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Thursday, December 02, 2010


The New York Women’s Foundation Honors
Grace Hightower De Niro, Robert De Niro And
Agnes Gund At 23rd Annual Dinner

Robert De Niro With Grace Hightower De Niro

Muffie Potter Aston With Debbie Bancroft, Somers Farkas
And Diana L. Taylor

Agnes Guld With Jane Rosenthal And Robert De Niro

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Ana L Oiveira

Last night the New York Women’s Foundation® (NYWF) with a crowd of almost 300 guests celebrated their 23rd annual Stepping Out and Stepping Up Dinner at New York City’s Gotham Hall. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg congratulated the recipients of the Stepping Up Award, “three amazing New Yorkers” who included International Council Chairman and President Emerita of the Museum of Modern Art Agnes Gund, as well as Grace Hightower De Niro and Robert De Niro. The Mayor praised Agnes as having “singlehandedly changed our city’s cultural landscape,” and the De Niros, saying “these two New Yorkers really couldn’t be more deserving…they care deeply about this city.” Good Morning America’s Juju Chang was happy to host the special evening commenting, “I like to think that behind every successful woman is a successful woman.” NYWF President & CEO Ana L. Oliveira also emphasized the need for women to help other women arguing, “when we invest in mothers we invest in children…when we invest in children, we invest in our future.”

Iconic director Martin Scorsese is busy filming his upcoming film Hugo Cabret in London, but he managed to be there in spirit last night with a special video message that was taped in Italy. Martin congratulated the couple for their honor, saying “Grace, I applaud the exceptional work you’ve done…Bob, I’ve seen you give so much to the city.” Diana remarked that it was the couple who brought “residents and tourists back downtown” after 9/11 with the Tribeca Film Festival. Robert graciously reported that “I am especially honored to share the spotlight with Agnes,” and gave his wife the spotlight claiming, “I have a feeling I’m receiving this honor not for anything I’ve done, but for what Grace has contributed.” He concluded by praising his mother who, “was a Women’s Libber if you will, and she would be proud of me.” Then Grace emphasized how the NYWF is “such an effective organization…more than doubling the grant-making capacity of the organization since 2005. She ended by thanking the crowd for their support of the NYWF, because “by empowering women we are creating a safer, healthier environment for all of us.” Kate Levin, Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs, introduced Agnes by lauding “how she creates connections and communities through her giving.” Agnes expressed her gratitude and emphasized her belief that “funding the arts is funding the well-being of children…to clarify who they are…to communicate who they are.” She praised the hard work of the Studio in a School Association, a non-profit organization she established in 1977 in response to budget cuts that virtually eliminated arts education from New York City public schools. Other notable guests last night included film producer Jane Rosenthal, documentary filmmaker and philanthropist Anne Bass, consultant and socialite Dan and Cynthia Lufkin, socialite Ann Rapp, Executive Director of The David Rockefeller Fund Marnie Pillsbury, and optometrist Dr. Amelia Ogunlesi. The success of the event is thanks to all the hard work by Co-Chairs Diana L. Taylor, Hyatt Bass, and Somers Farkas, and Vice Chairs Susan R. Cullman, Anne E. Delaney, Antoinette E. La Belle, Carolyn Buck Luce, Yvonne S. Quinn and Jean Shafiroff. As guests departed, they were treated to exciting gift bags, filled with exclusive goodies such as a gift certificate from celebrity-favorite Angelo David Salon, a lipstick by Estee Lauder, a Lower Eastside Girls Club chocolate bar, the Madame Paulette® Professional Stain Removal Kit, a gift certificate from hotspot Philippe by Philippe Chow, the latest book by Hatherleigh Press Thank You: 101 Ways to Practice Effortless Gratitude, new books The Gate House and The Recessionistas, a cosmetic kit from Tata Harper, and a special poem by Voices Ink.

The New York Women’s Foundation® is a cross-cultural alliance of women, serving as a force for change for women. From the outset, the Foundation’s founders strove to identify innovative organizations that were affecting change in the communities they served for women. NYWF strategically funds organizations and programs that move women, girls and families towards long-term economic security through individual transformation and systematic change, mobilizing leaders and community partners as philanthropists and change agents. NYWF funds programs in that promote economic security and justice, health and sexual rights, positive development of girls and young women, and safety. The Stepping Up Award is presented each year to recognized New Yorkers who serve as role models and demonstrate courageous leadership, vision and commitment to women and girls as individuals and as partners. For further information about The New York Women’s Foundation®, please visit

Thursday, January 28, 2010




Mayor Mike Bloomberg

Robert DeNiro

Chuck Close

After hearing about the buzz surrounding artist/photographer Michael Colavito and his original new art with numerous comparisons to great names in art history like Picasso and Warhol, I met with him for an interview. You hear this being casually said of upcoming artists from time to time but with Colavito it is all true. The work is impactful, inspiring, and truly original to say the very least. I have never seen art like this. He films numerous subjects and creates modern art and bronze sculptures that he incorporates into his cinematic film work and diversified large format 8x10 photography, all without computers, special effects or blue screen. He is a film purest in every sense of the term, his work is natural and organic. Upon completion of my first interview, I was overloaded and mesmerized as if having visited a museum with art everywhere. Colavito art style has redefined my view of art, photography and film. He has created unique, never seen before portraits of icons, Robert DeNiro, Jeff Koons, Chuck Close, Cyndi Lauper, Montel Williams, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Philip Glass, (and others) and has intrigued each of them independently with his art style, Colavito Modern Image Painting. Colavito fine art portrait mural of Mayor Michael Bloomberg was delivered to the Mayor’s office last week.

Cyndi Lauper

Here’s an artist who not only cares about originality and film purity but who also truly cares in the deepest sense about people in need and is strongly committed to the use of his art for charity through numerous charity donations and events - just last week he photographed 200 kids with aids and focused on making each kid feel special about their respective portraits. Colavito and his agents (Michael Sitzer and Stephen Weingrad) have been campaigning to sell his original art film, Chasing Originality, with the majority (more than 50%) of sale proceeds directed to charitable organizations. The film was created and produced with considerable personal expense by Colavito and over a year invested in layering more than 20,000 individual frames of film with his art. The unique film is a one of a kind in art history, endorsed by renowned art appraiser, Alex Rosenberg, applauded by legendary artist, Chuck Close and many other notables (Jeff Koons, Mark Kostabi, etc). The film was recently submitted to Mayor Michael Bloomberg as well for his formal endorsement because of his dedication as a leader to people and his iconic role as a prominent contributor and patron for the arts. Mayor Bloomberg himself was quite moved by Colavito artwork and intrigued by his organic art style without computers asking multiple questions about Jeff Koons, Chuck Close and DeNiro portraits. Colavito recently created a never seen before art film short of Robert DeNiro created in same the likeness as Chasing Originality which will be sold and positioned for the charity of DeNiro’s choosing as an extension of this project (Colavito art for charity).

Jeff Koons

The Colavito film sale project for charity has been aired on numerous national radio and television programs in the past several months with Colavito speaking to more than 50 million people and reaching out to companies in corporate America, with specific mention of Coca Cola, Pepsi Co., American Express and Kodak. The project goal is to sell the art film as tangible property (collectible art) to one of these “visionary” corporations with tax incentives, distribution rights, and enormous national attention directed to the company’s philanthropic contribution as an investment in people. Colavito has been endorsing these companies regarding their green initiatives and history of philanthropic contributions without any deal on the table to present a formidable sample of free advertising emphasizing the continuing national attention to be gained by the “winning bidder”. He has spoken repeatedly and openly about his willingness to offer a free national marketing campaign of Colavito Signature Images with intentions of extending his commitment even further to match and completely offset the monetary investment for any company willing to “step up to the plate”. Colavito has spoken fondly of Kodak not only regarding green initiatives but because of his personal life long dedication to film purity and appreciation of the company’s history related to the evolution of the film industry, not to mention that Colavito art film, Chasing Originality, was recorded entirely on Kodak film stock. As part of this same initiative Colavito and his agents are reaching out to private investors and art collectors for sales of Colavito limited edition photographic prints, and bronze/modern sculptures with proceeds directed to charities as well. It’s not very often that an artist is mentioned with the greatest in art history. I believe that Colavito may very well become part of the conversation.

Jazzed Pop Art

Tribute To Picasso

Sculpture And Light

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Chyna Layne

Paula Patton

Robert DeNiro And Grace Hightower

Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon

Pop singing star Mariah Carey and her husband producer Nick Cannon attended the 'Push: Based On The Novel By Sapphire' premiere during the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Hollywood icon Robert DeNiro also made the scene with his beautiful girlfriend. Chyna Layne was dressed for the cold winter and Paula Patton was all smiles for the cameras.
Photos By: RD/ Leon / Retna Digital

Monday, November 24, 2008


Hollywood star Robert De Niro is going to launch a new film festival in Doha, Qatar. The famed actor previously co-founded the Tribeca Film Festival in 2002, held annually in New York City, in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. And now De Niro has signed an agreement to launch a sister event in Doha, starting in November next year, which he hopes will help build up understanding between Arabs and the rest of the international community. He says, "We hope that film will not only be used as a form of entertainment at Tribeca Film Festival Doha but play a role in bridging cultures closer together. "By learning each other’s stories, we can see how much we share in common as well as explore and better understand our differences."
Photo By: RD/Leon/Retna

Monday, September 08, 2008


Hollywood star and restaurant owner Robert De Niro is being slammed by environmental activists for serving endangered fish at his popular restaurant chain Nobu. Three of the actor’s celebrity packed restaurants in London have been targeted by planet-friendly group Greenpeace, after activists caught the eateries serving Atlantic blue fin tuna while failing to note the species in menus.The fish is so endangered the World Wildlife Fund has called for a ban on its sale, though it remains legal in restaurants despite reports of near extinction. A Greenpeace spokesperson says, "Nobu and Robert De Niro are clearly making a great deal of money serving up endangered fish."

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Robert DeNiro

Hollywood star Robert DeNiro's New York City hotel development is facing a little setback. The building commissioners in the Big Apple have ordered him to scrap the luxurious penthouse suite and start all over again. DeNiro’s $43 million Greenwich Hotel opened its doors in April. The most expensive room is a huge suite on the top of the six-story building in the city’s TriBeCa district. But New York City building bosses have told him to trim down the room, because it’s too big and too visible from the street. A spokesperson for the Landmark’s Preservation Commission says, "It’s bulkier, and it occupies about 1,200 more square feet on the roof. The commission directed them to modify the rooftop and it’s up to the developer to come up with plans to do so." DeNiro responded with an apology to the commission for the expansion, claiming that although his 88-room building is a "labor of love", he is determined to follow the commission’s strict guidelines. He says, "We worked on this project a long time and tried to make it as good as we could, that was the intent. Anything that would be offensive to anyone would be offensive to me."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Award winning actor Robert DeNiro has been cleared of withholding information about his prostate cancer diagnosis from an insurance company.Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co. accused the 64-year-old of intentionally withholding information about his diagnosis before they signed a contract to insure the production of his 2003 movie Hide and Seek.The company claimed he wrongfully checked off a box indicating he had "never been diagnosed with or treated for" various conditions, including a diseased prostate, when he filled out his medical certificate. Insurers paid out $1.8 million to cover the cost of production delays incurred when De Niro had to take time out for treatment. But De Niro maintained he underwent a biopsy three days before and received his diagnosis two days after he completed the insurance documentation. He was cleared of misleading insurers at a hearing yesterday. His attorney Robyn C. Crowther said in a statement: "This ruling vindicates what we’ve said all along - Mr. De Niro answered Fireman’s Fund’s questions truthfully and we are pleased that the Court has found that Fireman’s Fund can’t sue Mr. De Niro for getting cancer."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Robert DeNiro

Hollywood star Robert DeNiro will be hosting one of his favourite chefs after signing on to host the launch of Agostine Sciandri's new Las Vegas restaurant. De Niro, who is an investor in Sciandri’s Los Angeles Ago restaurant, will greet guests at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Ago in Las Vegas on March 3rd. The actor is a partner in the new Italian trattoria. Sciandri says, "This is such an exciting time for Las Vegas dining and I’m happy to have the opportunity to be a part of it."

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Robert De Niro is suing a New York art dealership after it sold his late father's paintings without permission.The 'Goodfellas' star was furious when Salander-O'Reilly Galleries auctioned 12 works by Robert De Niro Sr. to help pay off a $5 million debt.The Oscar-winning actor's publicist Stan Rosenfield claims the paintings were "entrusted" to the Manhattan gallery but instead of selling them on his behalf, Salander gave them to Benucci S.r.l, which owns art houses in Rome, as part of a debt repayment plan.De Niro has now hired international law firm Willkie, Farr and Gallagher to fight his battle.A spokesman for the firm said: "Based on documents that have been provided to us, it appears that in June of 2007, Salander O'Reilly Galleries attempted to settle $5 million in debt that it owed to Benucci by delivering over 50 paintings to Benucci, including 12 paintings of Robert De Niro Sr. owned by his son."De Niro Sr. was a well regarded post-war artist whose work was often displayed alongside such contemporaries as William de Kooning and Franz Kline and exhibited in museums around the country.He was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 1968 and eventually died of cancer in 1993 the age of 71.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Robert DeNiro tried to stop lawsuit

ROBERT DE NIRO’s attempt to have a lawsuit against him thrown out of court has been refused.The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company filed suit against De Niro in California last year, accusing the actor of fraud and deceit around the time of his 2003 cancer diagnosis.The Fireman’s Fund paid Fox studios $1.87 million (£935,000) after De Niro was forced to delay filming of Hide And Seek so he could receive treatment for prostate cancer. Days before his diagnosis, De Niro signed an insurance certificate, declaring he had never been "diagnosed with or treated for a disorder of (among other things) the prostate glands". The Fireman’s Fund have accused De Niro of misrepresenting his health when he signed the certificate on October 13, 2003. Last month De Niro filed an application to dismiss the suit, insisting he was unaware he had cancer until October 15, 2003, although he had undergone a biopsy on October 10th. However, on Monday U.S. District Judge Manuel Real denied De Niro’s motion. A court hearing has been scheduled for July 2nd.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


ROBERT DE NIRO is asking a California judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him, filed by an insurance company.The Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company filed suit against De Niro last year (06), accusing the actor of fraud and deceit around the time of his 2003 cancer diagnosis.The Fireman’s Fund paid Fox studios $1.87 million (£935,000) after De Niro was forced to delay filming of Hide And Seek so he could receive treatment for prostate cancer.Days before his diagnosis, De Niro signed an insurance certificate, declaring he had never been "diagnosed with or treated for a disorder of (among other things) the prostate glands".The Fireman’s Fund have accused De Niro of misrepresenting his health when he signed the certificate on 13 October 2003, the New York Daily News reports.De Niro’s lawyer Robyn Crowther says, "They are an insurance company; they had an obligation to pay his claim. Now they’re trying to get him to pay." De Niro insists he was unaware he had cancer until 15 October 2003, although he had undergone a biopsy on 10 October.His spokesman Stan Rosenfeld tells, "This was filed in response to Fireman’s Fund’s decision to sue Robert De Niro because he was diagnosed with cancer."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


The Cast Of 'Meet The Fockers"

Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro are set to star in a third 'Meet The Parents' film. Director Jay Roach and Universal Pictures intend to reunite the cast from the hit 2000 movie and the sequel 'Meet The Fockers', which featured Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, Blythe Danner and Teri Polo.The first two movies made a combined total of $800 million around the world, convincing movie bosses to make a third addition to the franchise, tentatively called 'Meet the Little Focker'. In 'Meet the Parents', Stiller plays Gaylord 'Greg' Focker, who visits his girlfriend Pam's parents to ask her father - played by De Niro - for his daughter's hand in marriage. But a number of comic setbacks get in the way. In the second film, Greg travels to Florida with Pam - now his fiancée - and her parents, to meet his quirky mother and father, played by Streisand and Hoffman respectively.