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Saturday, August 15, 2015



Rita Cosby

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney And Warsaw Upriser Julian Kulski

2nd Lt Szymon Marcinow, Polish Consul General, Urszula Gacek And TV
Host, Rita Cosby, Presenting Move America Forward Care Packages, Being Sent To
U.S. Troops

The powerful alliance between America and Poland was highlighted at this month’s beautiful re dedication ceremony in Brooklyn, New York for the first memorial honoring the Warsaw Uprising in the United States.

American Flag Flying Over The Warsaw Uprising Mural

Tomaczek Bednarek Performs The National Anthem

Greg Fryc
 Heroes from the 63 days of fighting were honored on the 71st anniversary of their historic battle, the largest citizens resistance against the Germans in WWII. In Greenpoint, about a thousand people joined Warsaw Uprisers, dignitaries and celebrities such as singer Tomaczek Bednarek and TV and Radio Star Rita Cosby, who’s own father was in the Uprising and is memorialized on the massive mural, along with his best friend, Julian Kulski, who joined the Polish Underground Army when he was just twelve years old. During the deeply moving and patriotic ceremony, three flags were raised, including the Polish flag, one symbolizing the Uprising, and an American flag ,which was donated by Move America Forward. The same stars and stripes was flown and saluted over the 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade Headquarters on Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan on the last day of Operation Enduring Freedom, December 31, 2014, marking a decision to end the combat operations there.

Among the other attendees: Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, Polish Consul General Urszula Gacek, Gregory Fryc of Pangea Alliance, and members of PAVA (Polish Army Veterans Association of America).

Friday, July 13, 2012



 Rita Cosby With Dad Richard Cosby

86 year old Richard Cosby, the father of TV news star Rita Cosby, and the focus of her highly acclaimed bestselling book, passed away June 25th, after losing his final battle to cancer.

Richard Cosby was an incredible and humble man, a true role model and real survivor. As featured in “Quiet Hero: Secrets From My Father's Past,” Cosby became a teenage Polish Resistance fighter against the Nazis. After being seriously injured, he was thrown at the butt of a rifle into a boxcar and hauled into a German POW camp, where he escaped and was saved by US troops. In recent years, he was recognized by the prestigious Medal of Honor Society, and then received the Americanism Award by the Daughters of The American Revolution, for which he gave a riveting speech in Constitution Hall about the vital role of women in of the Warsaw Uprising, who uniquely served as critical messengers and exceptional sharpshooters during the intense fight.

Richard Cosby The Quiet Hero

He was so proud that through the popular book, whose followers now span two continents, the world was finally learning about the courage and sacrifice of his comrades who did not survive, and the countless unsung heroes from a great and noble generation of men and women who gave their all in the name of freedom.

I had the honor of meeting and photographing Richard Cosby several times and always was captivated by his vivid accounts of the German invasion, it’s brutal occupation, the cost of human life and the tireless fight for liberty. But I also was drawn to his love of life and family. His wonderful sense of humor and magnetic personality made him a joy to be around. He was so unassuming, so modest, and you'd never know you were sitting in the presence of someone who truly was… a hero, and indeed one of the greatest men I've ever met. Mr. Cosby told me “it was a privilege for him to fight for his homeland of Poland,” and he’d do it again in a heartbeat... if he had the chance. He said, “Millions of voices who stood up against the despicable tyranny of the Nazis were silenced forever in my country,” adding that, “no matter how overwhelming the odds and the struggle, the battle for liberty and your country is always worth the fight.”

Funeral Services for the Quiet Hero Richard Cosby will take place August 3, 2012 at 3pm at Blessed Sacrament Church on Braddock Road in Alexandria, VA 22302. 

Link To Richard Cosby's Obituary

In lieu of flowers, please kindly make a donation in Richard Cosby's name to his favorite charity, the USO, which helps wounded troops and their families through a program called Operation Enduring Care.

Friday, March 26, 2010




Rita Cosby's Quiet Hero

Emmy-winning journalist and New York Times Best selling author Rita Cosby uncovers her father's history as a World War II POW and forges a stronger relationship with him in this poignant narrative. Rita Cosby has always asked the tough questions in her interviews with the world's top newsmakers. Now, in a compelling and powerful memoir, she reveals how she uncovered an amazing personal story of heroism and courage, the untold secrets of a man she has known all her life: her father.Years after her mother's tragic death, Rita finally got the nerve to sort through her mother's stored belongings, never dreaming what a dramatic story was waiting for her. Opening a battered tan suitcase, she discovered it belonged to her father the enigmatic man who had divorced her mother and left when Rita was still a teenager. Rita knew little of her father's past: just that he had left Poland after World War II, and that his many scars, visible and not, bore mute witness to some past tragedy. He had always refused to answer questions. Now, however, she held in her hand stark mementos from the youth of the man she knew only as Richard Cosby, proud American: a worn Polish Resistance armband; rusted tags bearing a prisoner number and the words Stalag IVB; and an identity card for an ex-POW bearing the name Ryszard Kossobudzki. Gazing at these profoundly telling relics, the well-known journalist realized that her father's story was one she could not allow him to keep secret any longer. When she finally did persuade him to break his silence, she heard of a harrowing past that filled her with immense pride . . . and chilled her to the bone. At the age of thirteen, barely even adolescent, her father had seen his hometown decimated by bombs. By the time he was fifteen, he was covertly distributing anti-Nazi propaganda a few blocks from the Warsaw Ghetto. Before the Warsaw Uprising, he lied about his age to join the Resistance and actively fight the enemy to the last bullet. After being nearly fatally wounded, he was taken into captivity and sent to a German POW camp near Dresden, finally escaping in a daring plan and ultimately rescued by American forces. All this before he had left his teens. This is Richard Cosby's story, but it is also Rita's. It is the story of a daughter coming to understand a father whose past was too painful to share with those he loved the most, too terrible to share with a child . . . but one that he eventually revealed to the journalist. In turn, Rita convinced her father to join her in a dramatic return to his battered homeland for the first time in sixty-five years. As Rita drew these stories from her father and uncovered secrets and emotions long kept hidden, father and daughter forged a new and precious bond, deeper than either could have ever imagined.