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Wednesday, January 02, 2013



Bitching By: James Edstrom

Justin Bieber

Just some insight on the death of celebrity photographer identified by TMZ as Chris Guerra.

First of all, why is it when you are a celebrity photographer you are always identified as a troublesome paparazzi?  If you were driving by and were from NBC or ABC, would you be called a dangerous TV cameraman? I do not think so. You are there to report the news, this is your job.

Over the years I have been on many stakeouts and several chases which were always started by the celebrity. I remember years ago, when Julia Roberts lived in Gramacy Park and she had just gotten engaged or something like that. Every news media outlet was outside her home, Including all the big networks. We were there for days, she was news and everyone wanted to report on this story. Finally she came out, refused to pose for two seconds and flew away in her limo. Everyone followed, not just because they wanted to report a news story, but because all Julia had to do was pose for two seconds and everyone would have run back to their newsroom, but she did not even give the press the courtesy. A chase ensured and it was Julia's limo driver who went down one way streets the wrong way. In fact, it is almost always the story that the driver of the celebrity creates dangerous conditions. A couple of photographers got hurt in that chase, not because of their actions, but because of her driver.

Now everyone is pulling up the old Princess Diana death. I was the first one to say on 60 Minutes the day Diana died that it sounded like the driver was drunk. This proved to be the case. The driver also was traveling at high speeds. Yet everyone always brings up that the paparazzi killed her. This is so untrue.

Let me tell you something about Princess Diana. When she came to New York City we got 20 page tip sheets from the Palace press people. We were told where she was staying, where she was going and how we were expected to act. Princess Diana loved publicity and she used the media just as much as the media used her. It was a two way street and everyone knew it.

I have seen main stream television crews do worse things than the paparazzi. I have seen them chase, climb fences and anything else to get the story. But no one ever mentions this, because they are considered upper-class, compared to the photographers. Celebrity Photographers are the best news sources when a big story hits. Where main stream media will spend a hour broadcasting live from the scene, photographers will spend days to get the real story, and then the mainstream media will pick up on all the photographers work. 

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus used the media before they were famous to get press. When we gave them the press, they become impossible to photograph anymore and look down on us like we are scum. What would happen if every photographer and writer in the media decided to not photograph and write about them anymore? I can tell you. Their records and videos would not sell anymore and their career would be finished.

What would happen if we boycotted a big movie star and did not write or photograph his premieres? The answer is that the movie star would not get paid the big bucks anymore and his career would be finished. The media makes these people stars, it's not just their talent. 


"While I was not present nor directly involved with this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim," the "Boyfriend" singer said in statement.

Bieber said he hoped the incident "will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders, and the photographers themselves."


Singer Miley Cyrus, 20, a frequent paparazzi target, sent out Twitter messages, referencing the death of Britain's Princess Diana in a 1997 car crash while being chased by paparazzi in Paris.

"Hope this paparazzi/JB accident brings on some changes in '13 Paparazzi are dangerous! Wasn't Princess Di enough of a wake up call?!" Cyrus tweeted.

"This was bound to happen! Your mom teaches u when your a child not to play in the street! The chaos that comes with the paparazzi acting like fools makes it impossible for anyone to make safe choices," Cyrus added.

 Well Justin and Miley, think about it if we all decide not to cover you anymore. You will be finished!

Photo By: RD/Kabik/Retna


Monday, December 03, 2012



Justin Bieber

Today, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) revealed the annual list of top searches. Yahoo!’s Year in Review 2012 reflects the daily search habits of users and offers a glimpse into the social trends, compelling newsmakers, top stories, and viral fads of 2012 based on what millions of people searched for. It is clear when looking at the top search habits that partisan politics, the Olympic Games, a seesaw recovery, and a galloping Korean pop singer captured the world’s attention.

Celebrities and technological gadgets draw plenty of online curiosity, but the 2012 elections dominated online searches this year. The elections saturated headline news and ads, but people still checked in online to see what was developing in the presidential elections, as well as their own state and local races. Anticipation for the iPhone 5, in a post-Steve Jobs era, helped Apple maintain a presence in the Yahoo! Top 10. Kim Kardashian, a staple in the Top 10 since 2009, reached the height of her online popularity as most searched person on Yahoo!. Model Kate Upton ricocheted into the national consciousness by landing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And the obsession with the royals continued in 2012 as Kate Middleton became the third-most searched person on Yahoo!, thanks in part to her grandmother-in-law's Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics.

Top Yahoo!
Searched Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up in 2012:

1 Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

2 Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

3 Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

4 Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

5 Scarlett Johansson and Nate Naylor

6 Heidi Klum and Seal

7 Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

8 Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada

9 John Cena and Elizabeth Huberdeau

10 Vera Wang and Arthur Becker

Top Farewell Searches On Yahoo!
In 2012 (alphabetical):

 Whitney Houston

● kyle bennett

● sarah burke

● robin gibb

● sam gibbons

● andy griffith

● whitney houston

● alex karras

● junior seau

● sage stallone

● adam yauch

Top 10 babies on Yahoo! in 2012:

 Kourtney Kardashian

1 beyonce & jay-z’s baby

2 kourtney kardashian’s baby

3 jessica simpson’s baby

4 snooki’s baby

5 guiliana rancic’s baby

6 jennifer garner’s baby

7 tori spelling’s baby

8 vanessa minnillo & nick lachey’s baby

9 kristin cavallari’s baby

10 kelsey grammer baby

Top Searched Reality TV Stars On Yahoo! In 2012:

 Kim Kardashian

1 kim kardashian

2 khloe kardashian

3 honey boo boo

4 snooki

5 kourtney kardashian

6 evelyn lozada

7 jessica sanchez

8 bethenny frankel

9 kris jenner

10 kristin cavallari

Top Searches Overall on Yahoo! in 2012:

Barack Obama

1 election

2 iphone 5

3 kim kardashian

4 kate upton

5 kate middleton

6 whitney houston

7 olympics

8 political polls

9 lindsay lohan

10 jennifer lopez

Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Ariel Winter

The new issue of Us Weekly which reveals the dirty secrets of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Ariel Winter’s secret family hell, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s split, and Britney Spears and Jason Trawick.

When it comes to The Real Housewives, no one brings drama quite like the ladies of Atlanta. On season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the insults are still as plentiful – and juicy – as Georgia peaches. In fact, the addition of firebrand Kenya Moore, 41, and outspoken Porsha Stewart, 30 – they join NeNe Leakes, 44, Kim Zolciak, 34, lawyer Phaedra Parks, 41, songwriter Kandi Burruss, 36, and model Cynthia Bailey, 44 – only ups the ante on the jealousy and catfighting. Old feuds rage (Leakes and Zolciak are still locked in their war) while new ones flare up (Moore and Stewart get off on the wrong stiletto-clad foot and never recover). As Stewart says, this go-round has “more drama than 10 seasons of As the World Turns!” Us has a taste of what’s to come.

There is a feature which looks at Modern Family star Ariel Winter’s secret family hell. At only 14, and already a working actress for a decade, sources say that Winter is known for her perky professionalism on the set of Modern Family, where she plays brainy Alex Dunphy. But one morning last month, she finally cracked. Says a witness, “She arrived unprepared and broke down crying.” By then, it was clear that Winter’s strained family life had fully unraveled. On October 3, she was removed from the home of her mother, Chrisoula “Chrystal” Workman, 54, and placed under the temporary guardianship of her sister, actress Shanelle Gray, 34, following alarming allegations of ongoing abuse. In documents signed by Winter and filed by Gray – who was put in foster care nearly 20 years ago under similar circumstances – Workman was accused of slapping, name-calling, food deprivation and “attempts to sexualize” Winter. “Her mom is a nightmare,” a set source tells Us. Adds another insider, “Everyone around Ariel was getting really worried.”


JUSTIN & SELENA: Why She Ended It

Selena Gomez


Sources say Gomez got fed up with Bieber’s bad boy ways

The world may have one less Belieber. An insider tells Hot Stuff Selena Gomez pulled the plug on her nearly two-year romance with Justin Bieber “in early November – she had major trust issues.” Her worries were warranted, says a Bieber pal: “He wanted to experience other girls.” Another source says the tattooed singer, 18, is already “texting other ladies constantly.” Yet he’s not ready to let go of Gomez. He hinted that the split wasn’t final during a November 10 Open House Party radio interview (“I don’t know what’s going on,” he said) before singing Justin Timberlake’s breakup anthem “Cry Me a River” at his concert. And the next night, he briefly visited the Disney starlet, 20, at the London NYC hotel. Which has led sources to predict it won’t be long before they reconcile. “They’re young,” sums up one insider. “They’re always on and off. Now they’re on a break. Tomorrow, they could be back on.”


Britney Spears


He won’t be a slave for her! Britney Spears’ constant demands that fiancĂ© Jason Trawick “check in with her” have him fuming, a source tells Hot Stuff. “The romance is gone,” says the insider. Trawick, 40, “puts her on speakerphone so friends can hear her nagging.” (A rep for the X Factor star, 30, denies this, and an insider insists, “That’s not Jason’s style. They’re happy.”) But the source contends there’s turbulence ahead: “I’d be shocked if they got married.”

Sunday, September 09, 2012


The Guinness World Records 2013 Edition

 Justin Bieber

Meryl Streep
 As if being a celebrity didn’t have enough perks, the new Guinness World Records 2013 edition reveals some of the greatest aspects of being a star in record-breaking fashion! Hitting shelves on September 13th, the book features a wide variety of headline-stealing artists ranging from stars like Justin Bieber to legendary icons like Madonna and Meryl Streep. ”Beliebers” can rejoice with Justin Bieber as he earned the title of ‘Youngest Solo Artist to Have Three No 1 Albums’ for his three chart-topping US albums all released before his 18th birthday. These include My World 2.0 (April 10, 2010), Never Say Never: The Remixes (March 5, 2011); and Under the Mistletoe, (19 November 2011), the first Christmas album by a male artist to debut at No.1 in the 55-year history of the US albums chart.

 Lady Gaga

  The daughter of musical superstars BeyoncĂ© and Jay-Z, Blue Ivy Carter made the record books mere days after her January 7th, 2012 birth. Her “breathing, cries and coos” on her father’s track “Glory” debuted on the US R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, earning her the title of “Youngest Person to Appear on a Billboard Chart.” Pop phenomenon, Lady Gaga created the ‘Fastest selling US digital album’ with Born This Way selling 1.1 million copies in its first week. Cementing her legacy, the Queen of Pop, Madonna captured the attention of a record 114 million people when they tuned in to watch her perform the half-time show at Super Bowl XLVI, staged at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana on February 5, 2012. According to viewing figures, the performance, which also included appearances from British rapper M.I.A. and hip-hop star Nicki Minaj, attracted more viewers than the game itself and became the ‘Most Watched Program in U.S. Television History.’

Other standout musical records gracing the pages of the 2013 edition include:

o Rihanna has become the ‘Best-selling Digital Artist (US)’ selling an incredible 47.57 million digital tracks in the US during her career. The 24-year-old singer beat The Black Eyed Peas (42.4 million career digital sales), Eminem (42.29 million), Lady Gaga (42.08 million) and Taylor Swift (41.82 million).

Monday, June 18, 2012


 Jaxon Bieber And Brother Justin Bieber

MuchMusic Video Awards was yesterday in Toronto and Justin Bieber stole the show as he arrived to the carpet with his younger brother Jaxon, wearing a Jacob & Co. diamond cross pendant.

Justin spent Father’s Day with dad Jeremy Bieber, who tweeted “Everyday is fathers day! #blessed”.

Justin also wore the Jacob & Co. cross pendant during an interview on the Today Show when he helped Matt Lauer tweet for the first time.

Photo courtesy of Jacob Co / Getty Images

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Justin Bieber

While in Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, pop sensation Justin Bieber made sure to check out CRSVR in The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

The store is the work of Vice - a world renown DJ and entrepreneur who started the business as a sneaker store in Santa Barbara and has just recently and successfully expanded to their Vegas location on December 15, 2010.

Justin Bieber stopped into the hotel solely to check out CRSVR merchandise, with only a few security guards and a friend accompanying him as he browsed the merchandise. CRSVR shut down its venue exclusively for Bieber and soon a crowd of people, including Marquee staff and guests started gathering out front, pressed against the windows, just to get a glimpse of the pop idol. Bieber headed straight to the Stance Socks display and grabbed a bunch of their socks, along with some trendy tank tops and snapbacks. Bieber was gifted with the first ever SLVDR x CRSVR Capsule Collection, an original, incredibly limited line of clothes that consists of 2 tanks, 2 tees, 3 button up shirts, and a windbreaker that is being released in early June. This capsule collection is the first in a series of them and will soon be released at both CRSVR locations and in early June.

Monday, May 14, 2012


 Justin Bieber

Super sexy Justin Bieber wore a Jacob & Co. Whistle Necklace to the KiisFM Wango Tango in Los Angeles, California on Saturday night.

Photo Courtesy Of: Getty Images/DomainUSA

Thursday, May 10, 2012


 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber accompanies Floyd Mayweather Jr. into the ring as Floyd Mayweather Jr. VS Miguel Cotto at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada the other night.

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Justin Bieber In Wax

Super Fan Alisha Purdom Hugs Waxed Justin Bieber

Madame Tussauds Justin Bieber

Madame Tussauds Hollywood Unveiled the New Justin Bieber Wax Figure held at the Madame Tussauds in Hollywood California today.

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Michael Joseph Jackson Jr.

Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson

Billy Bush

Smokey Robinson

Quincy Jones

Justin Bieber

Jackie Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson II

The Jackson Family With Justin Bieber

The Los Angeles Premiere of 'Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour' held at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, brought out the whole family along with Smokey Robinson, Justin Bieber, Billy Bush and Quincy Jones.

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber helped TOSY unveil their new innovative entertainment robot at the Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo By: RD / Kabik / Retna Digital

Monday, November 21, 2011


Chaka Khan With Guest

Nicki Manaj


Jennifer Lopez

Amy Heidemann

Phoebe Price

Christina Grimmie

James Durbin

Windell Middlebrooks

Carly Steel

Taio Cruz

Vanessa Marano

Troy Harley

Katie Leclerc

Soulja Boy

Sophia Grace Brownlee And Rosie Brownlee

Erica Dasher

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

Cheryl Hines

Keenan Cahill

Mika Newton

Anne V

Ryan Daly With Mason Musso And Anthony Improgo

Audrina Patridge

Keltie Colleen

Lance Bass


Sarah Hyland

Vanessa Lachey

Jennifer Morrison

Bleona Qereti

Alanis Morissette

Joe Jonas

Sarah Drew

Christa B. Allen

Neil Perry With Kimberly Perry And Reid Perry

Benjamin Bratt

Heidi Klum

Smokey Robinson And Claudette Rogers Robinson

John Legend

Jennifer Hudson

Hot Chelle Rae

Julia Kurbatova

Tiana Madry With Tiera Madry


Sean Kingston With Maliah Michel

Gavin Degraw

Ellie Goulding

Lil Jon

Gene Simmons And Shannon Tweed

Hayley Roberts And David Hasselhoff

Taylor Swift

Mary J. Blige

Hillary Scott

Maroon 5

Julie Bowen

Lionel Richie

Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber

Jenny McCarthy

Gym Class Heroes

David Hasselhoff With Guest

Adam Lambert


Katy Perry

Robin Thicke

The 2011 American Music Awards was held at Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles, California last night.


Artist of The Year:

Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
Lil Wayne
WINNER: Taylor Swift

Pop/Rock Male:

Justin Bieber
WINNER: Bruno Mars

Pop/Rock Female:

WINNER: Katy Perry
Lady GaGa

Pop/Rock Group:

WINNER: Maroon 5
One Republic

Pop Rock Album:

WINNER: Adele- 21
Rihanna – Loud
Lady Gaga – Born This Way

Country Male Artist:

Jason Aldean
Brad Paisley
WINNER: Blake Shelton

Country Female Artist:

Sara Evans
Miranda Lambert
WINNER: Taylor Swift

Country Band/Duo/Group:

Zac Brown Band
WINNER: Lady Antebellum
The Band Perry

Country Album:

Jason Aldean- 'My Kinda Party'
WINNER: Taylor Swift- 'Speak Now'
The Band Perry– 'The Band Perry'

Rap Hip Hop:

Lil Wayne
WINNER: Nicki Minaj
Kanye West

Rap Hip Hop Album:

Lil Wayne- ‘Carter 4'
The Throne-’Watch The Throne’
WINNER: Nicki Minaj- ‘Pink Friday’

Soul/R&B Male:

Chris Brown
Trey Songz

Soul/R&B Female:

WINNER: Beyonce
Kelly Rowland

Soul/R&B Album:

Chris Brown ‘FAME’
WINNER: Rihanna -’Loud’
Beyonce ‘-4'


WINNER: Jennifer Lopez
Enrigue Iglesias

Contemporary Inspirational Artist:

WINNER: Casting Crowns
Third Day

Adult Contemporary Artist:

Bruno Mars
Katy Perry

New Artist:

Wiz Khalifa
The Band Perry
Marsha Ambrosius
Foster The People
WINNER: Hot Chelle Rae
Thompson Square

Photos By: RD / Orchon / Retna Digital.