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Friday, August 25, 2017



Los Angeles, CA — Twentieth Television announced today that “Page Six TV,” the new daily TV show from Endemol Shine North America and the New York Post, is set to launch Monday September 18 in more than 200 local markets across the U.S.

The daily TV show, delivering in-the-know gossip and news from entertainment, culture, the media, finance, real estate and politics, is now sold in more than 98% of the country for its first season in national syndication. “Page Six TV” is set to launch on the Fox Television Stations (FTS) in 16 markets, including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Kay O’Connell (“Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe”) and Michael Bachmann (“Dish Nation”) have been named executive producers of “Page Six TV” and Kathleen Rajsp (“The View”) has been named co-executive producer. They join previously announced executive producers Jesse Angelo, who is publisher of the New York Post, as well as Endemol Shine North America’s Michael Weinberg and Rob Smith.

“Page Six TV” is hosted by John Fugelsang (Sirius XM Radio/VH1) and the show’s insiders include Bevy Smith (Bravo’s “Fashion Queens”), Variety entertainment reporter Elizabeth Wagmeister and New York Post Page Six reporter Carlos Greer. Page Six Editor Emily Smith and Deputy Editor Ian Mohr provide updates and insight, as well as exclusive first-looks into the latest breaking stories from the newsroom.

Throughout the season, celebrities, comedians and newsmakers will join “Page Six TV” as Plus Ones. The special guests will join the show’s regular insiders and offer their own insights on the day’s top stories.

“Page Six,” the iconic New York Post gossip column, will soon unveil “Page Six Best of Summer,” a week-long editorial celebration of the biggest moments of the summer. Weighing in on summer’s most buzzed about moments, Page Six editors will select winners and losers ranging from celebrities and athletes, to politicians and socialites, with the wit and candor that Page Six is known for. The inaugural list with themed categories will be announced daily in print and online beginning August 28, 2017 and through September 1, 2017.

“We’ve assembled a great station lineup, a terrific production team and group of insiders and now we’re ready to bring ‘Page Six TV’ to a national audience for the first time,” said Endemol Shine North America CEO Cris Abrego.

“There is a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the show and we are looking forward to extending our reach this fall,” said Jesse Angelo, CEO and Publisher of the New York Post and Executive Producer of ‘Page Six TV.’ “As an extension of the iconic column, the show will continue to deliver a real insiders perspective on the latest gossip and news to a much broader audience.”

“It's been great to see all the different divisions at our company come together on this. I see it as a great blueprint for future projects,” said Frank Cicha, Senior Vice President of Programming for FOX Television Stations.

“Page Six TV” Executive Producer Kay O’Connell was part of the team that produced the three-week preview last summer on seven FOX TV Stations. O’Connell most recently was an EP on Lifetime’s “Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe,” executive produced “Kathy” with Kathy Griffin on Bravo and was part of the original team that launched “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.

Executive Producer Michael Bachmann helped create and executive produce daily TV series “Dish Nation” and produced several shows on Yahoo! TV including “Primetime in No Time,” “What’s So Funny” and OMG’s “411.” And Kathleen Rajsp, who will serve as co-executive producer on “Page Six TV,” most recently was a co-EP on “$100K Pyramid with Michael Strahan” and previously served as Senior Supervising Producer on “The View.”

“Page Six TV” is a daily television show modeled after Page Six, the iconic New York Post gossip column and web site. True to the Page Six signature style, the show’s contributors and insiders deliver in-the-know gossip and news from entertainment, culture, the media, finance, real estate and politics. The half-hour show will cover today’s biggest personalities including high-flying real estate moguls, the hottest sports stars, larger-than-life politicians as well as break celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

“Page Six TV” leverages the dynamic social media presence of Page Six and the New York Post to drive audience engagement. Viewers will have the opportunity to weigh in on topics with their own opinions across social media prior to broadcast.

And for the latest news on “Page Six TV” including where to watch in your local market, go to

Sunday, July 02, 2017


J.Lo’s pre-taped Fourth of July performance angers locals


Setting Up Stage For Jennifer Lopez And Macy's Pre Taped Fraud

Jennifer Lopez was in Long Island City, Queens, Friday pre-taping a performance for Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks show — but some locals weren’t thrilled about Jenny on their block.

Residents of a building on Borden Avenue, near the park where J.Lo and other acts perform, say the broadcast turns their block into an annual nightmare and robs them of their liberty to celebrate the Fourth.

“J.Lo is pre-taping today,” groaned resident James Edstrom on Friday, adding that cars were “being towed.”

“It’s not really live,” he explained, “like when they go, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, J.Lo!’ They go to a video. They have hundreds of people [at the pre-taping] going wild — everything is exactly like the Fourth of July, but nothing is real.”

Also reportedly pre-taping the NBC special at Hunters Point South Park this year were Charlie Puth and Hailee Steinfeld.

Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum and Sheryl Crow are reportedly performing at the same spot on the Fourth — that’s when Edstrom says a full lockdown is in effect. A local blog warns: “The night of July 4, no one can get into the park at all without tickets . . . as it is fully cordoned off and accessible only to Macy’s VIPs” and ticket holders.

Edstrom claims his Hunters Point South building, which has some tenants who are veterans, will be “in a frozen zone,” where residents can’t leave the property after 1 p.m. on Independence Day due to tight security measures. “Homeland Security allows us to have four guests [come to the building], but they have to be here by 1 p.m.,” he said.

Residents can’t use other areas of their building to watch the fireworks: One told local NBC News, “It feels like a prison.” Edstrom added, “The mayor is having a party on the roof of the adjacent school — so I am locked in my building and all I can do is watch Mayor de Blasio party on a roof.”

A Macy’s rep explained that the NYPD and other agencies implement a safety plan for the event and “a command and broadcast center must be placed within close range of the fireworks barges. Unfortunately, that may result in some restricted access for local residents.”

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



Story By: James Edstrom

ISIS Murder Of James Foley

Over the years, I have had my disagreements with Col Allen Editor of The New York Post and some laughs. Most of the time it was in some bar somewhere in New York City, but the outrage against Col Allen and The New York Post over the James Foley murder cover is just misplaced.

All the media outlets including Twitter are yelling that by running the photo, you are spreading propaganda to support the ISIS cause. I disagree and Ill tell you why.

ISIS is a terrorist organization. Americans read about the horrors of ISIS, but they really do not get the picture. They do not understand fully the war crimes this organization is guilty of. They read, but do not fully picture. The New York Post gave us the picture.

The New York Post cover features a screengrab of the moment just before an ISIS member beheads journalist James Foley under the headline “SAVAGES!”

Foley, a journalist who reported from the Middle East, was captured in Syria in 2012. ISIS released video of his alleged beheading the other day as a warning to further American incursion into Iraq.

All the other news outlets ran photos of James Foley about to be murdered. All the New York Post did was show the knife.

Yes, I have done business with the New York Post for almost 30 years. I have done business with every other media outlet too. Do I like Col Allen? The answer is no. I find he drinks too much, thinks he's always right and does not have much loyalty, for reasons I will not get into here. But he was right on the money with his New York Post James Foley cover

Americans need to see the whole picture. ISIS is a religious terrorist organization.They murder innocent women and children in the name their GOD. If it offends people, that's just too bad. It's time we stop reporting and editing news stories and show the world what ISIS really is. They are murderers of innocent people and If I was the reporter that was murdered by these animals, I would want the world to see every last photo. Col Allen and the New York Post were sending a message. They were showing the world what these animals were. In this case the messenger should not be shot. They did the right thing.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Elisabeth Moss

In the March 8 issue of Page Six Magazine, Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss busts out of her proper Peggy Olson persona and for the first time dishes about her short-lived marriage to Fred Armisen.

Sitting down with writer Carrie Seim, Moss lobs a post-divorce grenade at the Saturday Night Live funnyman:

“One of the greatest things I heard someone say about him is, ‘He’s so great doing impersonations. But the greatest impersonation he does is that of a normal person.’ To me, that sums it up.”

About her biting remarks, she adds:

“I’m probably gonna get a slap on the wrist. But I’ve just been such a good girl. And sometimes you just want to be a bad girl for a minute.”

Posing in a revealing trench coat and lingerie for Page Six Magazine's cover, Moss says of her saucy new look:

“People will be surprised. I don’t walk around in a Burberry trench coat and bra all the time, but it’s fun to embrace that part of yourself. I think every woman has a sexy, adventurous side.”

On being single:

“It’s fun to go out at night and not know what’s going to happen. I’m addicted and obsessed with my freedom in that sense. I’m having fun!”

On being a feminist icon:

"As women in the workplace, we're constantly trying to find a balance between being taken seriously and feeling sexy and good about ourselves…if you believe your ideas should be respected and if you believe you have a voice, then you're a feminist."

On eventually having kids:

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for my mother, and it makes me want to be a really great mother. And sure, in an ideal world I can do it all. But I think for now I’m too young to know. You almost have to get older to understand that you’re too young to know.”

On season five of Mad Men, premiering March 25, she says:

“I am ecstatic with what happens this season. I think the audience is going to be surprised. For me, it was very meaningful with what happens to Peggy.”

Check out the entire interview with Elisabeth Moss in Page Six Magazine, free inside the New York Post.

For the first time, a Page Six Magazine app is also available in the iTunes store. The app delivers the full digital magazine, plus an app-exclusive photo gallery featuring photos and video not available in the print edition.

About the New York Post

The New York Post founded by Alexander Hamilton in 1801 is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the United States and is one of the top ten newspapers in the country ranked by circulation. The Post offers the best news, business coverage, opinion - plus Page Six and The Best Sports in Town. The New York Post is available in print, on the web at and via iPad, Android and smartphone applications. The New York Post is owned by News Corporation.

Photo Courtesy Of: NY Post/The Riker Brothers/Headpress

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Last night I went to Langans for a farewell party for Page Six's gossip Guru Chris Wilson who is leaving to become an editor of Maxim Magazine, the slick Men's mag. I am sure with all his contacts from working at the famed NY Post, he will make the magazine top notch. All his Buddy's showed up at Langans like Page Six Editor, the one and only Richard Johnson, super writers Steve Couzo and Braden Keil. We wish all the best to Chris!
The great staff of The New York Post
Page Six editor Richard Johnson with James Edstrom

Chris Wilson with his going away gift a copy of The New York Post with his picture on cover !