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Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Richard Firshein With Anna Kulinova

Anna Kulinova

Marc Leder With Anna Kulinova

Richard Rubenstein With Rita Cosby And Tomaczek Bednarek

Rita Cosby With Anna Kulinova

Anna Kulinova With Mariette Warner

Anna Kulinova celebrated her birthday at The Giraffe Hotel in New York City. The supermodel has worked with the National Campaign for "Le Mystere" -- high end lingerie line and is well known to New Yorkers with her billboards in Times Square and in the NYC Subways.

Miss Kulinova has produced her own calendars and had speaking parts in Garry Marshall's latest movies -- "Valentine's Day" (Scenes with the lead actor -- Ashton Kutcher) and "New Year's Eve". She is also the spokesperson for Travers Jewelry which she wore at her birthday bash.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


David Blaine With Rita Cosby And Tomaczek Bednarek

Amazing Kreskin With Rita Cosby And John Oden

Amazing Kreskin With Richard Rubenstein And Tomaczek Bednarek

It was a magical Thanksgiving Evening in New York City. Public Relations powerhouse Richard Rubenstein had a bash in his Central Park West home and it was just wonderful to see so many old friends. Magician David Blaine was there and he was a huge hit with the children. He was doing magic tricks for everyone and every child had balloons on their heads in all kinds of animal shapes. Boxing champ and financier John Oden was there and as always, was all smiles. New York Times best selling author and Emmy award winning newswoman Rita Cosby was there with singer and songwriter Tomazcek Bednarek. Blast from the past, The Amazing Kreskin appeared out of no where and sure was a hit with the folks that remember his hit television show many years ago. We also ran into night club kings Cornelis Crane and Paul Drohan who have the new hit hot spot in New York City The Imperial. We also ran into our favorite New York Post icon, Braden Keil who was busy chasing his children around with the balloons. Some nights are just perfect in the Big Apple !
Photos By: James Edstrom