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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Mayim Bialik

Actors Ty Burrell And Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Mayim Bialik, Jordan Peele, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell, Weird Al Yankovic were among the celebs visiting the Backstage Creations Celebrity Giving Suite at the 66th Emmy Awards where Sabra Hummus and snacks were served.

Mayim Bialik was excited to see Sabra, “Finally something I can eat” after receiving a Nambe Chip & Dip Bowls and Sabra goodies. Weird Al Yankovic mentioned, “We have some in our refrigerator.” Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell so were seen laughing so hard tears were falling around the suite. The Good Wife’s and expectant father Josh Charles was overheard telling Jordan Peele that he is a big fan of his show and even Maroon 5 Front Man Adam Levine dashed in for a moment to grab a drink around 6:15pm.

Photos Courtesy Of: Invision Agency/Domain MSA

Saturday, August 09, 2014



Peter Funt And Mayim Bialik

Viewers can smile again, because “Candid Camera” is back with a fresh new version on TV Land starting Monday! The newly rebooted series, with hosts Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Peter Funt, airs new episodes Monday, August 11th through Thursday, August 14th at 8pm ET/PT, before taking its regularly scheduled spot on Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT, starting on August 19th.

“Candid Camera,” which is executive produced by Funt and Electus Studios’ Ben Silverman, features gags that catch unsuspecting people in bizarre, challenging and hilarious situations. Each episode will feature gags that have fun with some of today’s most buzzed about topics from a garage that won’t service straight people to a mailman revealing he has been replaced with a drone. These modern scenarios, coupled with classic “Candid Camera” comedy, prove that laughter is timeless.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Mayim Bialik With Katie Couric

On Monday’s episode of the nationally syndicated daytime talk show "Katie," airing April 14, Mayim Bialik talks about being a child actress, her days on “Blossom” and how much fun she’s having on “The Big Bang Theory.” She shares her favorite vegan receipts from her new cook book. Plus, hear about what her life is like now since her divorce and how Katie plans to help her dating life.

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC/ Disney

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Mayim Bialik On Wendy Williams

Neuroscientist and "The Big Bang Theory" star, Mayim Bialik, dropped by Wendy Williams' couch yesterday to talk about her red carpet style, being a teen actress in Hollywood, her approach to parenting, breastfeeding and what roles people associate with her.

Balancing sexiness with her religious ideology on the red carpet, Mayim said, "Many stylists didn't want to work with me, don't I tend not to wear sleeveless or strapless or short. And part of it, you don't even have to be a religious person to know like, there's certain parts of my body I want to allow and there's certain that I don't. The red carpet doesn't own my breasts, just because they exist. So yeah. What I try and do, I work with this stylist who totally gets it. You know, she rolls her eyes at me sometimes cause it's hard, especially in spring or summer, if you don't want to wear strapless. And in L.A., everyone's half naked all the time, so it's hard."

Speaking about her time as a teen actor on "Blossom" in the 1990s, Mayim revealed, "My mom was with me on set. Honestly that helped. My parents were very protective of me. The industry was very different then than it is now. It was a very clean set. It was a very happy set. The "Blossom" set. There was not a lot of strife or drugs or badness. There wasn't all that pressure for 14 year olds to look like they're 30, like there is now. I looked 14 when I was 14."