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Monday, March 14, 2016


Maryam Al Mheiri

Abu Dhabi-UAE:  twofour54 has taken a stake in cross-platform gaming start-up, Unnyhog, with the purpose of bolstering the gaming industry in Abu Dhabi, highlighting twofour54’s leading role in developing this growing sector locally and regionally. 

A graduate of Flat6labs’ first cycle in 2015, Unnyhog was established with the objective of introducing technological innovations to gaming design. Unnyhog recently developed UnnyWorld, a cross-platform massive multiplayer online game based in a fantasy world. UnnyWorld utilises a gesture control technology that was designed to provide an engaging experience in a fast-paced game played by millions worldwide.

Acting CEO of twofour54, Maryam Al Mheiri, commented: “We are witnessing a growing demand in the gaming sector due to increased online connectivity, smartphone penetration and availability of 3G and 4G technologies in emerging markets. Now more than ever, entrepreneurship is playing a vital role in boosting economies and employment opportunities. At twofour54 we dedicate resources to investing in the entrepreneurs and start-ups who will be the leaders and employers of our future industry. We have previously invested in Falafel Games and Jawaker, with our support of Unnyhog today further testament to our ongoing commitment to the gaming sector of Abu Dhabi’s the media and entertainment industry.”

Justin Kan, YCombinator Partner said: "We invested in Unnyhog because Pavel and the team seemed like great founders and minute one we became addicted to the game. Can't wait for the launch!"

Pavel Ignatov, Founder and CEO of Unnyhog, said: “We are focused on changing the gaming industry through developing unique games and the support we received from twofour54 is highly valued and appreciated for what it can help us achieve. We are grateful for our experience with Flat6labs and twofour54 and look forward to providing the regional audience with attractive and unique content.” 

A study commissioned by twofour54 and Strategy& in 2014 showed that gaming is the fastest-growing media segment in the Middle East and is expected to nearly triple in size from $1.6 billion in 2014 to $4.4 billion by 2022. Although console gaming is still the leading platform, online, digital and mobile games are projected to become the dominant platforms in less than a decade. With almost 530 million mobile phone users in the Middle East alone and smartphone penetration rising 39 per cent in 2015, it is expected that 50 per cent of all gaming revenue will come from mobile gaming by 2022.

In addition to providing funding, twofour54 works with entrepreneurs and early stage businesses to develop their business plans and also provides ongoing expertise, support and mentoring to help them succeed. twofour54’s investment in Unnyhog brings its investment portfolio to 11 companies along with Silkroad Images, Mumzworld, Falafel Games, Jawaker, PopArabia, T-Break Media, Akhtaboot, Nibras, Istikana, and The Luxury Closet.

Monday, May 06, 2013


The Story Of One Man’s Untiring Efforts
To Bring Peace To The Middle East

Frank Romano

President Obama called for it in his recent trip to the Middle East. Pope Francis prayed for it on Easter Sunday. But in spite of all these powerful voices, peace in the Middle East remains elusive. It may take all the resources the world community can muster, but Frank Romano believes in it with all his heart: he is putting his life on the line.

“Peace will be accomplished with prayer followed by actions,” he says, “not with unfulfilled promises and beautiful words from politicians and prayers from religious leaders.” Love and Terror in the Middle East, 3rd Edition (World Audience Publishers) is a memoir of an expert on the Middle East conflict as well as of a man working in the field, face-to-face with people from every faction, including extremists on both sides.

“I wrote this book to share with a wide audience my belief in the possibility of peace through grassroots activities in Israel and Palestine,” the author explains. “A lot of the Middle East conflict is due to misunderstanding and lack of communication among religious groups, so I want to encourage people to begin organizing in their own communities to help break down those barriers.”

From bomb shelters in Tel Aviv to the Wailing Wall and beyond, Romano has gained an expert’s perspective. “I was recently in Tel Aviv, Israel, when sirens screamed,” says the peace activist. “When we were in the shelter we heard loud explosions.” Palestinian missiles from Gaza had been intercepted and exploded in mid-air by the Israeli defense forces.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Leonardo Di Caprio has met with Israeli leaders to help promote peace in the Middle East.The 'Blood Diamond' star was invited to meet with Israeli Vice Premier and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres (left) within hours of arriving in Tel Aviv on March 11. Leonardo who visited the country with his Israeli girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli. An aide to Peres said: "The meeting was pleasant and interesting."Shimon told Leo about his Peace Valley project - a joint Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian economic development plan - and Leo spoke about '11th Hour' his documentary on the environment." Representatives for Leonardo, 32, confirmed the meeting but refused to comment further.The 'Titanic' star, who was on his first visit to the country, stayed at 21-year-old Bar's family home in the capital. During his stay he made good friends with Bar's ten-year-old brother On. Leonardo left Israel on Thursday after an emotional farewell to Bar at the airport. A source said: "They were hugging and kissing until the last minute when he had to go on the plane."It looked liked it was really hard for them to stay apart."Meanwhile, Israeli police announced on Thursday they were considering charging two bodyguards involved in a scuffle with photographers during Leonardo's visit to a holy site during his trip.