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Monday, June 06, 2016


Naked Cowboy In Times Square

NYC's The Naked Cowboy to be Joined by Actor and Friend Keith Collins June 7th 2016 in Times Square for a Good Cause

National Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month (May 15th -June 15th) is coming to an end. With its close, to help support and raise awareness for the cause, Actor & Advocate Keith Collins ("The Jersey Devil", "The Meat Puppet") will be taking to heart of New York City in Times Square this Tuesday, June 7 along side famed NYC icon the "Naked Cowboy" (Robert Burck).

Collins will be bearing it all, donning just cowboy boots, hat, guitar and the signature Naked Cowboy underwear briefs, belting out songs, posing for pictures all in support of Tourette awareness and all who live with this misunderstood neurological disorder. Proceeds collected from the day will be donated to the NYC Chapter of the Tourette Association.

A slew of celebrity guests are expected to drop by and get their pictures snapped with Collins and Burck to show their support for the cause. Following the Times Square event, an after party celebration will be held at the famed Westside Tavern serving specialty cocktails such as the "Twist & Shout" and the "Triple Shake."

This event is to benefit and raise awareness for Tourette Syndrome.

For more information visit or

Friday, April 02, 2010


Michael Lucas And Gerald McCullouch

Gerald McCullouch With Theresa Galeani And Keith Collins

Brandon Ruckdashel

The Naked Cowboy With Gerald McCullouch

It was a bull riding night for CSI’s Gerald McCullouch who celebrated his birthday honky-tonk style at NYC’s famed Johnny Utahs. McCullouch hailed as last years hero for fighting off a knife wielding subway hoodlum to this year getting Cited for urinating in public & being sentenced to a 45 minute quality of life class McCullouch tested his skills on the famed times square hotspots wild mechanical bull. Hosted by actor Keith Collins hundreds came out to watch the party guests get tossed from the bucking bull!! One by one each guest was thrown off & down for the count even the naked cowboy couldn’t hack it getting his hat flung off across the room. While going through endless margarita pitchers those in attendance who took their chances on the rocking machine were Brandon Ruckdashel from Co-ed Confidential, Actress Theresa Galeani, The Naked Cowboy, Actor Patrick Richwood, Broadway stars Daniel Reichard (Jersey Boys) and Raymond Lee (Mama Mia), Former Daily News gossiper Ben Widdecombe, Adult film star Michael Lucas, former MTV VJ Thalia DaCosta, & actor Jessie Archer.
Photos By: Derek Storm

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Photos By: Ann Watt

Tony Vargas And Designer Michael Moeller

Keith Girald With Larry Stevens And David Salidor

Keith Collins With Gerald McCullouch And James Edstrom

Robin Byrd With Bill Murray

Ian Miller With W

CSI Star Gerald McCullouch

Vinny Parco And Tomaczek Bednarek

Chuck Taylor

New York Daily News Gypsy Impalla With Charlie Ruppman

WABC's Jeff Smith With James Edstrom And Rita Cosby

Alister Duncan With Marjorie Marianaci, Eileen Powers And Paul Duncan

Maximiliano Palacio

Keith Girald With Darren Clinton

James Edstrom With Rita Cosby And Tomzczek Bednarek

James Edstrom And The Naked Cowboy

Alister Duncan With Ed Callaghan

Keith Collins With Linda Payne And James Edstrom

Darren Clinton And The Pasha David Salidor

The Fall social season kicked off in fine style as we here at Times Square Gossip celebrated our third anniversary the other night at owner Paul Drohan's and club icon Cornelis Craane’s fabulous new Imperial club on West 19th street. Party-master Keith Collins had arranged for an event and quite an event it was. The first attendees were Gypsy Impala, late of The Daily News, PR-Pasha David Salidor (who arrived with new U.K. singer/songwriter Darren Clinton; his friend Paul Holt, who just sold a project to TV wunderkind JJ Abrams and singer/songwriter Larry Stevens), Public Relations icon Ed Callaghan and Helen Collins, Always fun Keith Girard from The Improper, Bill Murray from Celebrity Service, celebrity photographer Ann Watt and Club Icon Adam Sands. Former Star Magazine Photo Director Alister Duncan was also there to help celebrate. Singer and songwriter Tomaczek Bednarek was also there with Emmy Winner Rita Cosby and CSI star Gerald McCullouch, who as always was in rare form. Salidor relayed that he first met Craane in 1985 when he was riding herd over the massive West 56th street club 4D … strange times indeed! “We're both still here, and in reasonably good shape!” he adds. Desperate Housewives Of New York City semi-regular Maximiliano Palacio also slid over to the hot 17th street club. New York City's own, The Naked Cowboy also stopped by with Cable Icon Robin Byrd. Good thing it was raining outside as we had WABC weather icon Jeff Smith giving us a up-to-date report on how much champagne it would rain down on the guests at the bash. It was a hurricane !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Naked Cowboy

The Naked Cowboy Launches His Campaign For Mayor at a NYC press conference on Military Island in New York City today. Hey Bloomberg, you better take off some clothes if you want to beat this guy.
Photo By: RD / Dziekan / Retna Digital

Friday, March 09, 2007


Lance Armstrong with Ex. Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow has vowed to stay in Texas until she snares herself a cowboy.The country singer has no plans to sell her Texan Lone Star estate - which she bought with former lover and Austin native Lance Armstrong - because she wants to find a new Texan man. Sheryl announced during her performance at a rodeo on Wednesday night: "My sister said I needed to come out here and just say it, 'I'm looking for a cowboy'."I'm not giving up on Texas - yet."The 45-year-old performed her hit 'Are You Strong Enough to Be My Man', pausing midway to shout "Anybody up for the job?"The evening, 'Paint the Rodeo Pink', was themed in honor of Sheryl's battle against breast cancer. Pink cowboy hats were on sale with awareness ribbons on the brim - and the singer urged the audience to raise awareness of the illness. She said: "This is a real special night, because this time last year I got diagnosed with breast cancer and we couldn't come and we were so disappointed."We appreciate you wearing your pink. I know cowboys don't normally wear pink - but real cowboys can get away with it."Sheryl arrived on her black-and white spotted horse, which reared up and then galloped around the ring before she dismounted to perform. After forgetting the words to 'Soak up the Sun' she joked: "That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you know it's live - when you screw up the lyrics. No lip-synching here."Sheryl left the rodeo in a stylish red Mustang convertible.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Randy Jones, the origional cowboy of The Village People" celebrated the release of his new solo CD Ticket to the World January 23rd at the trendy club Retox on 28th Street in Chelsea. The place was packed with friends and fans wishing Randy well with his upcoming international tour of Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid and Vienna.


Randy Jones And Naked Cowboy