supremes, formed long before Motown's eventual iconic act of the same name. Lonnie also played trumpet and other instruments at school and was a featured soloist. In the late '50s- with the encouragement of Art Kubera, who owned a local music store that he would visit daily-young Lonnie was given the opportunity to learn how to play a Hammond organ. By completely immersing himself in the records of organists such as Wild Bill Davis, Bill Doggett, and Jimmy Smith, as well as paying rapt attention to the church organ, a young Lonnie began to find his musical voice. "Even though I didn't know how, I was able to play right from the beginning," Dr. Smith reflects. "I learned how to work the stops and that was it. It's a passion for me, so everything else came naturally." Because of Mr. Kubera's kindness, Dr. Lonnie often refers to Art as his "angel."

The Doctor's first gigs were at Buffalo's hottest jazz club, the Pine Grill, where he rapidly garnered the attention of folks like Jack McDuff, Lou Donaldson, George Benson, and the booking agent Jimmy Boyd. George Benson was looking for an organist for his quartet and enlisted Lonnie. The group soon relocated to New York City, where they quickly established a reputation as innovators in Harlem clubs and throughout the area. After appearing on several Benson albums, Lonnie went on to make his first recording as a leader, Finger Lickin' Good, for Columbia Records in 1966. Shortly thereafter, Smith was scooped up to record by saxophonist Lou Donaldson, for whom Lonnie would appear on several epic Blue Note LPs, including the million-seller, Alligator Boogaloo. Blue Note clearly liked what they heard and inked the organist to his own recording contract, a deal which would produce the soul jazz classics Think!, Turning Point, Move Your Hand, Drives and Live at Club Mozambique (released many years later).

Since leaving the Blue Note stable in the '70s, Dr. Smith has recorded for a slew of record labels, including Kudu, Groove Merchant, T.K., Scufflin', Criss Cross and Palmetto, ascending the charts many times. His unpredictable, insatiable musical taste illustrates that no genre is safe, as Lonnie has recorded everything from covers of the Beatles, the Stylistics and the Eurythmics, to tribute albums of Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and Beck, all by employing ensembles ranging from a trio to a fifteen-piece big band. Moreover, many of Doc's recent compositions reflect dramatic ethereal qualities and orchestration that elicit movie scores or soundtracks.

Dr. Smith has been amused to find himself sampled in rap, dance and house grooves while being credited as a forefather of acid jazz. When questioned about his consistent interest in music some consider outside the jazz "mainstream," Lonnie shrugs. "Jazz is American Classical," he proclaims. "And this music is a reflection of what's happening at the time... The organ is like the sunlight, rain and's all the worldly sounds to me!"

In 2012, Dr. Smith launched his own record label Pilgrimage Inc., and in 2015, resigned with the iconic Blue Note Records label. Dr. Lonnie Smith's latest CD has been released on Blue Note. (2016)

Friday, January 13, 2017


Cate Blanchett

The Sydney Theatre Company production of THE PRESENT opens Sunday, January 8. Andrew Upton’s new adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s first play, Platonov, THE PRESENT is directed by John Crowley at the Barrymore Theatre (243 West 47th Street) for a limited engagement through Sunday, March 19, 2017.

THE PRESENT features the Sydney Theatre Company cast of 13, each making their Broadway debut, including Cate Blanchett (Anna) and Richard Roxburgh (Mikhail), as well as Anna Bamford (Maria), Andrew Buchanan (Osip), David Downer (Yegor), Eamon Farren (Kirill), Martin Jacobs (Alexei), Brandon McClelland (Dimitri), Jacqueline McKenzie (Sophia), Marshall Napier (Ivan), Susan Prior (Sasha), Chris Ryan (Sergei) and Toby Schmitz (Nikolai).

Set and costume design for THE PRESENT is by Alice Babidge, with lighting design by Nick Schlieper. Stefan Gregory is Sound Designer and Composer.

THE PRESENT is produced on Broadway by Stuart Thompson, Sydney Theatre Company, Jon B. Platt, Scott M. Delman, Ruth Hendel, The Shubert Organization, Robert G. Bartner, John Gore and Jimter Productions LLC.

Variously known as Platonov, Wild Honey, Fatherlessness and The Disinherited, Anton Chekhov’s first play was not discovered until 1920, some 16 years after the playwright’s death. Andrew Upton’s adaptation is set post-Perestroika in the mid-1990s at an old country house where friends gather to celebrate the birthday of the independent but compromised widow Anna Petrovna (Blanchett). At the center is the acerbic and witty Platonov (Roxburgh) with his wife, his former students and friends and their partners. They may appear comfortable, but boiling away inside is a mess of unfinished, unresolved relationships, fuelled by twenty years of denial, regret and thwarted desire.

Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh previously appeared together on the New York stage in Sydney Theatre Company’s acclaimed production of Andrew Upton’s adaptation of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. Additionally, Cate Blanchett appeared in New York in Sydney Theatre Company’s productions of Hedda Gabler, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Maids.

Andrew Upton was at the creative helm of Sydney Theatre Company (STC) for eight years from 2008-2015, the first five as co-Artistic Director alongside Cate Blanchett. During the Upton/Blanchett years, STC’s international touring profile increased with tours of Waiting for Godot to the UK, Gross und Klein (Big and Small) to the UK, France, Austria and Germany, both A Streetcar Named Desire and Uncle Vanya to Washington and New York and The Maids to New York. A History of Everything, commissioned by STC as a co-production with Belgian theatre company Onteroend Goed, has also had seasons in Chicago and in Belgium, Holland and the UK while Long Day's Journey into Night played in Portland, Oregon.

Australian critical reception for


“If you are lucky enough to be in Sydney, this is a night of theatre you can’t afford to miss,” noted Nancy Groves in The Guardian of “Andrew Upton’s masterful adaptation of Chekhov’s novice play. Their (Blanchett and Roxburgh) chemistry is electrifying as ever. Masterfully choreographed by director John Crowley.”

Friday, January 06, 2017



Cousins Vivien and Chloe have just inherited their Aunt Isabelle’s bakery, a boulangerie that has been a cornerstone of the neighborhood for years. Chloe wants a new image and product, while Vivien wants to make sure nothing changes. Add to that the complications that new relationships always bring – Chloe’s with a tempestuous Chef and Vivien’s with the banker who happens to have it out for their business and suddenly their clash of ideas leads to a peculiar solution: they split the shop in half with a black line in the middle and each runs her business as she sees fit. Things heat up as they’re forced to fight over every customer who walks in the door. The neighborhood is changing as well, turning into an unlikely blend of young hipsters living alongside elderly people who’ve spent their lives there. But Vivien and Chloe will have to learn to overcome their differences and work together as a team in order to save the bakery as well as everything else that truly matters in their lives.

Coming to VOD and these theaters on January 20

Los Angeles - Laemmle Monica

San Francisco - Presidio Theatre

Boston - Apple Cinemas

Atlanta - Plaza Theatre

Detroit - Cinema Detroit

Chicago - Facets Cinematheque

Cleveland - Tower City

Seattle - AMC Oak Tree

Phoenix - AMC Arizona Center

Washington, DC - AMC Lexington Park

Toronto - Carlton Cinema


Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere was spotted arriving at The Late Show With Stephen Colbert yesterday in New York City.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Jorge Celedón

Englewood, New Jersey - Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents Jorge Celedón - Friday, February 10, 2017 at 8PM. Purchase tickets at or by calling bergenPAC’s Box Office at 201.227.1030.

Jorge Celedón

Jorge Celedón, known as "The Prince of Vallenato," is a Colombian singer-songwriter who comes from a musical family. His first performance was with his uncle Daniel Celedón, the renowned vallenato singer, in his own group called Doble Poder (Double Power). This helped him to become a great star of vallenato by the time he was an adult.

Celedón is recognized for his talent, charisma and simplicity. He is an outstanding singer of vallenato music and many of his songs have become blockbusters hits, like “Ay Hombe,” “Parranda en el Cafetal,” “Juepa je,” “Sin Perdón,” “Me dejó solito,” “Todo por nada” and “Te Cantaré”

Celedón and his vallenato group were nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2007. At the 8th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, Celedón and accordionist Jimmy Zambrano received the award in the category Cumbia/Vallenato for their album Son... Para El Mund. In 2008, he performed in front of President George W. Bush at an event at the White House in celebration of Colombian Independence Day.


30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1030

Photo Courtesy Of: Bergen PAC

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Patti LaBelle

Newark, New Jersey - Celebrate the perfect Valentine’s weekend at New Jersey Performing Arts Center! NJPAC presents an evening with Patti Labelle! As a queen of rock and soul (“Lady Marmalade,” “If Only You Knew,” “On My Own”), Patti LaBelle’s name is synonymous with style and elegance. “Ms. Patti” is known and revered for her versatility, whether she’s belting out classic R&B renditions, pop standards or spiritual sonnets. This GRAMMY-winning singer is not only a three-time Emmy Award nominee, but also a New York Times bestselling author for her cookbooks.

GRAMMY-winning pop and rock balladeer Michael Bolton (“How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”) shares a Valentine's Week concert with R&B/soul songstress Stephanie Mills (“Never Knew Love Like This Before”) Friday, February 17, 2017 8:00 PM at Prudential Hall. Don’t miss this exclusive NJPAC concert featuring two contemporary music chart-toppers! Get your tickets now at or 888.GO.NJPAC (888.466.5722)

Valentine's Day at NJPAC

Patti LaBelle

“When You Talk About Love,” “New Attitude” and
“If You Asked Me To.”

Sunday, February 12, 2017 7:00 PM
Tickets $59 - $149


Prudential Hall
One Center Street
Newark, NJ

Michael Bolton & Stephanie Mills

Michael Bolton

“How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?” and
“When a Man Loves a Woman.”

With Very Special Guest

Stephanie Mills

“I Feel Good All Over,” “Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin',” and her GRAMMY-winning classic, “Never Knew Love Like This Before.”

Friday, February 17, 2017 8:00 PM
Tickets $59 - $119

Photos Courtesy Of: NJ PAC

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Masters Of Illusion

Englewood, New Jersey - Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents Masters of Illusion-Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 8PM. Purchase tickets at or by calling bergenPAC’s Box Office at 201.227.1030.

Masters of Illusion

Believe the impossible! The hit television series, Masters of Illusion, breaks out of the box and into bergenPAC. Whether in Las Vegas or on television, magic has never been hotter. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a magic show in person. Audience members will marvel at the huge production values and be drawn in by the immediacy of a live performance. It's the time honored art of the master illusionist combined with the speed and modern design of the 21st century.

You'll see grand illusions, levitating women, appearances and vanishes, escapes, comedy magic, sleight of hand and beautiful dancers...everything you could possibly imagine and performances that you never dreamed possible - all rolled up into a live show.

And it's all LIVE! No camera tricks, no computer graphics-just amazing illusions in real time in front of a live audience. It's a world-class live event coming to bergenPAC!


30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1030

Photo Courtesy Of: Bergen PAC

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Tom Gold Dance

New York, NY - Tom Gold Dance presents its sixth annual New York City season, Tuesday, March 14 and Wednesday, March 15 at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater at John Jay College. The Company will give the local premieres of Tom Gold Dance Founder and Director Tom Gold's Oasis and Served. Details about a third work, a World Premiere, will be announced at a later date.

Scheduled performers currently include dancers Sara Adams, Marika Anderson, Daniel Applebaum, Meagan Mann, and Kristen Segin of New York City Ballet; Allynne Noelle of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet; Zachary Guthier, most recently of Los Angeles Ballet; and James Shee, most recently of the National Ballet; and pianist Xak Bjerken.

In 2017, Tom Gold Dance is a City University of New York Dance Initiative (CDI) resident artist, a collaboration that will allow the Company to rehearse and offer additional public activities at the Gerald W. Lynch Theater.

Oasis was commissioned by the St. Louis Ballet as part of its October 8, 2016 Vision: Where Ballet and Fashion Meet program at The Touhill Performing Arts Center pairing three choreographers with three emerging fashion designers. Set to John Zorn's "Lucifer" from the Book of Angels, Oasis explores the composer's exotic and jazz-infused constructions through an imagined group meeting at a desert retreat. Oasis completes Gold's Zorn trilogy, following Shanti (2003) and La Plage (2013).

Gold began to develop Served in July 2016 as a participant in the 13th annual National Choreographers Initiative (NCI) in Irvine, California. While watching a tennis match on television, Gold observed similarities to ballet, not only in the sport's power physicality, and intensity, but also its rhythm, balance, technical discipline, and virtuosity. Set to Schubert's demanding Wanderer Fantasy, Served explores these qualities through the articulated steps of a "dancers' club." Allynne Noelle and Zachary Guthier, who appeared in Served during the NCI's culminating public workshop presentation at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, July 30, 2016, will reprise their roles in the New York Premiere at the Lynch Theater. Served will be performed to live accompaniment.

"We can't wait to return to the Gerald W. Lynch Theater for our annual New York City season," says Gold. "These works will demonstrate the wide range of traditional classical dancing across multiple and contrasting musical styles in our trademark mix of sophistication and fun. I am especially excited to introduce some of the original dancers from Served to New York audiences, and, as part of our effort to feature live music in all self-produced Tom Gold Dance events, to work with the highly accomplished pianist Xak Bjerken."

Monday, December 26, 2016


Rick Springfield

Englewood, New Jersey - Bergen Performing Arts Center located at 30 North Van Brunt Street in Englewood, New Jersey presents Rick Springfield Stripped Down with special guest Jennifer Lynn Simpson-Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 8PM.

Over the past three decades, Rick Springfield has worn many hats as an entertainer and performer. The creator of some of the finest power-pop of the ’80s, he’s a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and musician who has sold 25 million albums and scored 17 U.S. Top 40 hits, including “Jessie’s Girl,” “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “An Affair of the Heart,” “I've Done Everything for You,” “Love Somebody,” and “Human Touch.”

He’s an accomplished actor who most recently starred opposite Meryl Streep in the feature film Ricki and the Flash and gave a chameleon performance as the creepy Dr. Pitlor in HBO’s prestige drama True Detective.

He’s also a talented author — both his candid 2010 memoir Late, Late at Night (which Rolling Stone named one of the 25 greatest rock memoirs of all time) and his 2014 comedic novel Magnificent Vibration earned rave reviews and spots on the New York Times Best Sellers’ list.

In 2013, Springfield wrote and recorded “The Man That Never Was” with Dave Grohl for the soundtrack to Sound City — the Foo Fighters’ frontman’s documentary about the San Fernando Valley recording studio that was Springfield’s home away from home (his manager owned the building). Rolling Stone called Springfield’s touching interview in the film its “breakout story.” In 2014, Springfield was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located around the corner from the first apartment he lived in when he first arrived in the U.S. from Australia in 1971.

Stick around for a free post-show Q&A with Rick. There is also a VIP ticket available which includes a Meet and Greet with photo op.

Tickets available at: or Box Office (201) 227-1030


30 North Van Brunt Street

Englewood, NJ 07631
(201) 227-1030

Friday, December 16, 2016


Jose Feliciano

Newark, New Jersey - New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) presents an evening with Jose Feliciano. Acclaimed by reviewers worldwide as “The Greatest Living Guitarist,” nine-time Grammy winner Jose Feliciano welcomes the holiday season by performing “Feliz Navidad,” “Light My Fire” and many more hits.

Feliciano is recognized as the first Latin artist to cross over into the English music market, opening the door for other artists who now play an important role in the American music industry. Nominated for Grammys 19 times, he’s been awarded over 45 gold and platinum records and received the LARAS Award for Lifetime Achievement and Billboard magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Some of Feliciano’s major record releases include “Amor Gitano,” “Chico and the Man,” “Che Sara,” “La Copa Rota” and “Affirmation.” He plays with many of the world’s top symphonic orchestras, and he and his music have been featured on television, in films and on stage. Sunday, December 18, 2016 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM at Victoria Theater. Get your tickets now at or 888.GO.NJPAC (888.466.5722)