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Monday, August 06, 2018


Rosie O'Donnell Talks To CNN

Actress Rosie O'Donnell talked to CNN's Chris Cuomo about why she has turned a feud with President Donald Trump into activism in leading a nightly protest at the White House since Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.

EDITOR NOTE: Rosie O'Donnell is right on the money with everything she has said and is saying to CNN. First of all, she knows the guy as do I, personally. He was always a lying piece of crap. It is very funny how Donald Trump calls everything "FAKE NEWS", as The Donald is the inventor of "FAKE NEWS".  His publicity stunts over the years in New York City are what movies are made of. He could care less about the poor, the homeless or the sick. FACTS!

One example. Years ago I was doing a photo shoot at the Metropolitan Club across the street from the Plaza Hotel, which he owned at the time. Ivana and Donald Trump walked out and a homeless guy was asking for a dollar. It was cold and snowing. Donald looked shocked that anyone would ask him for a buck and flew past the guy like he was the plague. Ivana looked shocked at his actions and she went into her purse and gave the guy a 100 dollar bill. 

That was the difference between Ivana and The Donald. Donald could give a crap about anyone starving, anyone homeless, but Ivana always had a soft spot.

Now let's get to the kids. Very rarely would we photograph The Donald with the kids but we always photographed Ivana with the kids. I remember just one time and it was one of Donald's "FAKE NEWS" publicity stunts he dreamed up. He called some of us out to K-Mart shopping with Ivana and the kids at K-Mart. He knew photos of a millionaire shopping at K-Mart would run worldwide. He knew this. He was always a master at these publicity stunts and we all knew this, but we knew the photos would sell, so we all went along with his 'FAKE NEWS' events. 

Donald was never a father to his kids like he would make it seem. I do not think they even know him. But now that they are older, they are craving for their fathers attention, so they will do anything to please him. But what they do not know is The Donald would sell them all out to save his ass. All of us in NYC who have covered his antics over the years all know this.

Donald Trump's apartment in Trump Tower was also a very stale place to be. Nothing felt like a home there. Everything had it's place. Gold faucets everywhere and everything had it's place. White grand piano, white couches and gold everywhere. Very tacky. Really was. Only room that even felt like a home, that felt comfy  was the den. That was adorned with book shelves, couches close together and was very nice. But that was the only room that was anything like a home. Even the bathrooms had these tacky gold fixtures.

Everything at Mar A Lago had it's place too. After Donald and Ivana got divorced, I was invited down there for a party. This was about the time The Donald brought the property, before it was a golf course, and Ivana got to use it a certain amount of the time, per their divorce agreement. I arrived early. Security and the maids did not yet set up the place for Ivana. When I arrived, security were busy taking down photos of Donald and the kids and putting up photos of Ivana and the kids. Everything was controlled, down to the photos on the walls and tables.

I could go on and on. I know this man. He is a liar, he could care less about anyone, including his family and he needs to be taken out of office. His father was a crook too. Look up Fred Trump and his crooked Coney Island deals with crooked politicians. Look it up. Like father, like son. End of story.

Thursday, September 07, 2017



Bette Midler

Our favorite star, Bette Midler knows how to get Donald Trump's attention with her tweets. Not only are they right on the money, she adds a comic touch to them, showing just how stupid Donald Trump really is.

For Trump tweets, “We're building our future w/American hands, US labor, US iron, aluminum & steel.” In a Chinese tie, no doubt.

I have a week off; I'm pooped. I don't want to do anything but sit & stare at a wall. Sadly, has totally ruined walls for me.

Look, Bette is a New York City Icon. I have photographed her many times over the years. Always so sweet, always has something to say. Being New Yorker's, we both have met Donald Trump many many times. He always was a asshole. Sorry, sad but true. His kids are great, but that is because they were raised by Ivana and his other wives. I think they have DADDY Issues because he did not seem to be around much. Trump was always at some event or doing some publicity stunt for his FAKE NEWS. Donald Trump was the creator of FAKE NEWS. He was always a master at it, I always said way before he ran for President that he should have been a publicist, because he was a master at FAKE NEWS. I know, I covered many of his FAKE NEWS events. But the reality is, Donald Trump is a fake. Always was, always will be.

Why is it we have a President from NYC that could give a crap about the immigrants that live and work here? Does this nut case of a President think decision to repeal DACA will not effect him? I am sure many of his Restaurant workers in his hotels are DACA. I am sure many of his workers in every single business is DACA. Some media outlet should look at who really works in Donald Trump's businesses. 

Fake Donald Trump

One more point, Donald Trump's taste is tacky. I have been in his Trump Tower apartment many times. (Guess I won't be invited back) It is just so tacky and cold. Everything has it's spot. Fixtures in bathroom all gold and almost every other fixture, all gold. White couches, White grand piano, Gigantic Lion as a centerpiece. Only room that feels cozy is the den. Books adorn the shelf's, cozy couch. The view is not what I would call a great view. But this is his taste.

Mar A Lago is a nice place, but that is because the former Owner had class. When I was Invited there before it was a golf club, I arrived a little early. I was invited by Ivana after her divorce. Security was busy taking down Donald and the kids photos and putting up Ivana and the kids. Everything so planned and everything so cold. 

Donald Trump Has to control everything. From FAKE NEWS to his tacky home tastes. He will not last. His base of KKK and Racist people will learn that he is not even for them. Donald Trump is for Donald Trump. Always been this way and always will. 

And now you know why Bette Midler is mad and millions of Americans. Guess you knew anyway!