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Monday, May 08, 2017


Wanda Sykes Visits The View

Wanda Sykes Talks White House Correspondents' Dinner, Snatched & Motherhood when she visited The View last week.

"It's racism," Sykes says of the House passing a bill to repeal Obamacare. "They're just trying to erase everything Pres. Obama did."

Sykes weighs in on Trump's plan to build a border wall between Mexico and the U.S.: "Dumbest idea ever!"

Photo Courtesy of: ABC / Disney  


Tuesday, April 04, 2017


On Set With The View Yesterday

Hot Topics: Nikki Haley Says There's 'No Love' Between US and Russia

“[President Trump will] be tough on certain things — he’ll be tough on the media ... tough on SNL ... But this is when it’s time to be tough [and] somehow he disappears!” Jedediah Bila said.

Hot Topics: White House Announces Sex Assault Awareness Month


Hot Topics: Bill O'Reilly Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

“The reason that Bill O’Reilly still has a job is because of ad revenue," Bila said. “Money talks!”

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney

Friday, March 24, 2017


Top Democrat on House Intel Committee Rep. Adam Schiff Says Was “Blindsided, But Mostly Just Mystified” by Nunes’ Actions.

Rep. Adam Schiff

Rep. Schiff joined the co-hosts from Washington, D.C. and said he was “mystified” by the actions of the committee’s chair Rep. Devin Nunes: “He has to either have the surrogate role or the chairman role, but he can’t do both.”

“There’s no basis for the president’s slanderous accusation against his predecessor,” Schiff said of Nunes' highly-criticized intelligence brief to Pres. Trump. “Even on the basis of what the chairman has said about these intercepts, nothing in it vindicates the president in any way.”

Hot Topics: What's Behind House Intelligence Committee Head Nunes' Russia Probe Comments?

Whoopi Goldberg reacted to Pres. Trump saying he's 'vindicated' in Russia probe developments: "He's not vindicated! No one was directly tapping you!"

Jedediah Bila addressed the House Intelligence chair: "Nunes ... are you interested in finding out if Russia compromised our election, or are you ... trying to prove [Pres. Trump's] tweets he initially put out there?"

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Joy Behar And Rachel Maddow

Hot Topics: Rachel Maddow Talks Releasing Part of Pres. Trump’s 2005 Tax Return

Maddow on the importance of releasing Pres. Trump's tax returns: "What we need to know is whether the president is conflicted."

Maddow joked about the Trump family's reaction to her release of the tax returns:

 "'It's real and great ... also it's FAKE and it's illegal for you to publish them!' It's either fake or it's real, you guys have to pick one!"

Wednesday, March 08, 2017


Sherri Shepherd joins the hosts at the Hot Topics table

The Week of The View at at Walt Disney World continued with Sherri Shepherd and Modern Family’s Ariel Winter!

Hot Topics: Dr. Ben Carson: Slaves Were "Immigrants"

"How did he miss that no slave came to this country willingly?" Whoopi Goldberg said. "How did it get missed by this wonderful man?"

Sherri Shepherd Talks Moving To L.A. And Her Love Life:

"I love being single!"

Jedediah Bila Has Fun @ The Tree Of Life

Ariel Winter Talks Empowering Women, Teaching Kids To Be 'Good People'

"Sofia's really teaching young kids, young girls and boys ... how to be good people — how to be loyal and kind and how to be a friend and a daughter and a sister," Winter says of Sofia the First, a character she voices on the Disney Junior show.

Joy Behar Gets Schooled By Kid Star Wars Fans

Photos Courtesy Of: ABC Disney

Friday, February 24, 2017


Eva Longoria On The View

Eva Longoria Discusses Immigration Memos and Sanctuary Cities

"It's very dangerous to deny asylum to these people," Eva Longoria said of Pres. Trump's immigration memos. "This isn't an issue of Democrats and Republicans, it's not an issue of Obama and Trump, it's an issue of life and death."

Longoria also explained why she believes women make great directors: "Being a director means you have to problem solve and answer a lot of questions and juggle things at the same time."

Hot Topics: Town Halls Turn Testy When Constituents Face Their Representatives

"It's a good and real reminder that, at the end of the day, their power comes from those votes.” Sara Haines said.

Hot Topics: Enforcing President Trump’s New Immigration Memos

"I think there are a lot of people around this country, of all ethnicities, who did the process legally, and they followed the law and they're really unhappy with people who don't follow the law and get [to] benefit from it," Jedediah Bila said.

Friday, February 17, 2017


The View

Hot Topics: Whoopi Goldberg Shows What The View Would Look Like Without Immigrants

“We wanted to show you what this particular show would look like without any immigrants on it,” Goldberg said showing an empty studio and control room as 'A Day Without Immigrants' protests take place across the country. 

Hot Topics: Intelligence Agencies Withholding Information From Trump?

"It's a very scary place to be," Jedediah Bila said. "The intelligence community should be backing us up as a country, keeping us safer."

"This scares me," Sara Haines responded to Pres. Trump's claim that Russia connection was invented to explain his election. "From our own president, we're getting something that ... was made up. There was proof there was meddling from a foreign power in our election. That is not arguable!"

Hot Topics: Betsy DeVos Compared To Ruby Bridges In Cartoon, The View Honors Bridges For Black History Month

Hot Topics: Pres. Trump Pivots On Question About Anti-Semitism

"He also would've had to admit that his rhetoric has increased the anti-Semitism in the country," Goldberg said. "That's why he didn't answer that question!"

Hot Topics: TV Shows ‘Ban’ White House Representatives

"Why would you not sit with her?" Sunny Hostin says of White House representatives being "banned" from TV shows. "If you're not going to meet with the president, if you don't meet with Kellyanne Conway ... you're in the dark."

Ice Cube Talks Fighting Injustice, Family & More

Thursday, February 16, 2017


The View Yesterday

Hot Topics: What Connects The Trump Campaign To Russia?

Joy Behar reacted to the news of sources saying Pres. Donald J. Trump associates communicated with suspected Russian intelligence officials ahead of election: "The Republican party is not stepping up the way they should. They will sell their soul down the river, sell democracy down the river so that the rich will get tax cuts!”

“The question really needs to be what is the overall connection between Russia and this administration,” Sunny Hostin added.

Hot Topics: Restaurant Receipts Take On Both Sides Of The Immigration Debate

"It's just plain bigotry!" Joy Behar said of a customer who criticized a restaurant for its Mexican owner and wrote “America first” on their receipt. "Please go and support them," Whoopi Goldberg added. "We're better than that."

Hot Topics: Tiffany Trump Allegedly Bullied at New York Fashion Week

Whoopi Goldberg reacted to editors not wanting to sit next to Tiffany Trump at fashion week: "Girl, I will sit next to you!"

"Bragging about this online and saying ‘look, she has no one to sit by her' — that's being a mean girl just for sport," Sara Haines added.

Bob Odenkirk Talks Kissing His Best Friend's Wife For New Movie Girlfriend's Day, Breaking Bad Characters' Return On Better Call Saul

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Joe Biden On The View

The showed aired last week, but we think it was one of the best. Vice President Biden & Dr. Biden Joined Co-Hosts During Final Days in Office

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Relationship with Pres. Obama

"I don't think I did deserve that ... I had not the slightest idea," Biden said of receiving the highest civilian award in the United States.

"He's been extremely generous — he's become a great friend," Biden said of Pres. Obama. Biden also spoke about his relationship with the President: "It's grown in a way that is real, that is born out of this notion of trust and respect."

Vice Pres. Joe Biden Weighs in On President-Elect Trump

"I’m hoping that a lot of what Mr. Trump has said has been rhetorical so far...that he begins to understand the gravity and consequences of words," Biden said.

Biden also commented on Trump's criticism of U.S. intelligence agencies: "The crown jewel of American security is our intelligence community ... and to diss them, and dismiss them, it really plays into the hand of Russia.”

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Hillary’s Election Loss, FBI Director James Comey

"I don't think anyone can say what cost Hillary the election," Biden said. "She had a plan, the problem was nobody heard it."

Joy Behar replied, "Because we were watching a reality show on the other end!"
"We were — that's the point, that's the point," Biden said.

Vice Pres. Joe Biden on Initiative to Cure Cancer, Late Son Beau’s Family, and Violence Against Women

"They're doing well — they still miss their daddy," Biden said of late son Beau's children. "One thing you can do is smother them with love and affection, make sure they know you're always there."

Biden discussed his passion for ending domestic violence:

"We can and are able to change the culture of America. No man has a right, under any circumstances ... to raise his hand to a woman! None! Zero!"
“Guys! It's on us! We have a moral obligation. We have an obligation to stand up. We have an obligation to speak out."

Dr. Jill Biden Joins Vice Pres. Biden to Talk Transition, Relationship With Vice Pres.-elect Mike Pence.

Biden commented on Pence and national security:

 "I am confident Mike Pence has a clear understanding of American foreign policy, [and] where the genuine threats are."

When asked about the Vice President running in 2020, Dr. Biden responded, "Talk to me!"


Photo Courtesy Of: The View / ABC Television 

Wednesday, January 04, 2017


The View On Set Yesterday

Hot Topics:

 View Co-Hosts Weigh In On Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve Performance.

“Sometimes you just gotta say: ‘You know what, I didn’t do this one … I blew this," Whoopi Goldberg said of the performance. “You can’t blame it on the people who are trying to make you look good — nobody wants you to look bad, nobody."

Hot Topics: President-elect Donald Trump On Alleged Hacking: 'I Know Things'
Joy Behar​ reacted to Trump​'s claim that he "knows things" about the alleged hacking: "Imagine if it was Obama​ doing that, he'd be called for treason!"

View Co-Hosts Remember Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Zsa Zsa Gabor & George Michael
"2016's exit was really rough," Whoopi Goldberg said.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016



Hot Topics: Some Hold Out Hope That Electoral College Will Vote Against Trump

"I realize that the Democrats are not going to do what they have to do to stop him," Joy Behar said as she broke down three reasons why electors could vote against Trump. “We have a chance to stop Trump with the Electoral College.”

"The people have spoken,” Jedediah Bila said. "If you overturn this, you're overturning these peoples' votes."

Hot Topics: View Co-Hosts Remember Alan Thicke

"He was just a great guy," Whoopi Goldberg said. "He was just a hell of a guy."

Taraji P. Henson Talks New Film Hidden Figures, New Love Interest in Empire & more.

"I remember being upset," Henson said of her reaction upon reading the Hidden Figures script. "That's a dream I didn't know belonged to me."

"I decided to tell my story," Henson says of her memoir Around the Way girl. "People needed to hear my story. I have the mic ... God's like, 'what are you gonna do with it?'"

Monday, November 28, 2016


Dr. Jill Stein

‘The View’ welcomes Jill Stein for her first appearance on the ABC talk show, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EDT). The Green Party Presidential candidate will discuss her decision to raise funds for a recount of the election results in the key states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

“The View” (11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. EDT) is the place to be heard, with live broadcasts five days a week. Candi Carter serves as executive producer, with Brian Teta as co-executive producer. “The View” is directed by Sarah de la O.

For breaking news and updated videos, follow “The View” (@theview) and Whoopi Goldberg (@whoopigoldberg), Joy Behar (@joyvbehar), Candace Cameron Bure (@candacecbure), Paula Faris (@paulafaris), Sara Haines (@sarahaines), Raven-SymonĂ© (@ravensymone), Jedediah Bila (@jedediahbila) and Sunny Hostin (@sunny) on Twitter.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hamilton's Brandon Victor Dixon

Hamilton's Brandon Victor Dixon Talks Decision To Address Vice President-elect

"It was important for us to take the stage and to let our message be heard," Dixon said of the cast.

Dixon Responds To Critics Of Message To VP-elect Pence

The star of the Broadway hit responded to critics: "If people are coming to see Hamilton to leave their politics behind, they came to the wrong show.”

Hot Topics: Co-Hosts React To Hamilton Cast's Speech To Vice President-elect

"I didn't mind the statement, but I minded the way it was done," Jedediah Bila said. "Mike Pence didn't show up there as [Vice] President-elect; he showed up with his daughter to see a play."

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Robby Mook On The View

Clinton Campaign Manager Robby Mook Talks First Presidential Debate, Plan To Dominate In November.

With the first Presidential debate in the books, Mook is looking forward to win "by a lot." "This election is about people's lives, he told the co-hosts. "Hillary has such great plans and ideas."

As the segment concluded, moderator Whoopi Goldberg called for both campaigns to have better discussions about race: "I don't think anybody did a decent job yesterday."

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Senator Elizabeth Warren

Today on ABC’s “The View,” Senator Elizabeth Warren joins the co-hosts via satellite from Washington DC. They will discuss her endorsement of Hillary Clinton, campaigning with her for the first time, reports that she is being vetted for Vice President and her outspoken criticism of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Senator Warren previously appeared on “The View” this season on the premiere, September 8, 2015.

“The View” airs 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. EDT on ABC.


Twitter: @TheView

Hashtag: #TheView

Friday, June 24, 2016


Christopher Darden On The View

A View Exclusive: Former O.J. Simpson Prosecutor Christopher Darden Says Simpson Confessed to Murder During Trial, Reflects On Him Trying On Infamous Glove; Discusses Freddie Gray Verdict & More.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Bernie Sanders

Yesterday on ABC’s “The View” Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Bernie Sanders sat down with the co-hosts for his first interview following his New Hampshire primary win.

The Vermont senator discussed his victory and keeping momentum alive, education, Wall Street, gun control, the Flint water crisis and reaching out to the African American community. He also said some nice things about his opponents, tried his very own ice cream flavor for the first time and shot some hoops with the co-hosts. Senator Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders also spoke with co-hosts about Donald Trump. Take a look:

Bernie Sanders On The View

Bernie Sanders on New Hampshire Win & Education

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: We were so honored that he's making this his first stop right after that huge win. So please welcome Senator and Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

AUDIANCE: Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

WG: First of all, congratulations on this win last night. I mean, it was quite something. But the whole -- the whole journey has been quite something. People fainting. They're screaming and passing out. So my question is, it's a wonderful thing that's happened, but how do you keep this momentum? How do you go to -- I don't know -- Nevada, how do you go to the Carolinas? How do you keep this going?

BERNIE SANDERS: With a lot of effort, I'll tell ya. There's a lot of hard work in front of us, but Whoopi, I think the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now. We have massive levels of income and wealth inequality, the 20th wealthiest people in America now own more wealth than the bottom 50%, 150 million people. As I go around the country, we're finding kids who leave school 50, $100,000 in debt.

JOY BEHAR: That's crazy.

BS: It is. We're punishing people for trying to get an education. What sense is that?

JB: I was telling you before which I've said on the show that when I went to college -- this is how old I am -- it was $24 a term at Queens College. That was free. That's free.

BS: And you had schools like the University of California, one of the great public university systems in the world, virtually tuition free. Today you go to Germany, Scandinavia -- I was at a meeting once and I said in Scandinavia college education is free and some kid from Finland raised his hand and said you're wrong. They pay us to go to college. The point being that countries issue investing in young people. They want the best educated workers.

Bernie Sanders on Tackling Wall Street

CANDACE CAMERON BURE: You said last night that Wall Street is running the country.

BS: Yes.

CCB: And that you implied that Hillary is tied to big banks and people are tired of the greed. Do you think that some of the votes you got in New Hampshire were from people just tired and not wanting to vote for Hillary?

BS: Let me give you an example. Everybody here knows that the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street drove this country into a horrible recession, right? Three weeks ago Goldman Sachs, one of the large financial institutions in the country, reached a settlement with the federal government for $5 billion. Okay? How many people in Goldman Sachs will now have a criminal record? Zero. Some kid in New York City picked up with marijuana today will have a police record for the rest of his life. But if you're an executive on Wall Street whose illegal behavior helped destroyed the economy, not a problem. And I think people are upset about that. 

AUDIENCE: Go Bernie!

JB: The kids love you.

Bernie Sanders On Gun Control

SUNNY HOSTIN: Senator Sanders, guns and gun violence in our country has become one of our nation's biggest problems. Hillary Clinton has argued repeatedly that you are out of step with what Progressive voters feel about gun control. Vermont has some of the most lax gun laws in our country and you have voted against the Brady bill. You did support allowing riders to bring guns in checked bags onto Amtrak trains. If you become president what will you do about guns in our nation?

BS: Let me just say right now about Amtrak, right now if you wanted to take a gun on an airplane and you checked it, you can do that so that's not a controversial issue. But here's the point. I resent people saying that I am out of touch. In 1988 I ran for the United States Congress from Vermont, okay? The gun people were against me because in 1988 I said I did not think it appropriate that we should be selling assault weapons in this country. I lost that election by three points, okay? I have consistently fought for instant background checks because at the end of the day what we want is to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them, people with criminal backgrounds, people mentally unstable. I want to work with President Obama to expand that right now. I am strongly supportive of doing away with what we call the gun show loophole which means that you can avoid the instant background check through the internet or a gun show, and you can buy a gun legally without having to go through the instant background check. So I think I am very much in tune with where the American people are in gun safety. 

WG: Let me -- I want to just ask you -- 

BS: And by the way, by the way, I have a D-minus voting record from the NRA. That should say something.

Bernie Sanders on EPA and Flint Water Crisis

WG: Say you get elected. You know you're going to be facing a house and senate that is really going to be, I feel, very obstructionist. I could be wrong, it's possible. How do you feel about the EPA and what's going on in Flint? What do you think we can do to prevent this kind of insanity from happening everywhere? Because we know there are a lot of states in the union right now that have these problems but nothing as bad as Flint has. What would you -- how would you get around these folks saying, oh, it's not a big deal?

BS: I think you have one of the great public health crises of our time.

WG: Yeah. 

BS: I have asked for governor Snyder's resignation. And I didn't say that easily. I didn't make that politically. The irresponsibility there in terms of what the government -- state government knew and should have done and did not do is literally beyond comprehension. What I will say to you, Whoopi, also as I think most people know, if that was an affluent white community I suspect government would have responded somewhat differently.

RS: Yes.

BS: But it's unspeakable tragedy because we're not going to know for many, many years what the long-term impact on brain development is for the kids right now. But the bottom line is if the state is not prepared to act, the federal government should act decisively in every respect.

Bernie Sanders on African American Community

BS: We have a lot of support within the African-American community, but I think most importantly, I think the reason we'll do well is our views on criminal justice in this country, and that is we have a broken criminal justice system. Why should we in America have more people in jail largely African-American and Latino than any other country on Earth? [ Applause ] And I think most Americans, black, white, Latino, whoever, understand that it is not acceptable to see unarmed people being shot by police officers. I'm a former mayor so I know most police officers work hard doing a very difficult job, but when a police officer breaks the law like any other public official, that officer must be held accountable. [ Applause ] And let me just say this. When youth unemployment in the African-American community, kids who are unemployed or underemployed for high school graduates is 51%, don't tell me we do not need to invest heavily in the African-American community and create decent paying jobs.

Bernie Sanders Says One Nice Thing About GOP Candidates

CCB: Since this political campaign at times has been a little bit nasty and since Valentine's Day is right around of the corner, I would like for you to say one nice thing, even if it's just one word, about the following people.

JB: Uh-oh, this is going to be challenging.

CCB: John Kasich.

BS: Old friend.

CCB: Donald Trump.

BS: What can I say?

CCB: One nice thing, come on, Bernie, one nice thing.

RS: Nice ties?

JB: Nice hair?

BS: Humble. [ Applause ]

CCB: Hillary Clinton.

BS: Intelligent.

CCB: Ted Cruz.

BS: Loud.

CCB: Is that nice? Okay, that's it.

Bernie Sanders Tastes His Ice Cream Flavor

RS: But you have your own flavor ice cream, just to lighten up the mood a little bit. [ Applause ] Bernie, are you lactose --

BS: I am not. I'm tasting this for the very first time.

CCB: What is it called?

RS: It's called Bernie's Yearnings. Ben and Jerry created one just for you and we had to show this.

BS: Mmm. [ Applause ] Really good. This is the first time I've tasted it.

RS: Did you like it?

BS: Excellent. I'm not just saying that because it's Bernie's yearning.

Bernie Sanders Plays Basketball With The View Co-Hosts

RS: You know it's funny because last night we saw you celebrating your win by shooting some hoops. Normally us girls here wear heels, but we decided to celebrate with you coming on the show by playing some basketball. Are you down for the cause?

BS: All right. Let's do it. [ Cheers and applause ]

RS: Everybody got on heels today. I don't play basketball.

[ Cheers and applause ]

BS: Come on, Whoopi.

Bernie Sanders' Wife Jane on Donald Trump

RS: I just want to point out that your wife is in the audience with us today. Thank you for coming. I have a question for you actually if it's okay. 


RS: You have spoken out publicly about Donald Trump and the "Huffington Post" just labeled him as xenophobic and racist, but then you got -- you won and he won. What does that say about our country? We have such strong this and such loving this. What do you say about that? 

JS: I think they find a commonality, a surface commonality in terms of people saying what they think and not being part of the inside crowd, just saying whatever is polished and prepared by speech writers and by pollsters. I think that's the best face I can put on it considering Valentine's day is around the corner.

RS: Thank you.

Photos Courtesy Of: Lou Rocco/ABC NETWORK

Friday, June 05, 2015



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Adam Lambert

BRIAN’S VIEW --- I attended yesterday’s taping of ABC‘s The View, where they had a fascinating and exclusive interview with Brian Wilson and his wife, Melinda.

I’ve been really knocked out by his most recent solo album, No Pier Pressure (it’s been immediately placed on my “Best of . . .” music list for this year, most assuredly) and I’m going to see the new movie, Love & Mercy, this weekend about Wilson and his Beach Boy brothers Carl and Dennis.

First off, this was the first time I’ve been to the new View studios, located a scant few blocks away from their old digs at 125 West End Avenue. An old-world cavernous studio, if there ever was one. I remember being there, with The Monkees and a Debbie Gibson/Tiffany appearance, and being amazed at the space. I mean, wow, you could have landed the Space Shuttle in there! But, that’s the way they did it back in the day.

The new space is decidedly smaller—tight, in fact—and Whoopi Goldberg firmly rules the roost. After the second coming (and going) of Rosie O’Donnell—where the two fought more than was necessary—Whoopi‘s more in control than ever and sets a really nice tone. She’s funny, poignant, terrific. I remain a huge fan.

Former View ‘er Joy Behar was present yesterday as well, and she was a hoot. She’s an old-school comic, and remains just drop-dead funny. Her lead story was how she and her husband fought over her driving. Think of her as the female version of Regis Phlbin. Funny . . . old-school, but funny.

Wilson and his wife were on the second segment. As soon as they came out, interviewed by Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace, you could sense Brian’s growing sense of unease. The hulking Wilson was a terrific interview, though, as an obviously-overwhelmed Goldberg peppered him with questions about the movie, as well as his new album.

Wilson wasn’t exactly chatty, but he did address her questions and you could sense that both the movie and the new album were important new works to him. Interestingly enough, when Goldberg was attempting to explain what his music has meant to her, she broke down . . . and co-host Wallace admirably stepped in.

I’ve seen Whoopi many times, and I know for a fact that this was a genuinely emotional moment for her.

A figure like Wilson can and should bring that out in anyone. His music is a vital part of the soundtrack of our lives.

It’ll be on today at 11:00 AM on ABC—check it out.

LAMBERT’S IDOL --- No matter the outcome of the final American Idol season, which will air in 2016, Adam Lambert will forever stand as the series’ most memorable showman. Still, six years removed from the show and with two albums under his belt, he’s finally ready to let the pressure of that impressive distinction go.

And, will he appear one last time on the show? I think you can bet on it!

In an interview with Next, for which Lambert appears on their June cover, the multi-octave belter mapped out the journey to his upcoming third album, The Original High, and, at 33, says he’s exactly where he wants to be.

“I wanted to take away a lot of the theatrics that I’m known for and just be a little bit more real—not so much of a character,” he told the magazine of his forthcoming collection of songs.

“Coming off of a show like Idol, I ended up being put in the category of the ‘rock ’n’ roll’ guy, so I was doing a lot of rock music. Then the second album I did kind of reflected this funk pop thing I was feeling at the time…[this time] I wanted it to feel authentic to my social life. It’s also nostalgic, in a way, for the ’90s.”

Lambert admitted that a new label and new co-workers have certainly changed his sound (“The people around you are the ones that make all these ideas come to life,” he noted), and added that he’s thrilled to see a certain collaborator—Tove Lo—making waves on charts.

“She’s the most down-to-earth, chill, fun-loving girl next door,” he said. “We wrote ["Rumors"] before “Habits” became a big hit, so getting to watch it climb the charts and her become a star is really exciting…She’s not trying to be P.C. about it. She’s just being honest and forthright. I really clicked with her on that."

The new album, The Original High, is out on June 12!

GLBT @ QPB: June is Gay Pride Month, and it turns out that Taking Woodstock author and gay rights icon Elliot Tiber gets to celebrate the occasion by seeing his brand-new memoir, After Woodstock, picked up by the popular Quality Paperback Book Club (QPB) as a top title for summer reading lists. Good things have happened for Tiber from the start of his now-three-book run with Long Island indie publisher Square One Publishers, including a fortuitous connection with PR pasha David Salidor on his first book back in 2007. Time will tell if Tiber's new GLBT-geared book is made into a feature film, as his first one was by director Ang Lee with James Schamus and the folks at Focus Features. In the meantime, though, every review for the book so far has been excellent and the fact that it has now been picked by one of the nation's strongest book clubs means that a lot more people are going to be embracing what looks to be Tiber's finest work to date. Having read it myself, I can say that After Woodstock stands as one of the best reads of this year - and that applies, whether you're gay or str8 . . .

CLOSING NOTES --- At yesterday’s View show; Raven Simone was also a guest host. First off, with her bleached-blond hair and Goth-like attire, I hardly recognized her. Also, she barely said anything during the show, save for a how-to segment with make-up queen Bobbi Brown. I felt a little bad for her . . .

Watching the new Netflix show Grace and Frankie (and, loving it). On episode number eleven, “The Secret,” the Lily Tomlin character confesses at the end that she made out once with a Monkee—Micky Dolenz. The episode ends with “She,” a song written by Boyce and Hart on which Dolenz sang lead back in late 1966. Terrific!

Watched ABC’s new show The Whispers, and really liked it. Based on a very early Ray Bradbury short story from 1951 (“Zero Hour”), its plot starts with a bunch of random children all with an imaginary friend named Drill . . . who has them do his evil bidding. Mysterious, right? Done very well, and with Steven Spielberg as executive producer (and who is also involved in CBS’ Under the Dome), you’d expect everything to be great . . . right? But, having invested so much time in shows like these (Flash Forward, Nowhere Man, The Event, Millennium), only to see them disappear after one summer season, I’m somewhat reluctant. This one has some great twists and Milo Ventimiglia (Batman, Heroes, Rocky Balboa) is there . . . so I’m compelled to keep watching. We’ll see.

Florence + The Machine on ABC’s Good Morning America later this morning. Great new album from her: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. It may be her best yet . .

Thursday, October 02, 2014



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Whoopi Goldberg

IDES OF JIM --- I had quite the magical evening the other night; the kind that could never happen again. It was the New York-book launch of the new memoir from Jim Petereik (Ides of March; Survivor) titled Through The Eye Of The Tiger (BenBella Books). First off, it was held at Steve Walter’s Cutting Room which is the perfect venue for an event like this; and, it was a glittering crowd, including Vanilla Fudge-drummer Carmine Appice; Gene Cornish from The Rascals and Peppy Castro from the Blue Magoos.

I had just that afternoon finished reading Jim’s book and found it to be one of the best rock-books like this ever written … and, he wrote every word himself. As he said from the stage, during just a stupendous solo performance, he didn’t think he could write a book like this because there was no major re-hab or career-adjustment drama … just a pretty pristine solo career marked by the formation of the Ides, and their huge hit “Vehicle,” (which he modeled his vocal after Blood, Sweat & Tears’ David Clayton-Thomas who famously snubbed him at a show) and, then disbanding the group and segueing fairly seamlessly to Survivor (1983), where they hit big with “Eye Of The Tiger” for Rocky III. Peterik recounts in amazingly vivid detail how the song came together and his first call from Sylvester Stallone. He thought it was a prank and called his friends who did a pretty good Sly-impersonation to check.

Says Petrik, “At first, we wondered if calling it 'Eye of the Tiger' was too obvious. The initial draft of the song, we started with 'It's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the spirit of our rival, and the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night, and it all comes down to survival.' We were going to call the song 'Survival'. In the rhyme scheme, you can tell we had set up 'rival' to rhyme with 'survival'. At the end of the day, we said, 'Are we nuts?' That hook is so strong, and 'rival' doesn't have to be a perfect rhyme with the word 'tiger'. We made the right choice and went with 'Eye of the Tiger'.”

The book tracks his growing up in Chicago to meeting the power players in L. A. and is a truly riveting read. I shared a few quick moments with him (remember, I’ve been a fan since 1970) and found him to be funny, smart and, quite the conversationalist. I think he’d be a great hang for an afternoon.

“Tiger” was certified platinum in August 1982, signifying sales of 2 million vinyl copies. The song had sold over 3.8 million in digital downloads in the United States alone by February 2014. It was voted VH-1’s's 63rd greatest hard rock song. Combined sales of original vinyl release and digital downloads total over 9 million copies, making "Eye of the Tiger" one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Also in the mix there, were radio-chick Leslie Gold; Mike McCann from Premiere Radio; PR-pashas David Salidor and Carol Kaye (who put the magical event together); Long Island-musician Victor Kastel, and the club’s Lincoln Foley. Great night.

Rosie O'Donnell

VIEW WARS --- A nasty showdown erupted on the set of The View last week when the show's moderator Whoopi Goldberg and co-host Rosie O'Donnell got into a heated spat in front of the studio audience.

Rosie was upset because Whoopi cut her off on a Hot Topic subject that O'Donnell indicated she was passionate about backstage before the show. The segment ran out of time and Whoopi had to cut to a commercial.

The Hot Topic was on spanking and the segment was running long, so producers told Whoopi it was time to go to commercial break in her ear. Rosie refuses to wear an ISD monitor in her ear so the control room was unable to speak to her.

Whoopi told her that if she had an ear monitor, she would have known what was going on. When Whoopi did the abrupt cut to commercial, Rosie let loose, the insider said.

“As soon as they went to commercial break, Rosie took the handheld microphone that they use to engage the audience,” explains our source.

“Instead of talking to the crowd, Rosie spoke directly to Whoopi in the mic that she hurt her feelings, and that she was very upset by it and didn't appreciate what Whoopi had done.”

Standing to the side without a microphone, Whoopi responded by saying: “This isn't the time for this, Rosie.”

Instead of moving on, O'Donnell continued to gripe openly in front of the audience in the microphone about what she perceived as an on-air snub.

“Well I just don't appreciate you saying that you were going to do something and not doing it. It makes me upset and I just don't want to have to go through this,” O'Donnell continued.

Goldberg, looking annoyed, shot back: “I said this was not the time Rosie.”

Not fazed by the Oscar winner's petition to leave matters alone until after the show, the 52-year-old comedienne continued to vent about Whoopi's actions.

The View moderator then fired back to Rosie: 'F*** it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don't want to listen. If you want to go there Rosie, I will dammit. I'm really sick of your s***!”

“At this point, you could've heard a pin drop. It was like everything came to a standstill and Rosie finally backed down,” our tipster explained.

New co-host Rosie Perez then jumped up and made light of the moment, ending the quiet that had fallen over the room.

“Oh s***, Twitter is going to be off the hook now,” Perez quipped, causing the crowd to laugh. “They're about to get it,” she continued.

Producers hurried over to the two ladies with notes and information regarding the next segment and when the show returned live, it was as though nothing had gone wrong.

Relations between Rosie and Whoopi behind the scenes at the show have been tense since the beginning of the season, as sources believe that O'Donnell really wants to be in her old moderator role and is having a hard time playing second fiddle to Goldberg.

Additionally, Goldberg has begged ABC to terminate her contract with the network and pay her the remaining $10 million on her deal to go home, as she hates working on the show now, particularly with all of the changes.

Our tipster goes on to say, “Rosie has been a terror from the get-go, only allowing the three new executive producers and co-hosts; Whoopi and newcomers Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace, to communicate with her and making it clear to everyone in earshot, she's literally running the show.”

“She has a definitive view of how she would like the show to go and wants everyone else to fall in line.”

It’s been widely reported that when Rosie O and new co-host Nicole Wallace did a test show with two fill-in hosts in an effort to build chemistry. Neither Rosie Perez nor Whoopi were present.

Despite the fact that Whoopi is the regular moderator for the show, leading the discussion, Rosie O took charge of the test show with Nicole.

“It was almost as though she was rehearsing for when she eventually takes over as moderator. It's clear that she would have preferred being in that capacity as she was before.”

YES INDEED --- Eagle Rock has announced the simultaneous release of Yes’ Songs From Tsongas - The 35th Anniversary Concert - Special Edition on 2DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital Formats, and the first-ever release of Songs From Tsongas as a 3CD set.

The Special Edition of Songs From Tsongas contains two different concerts from Yes’ 35th Anniversary Tour in 2004, the last tour to feature the classic line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White.

In addition to the Tsongas show, the DVD is packed with an additional 70 minutes of never-before-released highlights from Lugarno, which we actually preferred.

The Lugano disc features the group in a somewhat different setting: first, it’s an outdoor show that has a stripped-down stage and full on rock versions of the acoustic tracks from Tsongas while the crowd wields a multitude of umbrellas against the pouring rain, which is clearly not preventing them having a great time! It’s a terrific visual and the group is awesome.

All their hits are here, including “Going For The One,” “Roundabout,” “Owner Of A Lonely Heart,” “And You And I,” “Starship Trooper,” “Wondrous Stories,” “I’ve Seen All Good People,” “Yours Is No Disgrace,” “Ritual,” “Turn Of The Century,” and many more captured here in all their glory. Yes, they've aged somewhat … but, the music is as strong as ever. Our favorite? Chris Squire’s inspired bass-solo on “The Fish.” Remarkable!

CLOSING NOTES --- Monday’s The Blacklist (Monarch Douglas Bank) –their second ep this season- was even better than the first. In a funny aside, Entertainment Weekly referred to the show’s pacing as having the viewer flying blind for 48 of the show's 60 minutes; storing away information that might be useful later on … funny and also true. This is one show you must pay attention too. Also, the show’s use of programming music is just off the charts. Monday’s episode concluded with Tom Odell’s “Heal.” Just exquisite and spot on. This show’s Class A all the way …

Guitarworld has a sensational interview with Jim Peterik; check it out.

Gone Girl with Ben Affleck is out Friday. I don’t recall seeing so much positive press on a movie since I don’t know when. The reviews for this David Fincher-directed epic have been, well epic. Looking forward to it.

SIGHTINGS: How Alfo learned to Love Women playwright Vincent Amelio huddling with his director Robert Funaro on Seventh Avenue and 29th street in NYC; Rockers On Broadway’s Donnie Kehr at the Cutting Room.