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Friday, January 28, 2011



Story By: Mark Bego

Lamar Fike And Mark Bego

Lamar Fike was not a household name per se, but for the last 50 years he has been known as the "bigger than life" founding member of Elvis Presley's famed entourage, The Memphis Mafia. Back in the days of duck tail haircuts, gold lame suits, and the song "Hound Dog" topping the charts, Lamar was the "right hand man" to "The King of Rock & Roll."

Lamar lived at Graceland with Elvis, alongside Gladys and Vernon Presley, back in the days when that family was pop culture's original reality show. There were Cadillacs in the driveway, motorcycles to race, and even Natalie Wood paying a famous Memphis visit, and Lamar was there.

When Elvis Presley was drafted and went off to serve in the Army in Germany, Lamar went along. When Elvis returned to the States, and performed on TV with Frank Sinatra, Lamar was there. And, when the '70s rolled around, and Elvis was obsessed with becoming a drug enforcement officer, Lamar was there too.

In the time since Elvis died in 1977, Lamar became the prime contributor to the "New York Times" best-selling book on "The King," Albert Goldman's blockbuster "Elvis." Whenever there was an Elvis anniversary date, Lamar would be on the radio, or interviewed on "Larry King."

In the last years of his life, Lamar Fike lived in Dallas, Texas. It was there that I first met him, and began work on Lamar's incredibly detailed memoir, "An Uncommon Journey." I listened for weeks, to tales about meeting Marilyn Monroe, attending parties at Nat King Cole's house, and witnessing a famous interlude between Elvis and Rock Hudson. I also had the privilege of working on a screenplay about Lamar's life, "'57 to '60: One of the Boys." Although "An Uncommon Journey" still remains unpublished, I will always fondly recall listening to Lamar relive his glory days as part of the Elvis Presley inner circle.

Lamar died on January 21, 2011, after a long illness. At the age of 75, he knew that he lived a full and eventful life. He had the opportunity to be treated as one of the closest friends to rock & roll's original King, and everything that Lamar did, he did with dramatic style. Lamar Fike, you will be missed.

Photo By: Derek Storm

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Times Square Gossip has just learned that within the next two weeks LAMAR FIKE and his forthcoming book FIKE: AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY-ON ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD, that he finished earlier this year with celebrity-bio-writer MARK BEGO, will have secured a major distribution deal exclusive to a major retail operation throughout the U.S. Initial reports say that the book will be carried as an exclusive item, in much the same way that the new 'greatest hits' CD from CHRISTINA AQUILERA is available only at Target. According to Fike, "We've spent some time ascertaining the best distribution and most effective route for this book ... and, what with the shrinking economic picture and book and record stores going under daily, this looks to be the best direction for us. The book is a fitting tribute to Elvis and those halcyon days. There's been a lot written and said, that quite honestly, never happened. I was there ... so, consider this is a first-person account. David Bowie is there; Rock Hudson is there; and, so is Marilyn Monroe."While the project has been thoughtfully and lovingly written about while being written, this is the first deal to actually get it out. "I know the fans have been waiting for this one ... but, I wanted to take the care and effort to do it for the fans ... the best way possible." Also, look for Fike to wing his way to being a judge on a current BIG talent contestant show. "Hell, I'm ready for it. I've wanted to do it, but I wanted to do it with the right people.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Dallas-based LAMAR FIKE, the key member of Elvis Presley’s famed Memphis Mafia, who formally started up his own Drawbridge Productions in February, is now putting the finishing touches on the accompanying screenplay to his forthcoming book FIKE: AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY ON ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD, written with best-selling celebrity-author Mark Bego, titled “ONE OF THE BOYS; ‘57 TO 60’.” The screenplay was written by Fike, Bego, and filmmaker D. Edward Stanley. Drawbridge Productions was formalized to bring under one umbrella Fike’s many productions as well as to contain all his ‘intellectual properties’ pertaining to his Presley-related projects in the works. Says Fike, “There are several ongoing projects and I now to have them all under the Drawbridge umbrella, makes prefect sense.” Fike formed the company with his business partner Taylor G. Atha. Having now finished the screenplay, Fike says that his LA-based agent has already begun shopping it with immediate positive results coming in. “We want the right type of deal for it … with someone who can effectively get the job done. I look at the finished product, now having been able to take a step or two back, as something that deserves to be on told on film. There’s never been an accurate rending of the Elvis-story, and truth be told, it’s long overdue. So, when we get to the point of putting the film in production, we want it done the right way.” Fike continues, “It’s funny … we wrote the book first, but the screenplay almost wrote itself. We realized during the creation, that again, it is a great story … and, it’s one that’s never been told before and deserves to be.” Fike is also provisionally on board as a talent judge for a new television show to be produced later this year in the U.S. … enabling him to not only seriously put himself out there again in the public eye, but to appear as a credible force in the business. “I’ve logged quite a bit of time in this entertainment business, working for talented people like Elvis, Brenda Lee, Johnny Cash, and, record company executive Jimmy Bowen, but I’ve been a bit under the radar. I’m ready to step up to the plate!”

Monday, January 28, 2008


Dallas-based LAMAR FIKE, one of ELVIS Presley’s legendary “Memphis Mafia” members and currently penning the tome “FIKE: AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY ON ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD” (written with celebrity-author Mark Bego), has formed, effective immediately, DRAWBRIDGE PRODUCTIONS, to “bring under one umbrella” Fike’s many projects, as well as to contain all his “intellectual properties” pertaining to his Presley related projects in the works. Fike, who ran Presley’s music publishing company (1962-1977), as well as being a principle in a production deal with Jimmy Bowen (while at MCA Records), has written or co-written several tomes in the past relating to his work with Presley, but has now decided to form his own production concern, with business partner Taylor G. Atha.Says Fike, “In addition to the book, there’s also a screenplay in the works based on this book and, I felt at this point, I wanted everything under one banner.”Fike has also partnered with several financial entities enabling the consolidation of all his activities. Separate deals will be announced at a later date.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Lamar Fike and Mark Bego

Celebrity-author MARK BEGO is uncovering all sorts of never-before-revealed tidbits about ELVIS PRESLEY, in the forthcoming ON ELVIS PRESLEY BOULEVARD; LAMAR FIKE: AN UNCOMMON JOURNEY, the tome he is writing with LAMAR FIKE; he of the infamous Memphis Mafia. Fike lived, worked, played, and partied with the King. He was there for the highs and the lows of life with The King. Among the books saucy revelations: "When Lamar first moved into Graceland with Elvis, he actually slept in the same bed with The King. According to Lamar, "He would have nightmares, and he would sleepwalk, so I slept with him ... so he didn't walk out of the second floor window. I had to turn on the lights to get him out of his sleepwalking phase." While there are all sorts of rumors about Elvis meeting and having an affair with Marilyn Monroe, in reality, it was Lamar who met her. Says Fike, "She invited Elvis over to a party at the studio, but he sent me over to send his apologies. Instead of Elvis ever meeting her, it was just me. I spent a half an hour talking to her. She was just mesmerizing to talk to. She would look you right in the eyes."
*In 1971, when Elvis had been absent on the record scene for years, it was Lamar who found him his last million-selling hit, "Kentucky Rain." Lamar went onto run Elvis' publishing company for years.

*Lamar was with Elvis at a party at Nat King Cole's house in 1957, where Rock Hudson was a guest. Lamar told Elvis that Rock was gay, and Elvis didn't believe him. At the party, Lamar watched as Rock started up a conversation with Elvis and they sat down on the sofa together. Amidst their conversation, Rock put his hand on Elvis' leg, and Presley jumped up like the sofa was on fire.
He walked over to Lamar and said, "You know what? You were right - Rock is Gay!"

*Lamar went to Hollywood to stay with Elvis in 1957 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The following day Elvis told him that they were going to go over to the movie studio. The next thing Lamar knew, he was on the set of "Jailhouse Rock," and he was a character in the film. Lamar is seen in several scenes as part of Elvis' group of friends in the final cut of the picture.

*One night, late, after some serious partying, Elvis and Lamar were sitting alone, and Elvis asked Lamar how he saw him as an old man. Lamar, pausing for a moment, looked at him and said "I don't." Prophetic words indeed. The book will be out early next year.