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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Matt Lauer Conversation @ The View

Hot Topics @ The View: Matt Lauer fired from NBC over sexual misconduct allegations.

"This was really hard for me to hear because I grew up at the Today show and I worked with Matt for years and years," Sara Haines said of her experience at NBC after the long-time anchor was fired due to "inappropriate sexual behavior."

"He was someone that cheerleaded for me and supported me — and as I know Savannah said, he was extremely beloved there."

"I do commend the person with the bravery who comes out to speak about any of this type of behavior."

"I feel for my friends over there today because I know it's a dark day there at the Today show — it's just hard."

Monday, November 20, 2017


Leeann Tweeden On The View

Revealed handwritten note from Sen. Franken

Leeann Tweeden spoke out about sexual misconduct allegations against Sen. Al Franken

Tweeden read the note: "It says, ‘Dear Leeann, I want to apologize to you personally. I don't know what was in my head when I took that picture. But that doesn't matter. There's no excuse. I understand why you can feel violated by that photo. I remember that rehearsal differently. But what's important is the impact on you and you felt violated by my actions, and for that I apologize. I have tremendous respect for your work for the USO. And I am ashamed that my actions ruined that experience for you. I am so sorry. Sincerely, Al Franken.'"

According to Tweeden, Franken also asked to meet with her personally.

Shared her story and why she spoke out

Tweeden discussed the bystanders' role in the now-infamous photo on a USO airplane, and talks about what she wants from Franken going forward.

Reacted to Pres. Trump's tweet

"This whole last 24 hours of my life have been overwhelming and surreal and then to have the president of the United States tweeting about you and this picture is — I almost don't even know what to say," Tweeden said in response to Trump's tweet.

Photo Courtesy of: ABC / Disney

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Ashley Judd

Yesterday, Ashley Judd helped Krish Vignarajah, formerly First Lady Michelle Obama’s policy director who is now running for Maryland Governor, release a bold plan to combat sexual harassment and violence by taking aim at government, businesses, and schools.

“Sexual predators exploit a culture of silence and impunity driven by differences in power and status,” said Ashley Judd, actor and humanitarian. “Krish’s policy will both help shed light on rampant sexual harassment and create concrete solutions that improve gender norms.”

Under the proposal, for the first time ever, all individuals seeking public office or state funding in Maryland would be required to disclose if they have engaged in sexual harassment or violence. The policy will also address sexual harassment in schools and create the first dedicated Office of Sexual Assault to investigate reports and support survivors.

Ashley is an advisor to Krish and played an integral part in the development of this strategy.


BALTIMORE, Maryland – Gubernatorial Candidate Krish Vignarajah released a comprehensive, first-in-the-nation plan to combat sexual harassment and sexual violence in Maryland. Committed to ending the culture of misogyny and its toxic effects in business and government and on school and college campuses, Krish announced a bold proposal to (1) create an Office of Sexual Harassment and Violence charged with incentivizing independent audits of harassment in government and business workplaces, certifying gold-standard employers, ensuring wraparound services for survivors, and supporting law enforcement to end the rape kit backlog; (2) require disclosure to confirm those seeking public employment or state business have no history of sexual harassment and violence; and (3) ensure that all college, high school and middle school students—not just men—are educated early and often about robust concepts of consent.