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Saturday, March 18, 2017



Warren Buffett's Laguna Beach House

Warren Buffett's Laguna Beach House he bought in 1971 is for sale and featured this week at

“Warren Buffett's Beach House”

Turned down by Harvard? Don’t feel bad. So was Warren Buffett. But it wasn’t a death knell to his spirit or cause him to realign his goals. Like most successful people, he forged ahead.

While most people never have the epiphany that tells us what to do with our lives, Warren Buffett’s light bulb came on at the age of ten. While at lunch with his father who was a member of the New York Stock Exchange, something in their conversation lit that elusive spark that made young Buffet realize that his goal would revolve around money.

By the time he was eleven and his classmates’ main concern was who would be first up to bat at the recess baseball game, Warren made his first investment in shares of Cities Service Preferred at $38 each. Never wavering from his goal, he was bringing in almost $200 a month as a teenager in the 1940s (more than his teachers were making) by working every job he could find, including door-to-door sales and cleaning cars, for more investment money. He figured out that saving money was like making money, a revelation that resulted in a lifestyle of frugality. Success inspired more success and today, often referred to as the “Oracle of Omaha,” he is the third richest person in the world.

Worth $78.8 billion and only taking a base salary of $100,000 a year, Buffett’s frugality is legend. It is well known that despite his mega billions, he has continued to live in the same Omaha house he purchased in 1958 for $31,500. But few probably knew that in 1971 he also purchased a house in Laguna Beach for $150,000 - before the area was so highly developed and expensive. Today, his beach house is in an exclusive gated community that sports multiple tennis courts, swimming pool and beach volleyball courts among other amenities. He and his wife, Susan, enjoyed entertaining their friends at the house but found that there were so many visiting that he also bought a house next door and built a stairway to connect the two. After his wife died in 2004, Warren rarely used the home and sold the connecting property in 2005.

Now after updating the beach house, Buffett has put it on the market. At 3,588 square feet, the Laguna Beach house is much different than his traditional home in Omaha that is valued at about $600,000. Warren’s California home is very contemporary with six bedrooms and seven baths, big windows, sculptured ceilings and recessed lighting to spotlight the home’s modern art, a long fireplace and multiple built-ins. Two of the bedrooms have private entrances so guests can come and go without disturbing others. All rooms, including the large family room and decks, have ocean and beach views and the rock cliffs spilling onto the beach of Emerald Bay. An excellent property for enjoying family and friends with plenty to do on one of California’s most popular beaches, the house is listed by Bill Dolby of Villa Real Estate. Priced at $11 million.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007


The cast of Newport Harbor

For three seasons fans have lived, loved and come of age with the teenagers of “Laguna Beach.” This season, MTV is moving up the coast to Newport Harbor. Join a new circle of friends as they discover first loves, face new rivalries and suffer new heartbreaks as “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County” premieres on this month on MTV. “It has been three years since the Stephen, Lauren and Kristin love triangle drew viewers to the real life drama of Laguna Beach,” said Tony DiSanto, Executive Vice President, Series Development & Programming for MTV. “Now we are moving up the coast to a new town with new faces and a new high school, but with the same drama of dealing with relationships, cliques, family and friends. The real OC is a beautiful backdrop to this universal story and this year we go back to the heart of the drama...that wistful last year of school."And on the same day as the television premiere, fans will be able to hang out with the new cast, party, relax and shop in the same places they see on-air for themselves in Virtual Newport Harbor, available at From checking out the Main Street Surf Shop, to running to the store known as Etc. Etc. Etc. for the perfect outfit to wear, viewers will be able to virtually live the same story-lines they see on-air, including some of the biggest events of the year like the prom and graduation, and meet new cast member Chrissy on opening night. A new town means new beauty, new drama, and new faces. Meet the cast of “Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County”…

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


TV actress Jessica Smith found herself in a county lockup this week after an arrest for driving under the influence on a California freeway. The 19-year-old former star of "Laguna Beach" was arrested Monday near Laguna, Calif., on a felony DUI charge by the California Highway Patrol and booked into the Orange County jail, People magazine reported Tuesday. Smith allegedly was driving a Volkswagen with one other person inside when the car rear-ended another car. According to a highway patrol statement, the accident was due to Smith's "level of intoxication, unsafe speed and wet roadway conditions," the magazine said. Smith was not hurt but her passenger and the driver of the second car suffered minor injuries.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Jason Wahler was sentenced to two months in jail for punching a city worker and tow truck driver during an altercation last year. Wahler, 20, star of MTV's "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," was also ordered to attend a one-day program at the Museum of Tolerance for uttering racial slurs during the September incident, authorities said. Wahler is white. Two of the victims are black, authorities said. According to prosecutors, Wahler was traveling in a car with friends when their vehicle was blocked by a tow truck attempting to move an illegally parked car. Wahler jumped out of his vehicle and began yelling at the city worker and one of two tow truck drivers. Wahler, whose blood alcohol level was .22 percent at the time, then punched one tow operator, as well as the city worker, authorities said. One of Wahler's companions also kicked the tow operator and spit in his face, the City Attorney's office said Tuesday. Wahler pleaded no contest to one count of battery. He was sentenced to 60 days in jail, and was ordered to attend anger management classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Wahler was arrested late Friday in Greenville, N.C., for underage drinking and resisting a public officer during a raid against a local nightclub. He was released on $1,000 bond several hours later.