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Thursday, May 03, 2018


The Jewish Board Of Family And Children’s Services 2018 Spring Gala Honors Alice Tisch And Stephanie Bernheim
Jean Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff And Martin Shafiroff

New York, NY - At its 29th annual spring gala, the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (The Jewish Board) honored Alice Tisch, outgoing president, and Stephanie Bernheim, long-standing Trustee of the organization. The event, which took place on Thursday, April 26 at the Plaza Hotel, attracted more than 350 guests and raised $1.5 million for the programs of The Jewish Board, which serves more than 45,000 New Yorkers of all faiths, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds each year.

Alice Tisch And Jonathan Tisch

Ann Tisch And Alice Tisch

“We’re tremendously grateful for the tireless efforts of Alice Tisch and Stephanie Bernheim on behalf of The Jewish Board,” said David Rivel, CEO of The Jewish Board. “Both Alice and Stephanie have been passionate promoters of access to quality mental and behavioral health services, and we look forward to their work for many years to come.”

John A. Herrmann, Jr. and Jenny Lyss presented the honorees with their awards.

Alice Tisch received the Saul Cohen Leadership Award for both her tenure as President of the Board of Trustees of The Jewish Board and fifteen years as a board member. She has dedicated her professional life to philanthropy and service in the arts, health and social services, and education. She also serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Museum of Modern Art where she also chairs of the museum's Acquisitions Department of Architecture & Design; She serves as trustee of the NYU Langone Health, and has led their pediatrics initiative, KiDS of NYU, for over twenty years.

Jean Shafiroff With Stephanie Bernheim

Jean Shafiroff With Natalie Ross And Flo Anthony

Stephanie Bernheim received the Madeleine Borg Lifetime Service Award, for her service as a trustee for the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services for almost twenty years. She is a member of the agency’s Executive Committee, the trustee representative on the monthly Incident Review Committee, and a member of the Corporate Compliance, Government Relations and Adult Residential committees. An artist, Ms. Bernheim’s work has been exhibited and collected in galleries and museums including P.S.1 Museum in Long Island City, The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum, The Milwaukee Art Museum, The Princeton Museum, and A.I.R. Gallery, where she founded the A.I.R. Fellowship Program for emerging and underrepresented women artists.

Sheri Gellman With Lisa Wilks And Erica Tishman

Linda Mirels With Jeff Schoenfeld And John A. Hermann Jr.

The Saul Cohen Leadership award is named for a former president of The Jewish Board. Better known as Bud Cohen, his vision and dynamism led to the merger of the Jewish Board of Guardians with Jewish Family Service, creating the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

The Madeleine Borg Lifetime Service Award is named for Madeleine Borg, a lifelong advocate for children and for greater access to mental health services. From 1942 to 1952 Ms. Borg served as President of what became The Jewish Board. She was an early organizer and leader of the Jewish Federation and the founder of America’s Big Sister movement.

Benefit Chairs

Jean and Martin Shafiroff

Rachel and Charles Bernheim

Leslie May Blauner and Andrew Blauner

Bloomberg Philanthropies


Cindy and David Edelson

Michael A. Epstein

Carol and Steven Fasman

Harriet Gruber

John A Herrmann, Jr.

Shelley Holm and Dr. Paul Hammerschlag

Karen and Jay Kasner

Lynn Korda Kroll

Lesley and Norman Leben

Fran and Jack Levy

Laurie Lindenbaum and Bob Horne

Jennifer and Marc Lipschultz

Jenny and Greg Lyss

Sally and Anthony Mann

Lori and David Moore

Kate and Brad Peck

Becky Diamond and Jamie Stecher

Emily and Steven Steinman

Amy Stursberg

Thomas Tisch

Jean and Ray Troubh

Dr. Ralph Wharton

About The Jewish Board:

For more than 140 years, the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (The Jewish Board) has been helping New Yorkers realize their potential and live as independently as possible. We promote resilience and recovery by addressing all aspects of an individual’s life, including mental and physical health, family, employment and education. Across the five boroughs and in Westchester, we serve more than 43,000 New Yorkers from all religious, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds each year. For more information, please visit

Jean And Martin Shafiroff Photos Courtesy Of: Rose Billings

Photos Courtesy Of: Jewish Board / "Laura Massa, Laura Massa / Michael Priest Photography 2018"

Sunday, May 14, 2017



Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Jean Shafiroff And Lieba Nesis

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS) held its annual Spring benefit on recently at the Plaza Hotel. For more than 140 years the Board has been helping New Yorkers with mental illness, chemical dependencies, and special needs. The evening was sold-out with more than 400 people attending and more than $1.8 million raised-a record for this organization.

Alice Tisch

The nights  honorees were Mark H. Rachesky and Beacon Health Options who were both given The Schiff Community Impact Award and Jodi Schwartz who received the Madeleine Borg Lifetime Service Award. Dr. Rachesky is President of MHR Fund Management LLC, a New York based private equity firm he founded in 1996. He also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lionsgate Entertainment. Alice Tisch, President of the Board of Trustees, joked that everyone talks about how fortunate Rachesky is. She and Rachesky had an ongoing rapport with Rachesky recounting being at a business luncheon with Alice running over to his table screaming, "you have to give more."

Jodi Schwartz &  Mark Rachesky
 Jodi Schwartz, another honoree, who was wearing Chanel and is a prominent tax attorney at Wachtell Lipton, praised JBFCS for being the largest human service agency in the world serving over 43,000 people a year with an annual budget of $250 million. CEO David Rivel, who has held this position for the past five years, has taken JBFCS to a new level recently winning the gold prize for outstanding not-for-profit. The evening the beautiful Jean Shafiroff was wearing a magnificent orange and gold Oscar de la Renta dress. Jean has been an avid supporter of the organization for years buying tables for the dinner and serving on the board where she has personally met with many of the JBFCS recipients. Tonight the audience met Courtney Miller, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a taxi accident and has been nursed back to health by the organization. I had the honor of sitting next to Martin Shafiroff, husband of Jean, who is the best kept secret on Wall Street-a bestselling author and a great financial wizard who keeps an extremely low profile.

 Also in attendance were Wall Street moguls David Moore and Jerry Levin who are also heavily involved in UJA. Speaking of UJA, a dapper Eric Goldstein, who has taken over as CEO of UJA and brought it to new heights in terms of respectability and fundraising, spoke of the close 100-year bond between UJA and JBFCS. After a kosher dinner of chicken and salad the guests headed home to relax after experiencing a wonderful evening for the reasonable price of $1250.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


The Jewish Board Of Family And Children's Services Fete

Story & Photos By: Lieba Nesis

Jean Shafiroff

Emily Schwartz Board President, Alice Tisch Honoree,
 Fred Yerman And Honoree - Emily Steinman

The Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services (JBFCS) held its annual dinner at the Plaza Hotel on Thursday, with hors d' oeuvres starting at 6:30PM. 

Eric Goldstein, President of UJA, Jean Shafiroff , Board Member
And Past Honoree, With Alice Tisch, President Of Jewish Board

 This organization, which has been in existence for over 140 years, has over 3,300 employees and serves over 43,000 New Yorkers annually at its community-based programs and treatment centers. This evening the ballroom was replete with philanthropists Jean Shafiroff, Alice Tisch, and Carol and Jerry Levin. The colors of the evening were black and white with honoree Emily Steinman in a black and white Alexander McQueen, Jean Shafiroff in a black and white Oscar de la Renta, and Karen Krasner in a black and white Valentino.

Lieba Nesis
 After a busy cocktail hour, the guests headed from the second floor ballroom to the third floor dinner hall for some speeches, kosher food, and animated conversation. After a benediction was recited over the kosher food the guests were introduced to Alice Tisch, Board President, who presented the Yerman-Steinman family with the "Madeleine Borg Lifetime Service Award." Fred Yerman, a partner at Kaye Scholer, became a trustee of the Board in 1981 and is currently Honorary President. Moreover, Fred's daughter Emily has been a trustee of the Jewish Board for the past 10 years and spoke about the meaningfulness the Jewish Board has for her and two daughters. Eric Goldstein, CEO of UJA, reiterated the importance of the alliance between UJA and the Jewish Board before Alice Tisch presented Emily Schwartz with the "Saul Z. Cohen Leadership Award". Schwartz has been a trustee of the Board since 2005 and has been deeply involved with UJA for the past 25 years spearheading fundraising in issues affecting children and families. During the dinner it was emphasized that JBFCS serves non-Jews as well with a video being shown of Tom Cleary, the son of an alcoholic father, who benefited from the mental health program. All these ingredients helped make this event an incredible success as CEO David Rivel said, "the Jewish Board thrives because of the commitment of the individuals honored tonight." That dedication was manifested by the over 350 people who attended a dinner which raised $1.3 million. 

Friday, May 01, 2015



JBFCS Trustees Carol Levin With Jean Shafiroff And Karen Kasner

New York, NY – Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services—better known as The Jewish Board—New York City’s largest comprehensive provider of health and human services to adults and children, hosted its Spring Benefit 2015 at The Plaza Hotel and honored trustees David B. Edelson, Paul Kronish and Susan Hecht Tofel. The event raised more than $1.3 million for the organization.

IN ATTENDANCE: UJA-Federation’s Eric Goldstein, NYC Council Member Mark Levine, Jewish Board Trustees Anthony E. Mann, Laurie Sprayregen, Jean Shafiroff, Jean Troubh, Fran Levy, Lynn Kroll, Steven Fasman, Karen Kasner, CEO David Rivel, and many others.

The Jewish Board Chief Executive Officer David Rivel welcomed the event’s more than 400 guests and spoke about the breadth and inclusiveness of the 140-year-old organization’s services.

“The Jewish Board is all about hope and recovery,” Rivel said. “Whether you are a child or an adult, whether you are Jewish or not Jewish, whether you struggle with mental health challenges or whether there is abuse or neglect in your family, we give people hope that their life can get better and give them the tools to recover and live as full a life as possible.”

Guests watched a video that told the stories of two Jewish Board clients who were in the room and received a standing ovation. Central Synagogue’s Senior Rabbi Angela W. Buchdahl, Senior Cantor Mo Glazman, Assistant Cantor Julia R. Cadrain, and accompanist David Strickland performed “True Colors” and a Yom Ha’atzmaut medley, honoring Israel Independence Day.

UJA-Federation of New York CEO Eric Goldstein addressed the crowd and lauded The Jewish Board for consistently stepping in during crises.

“During every crisis—9/11, the 2008 recession, Hurricane Sandy, and most recently the closing of FEGS,” Goldstein said. “The Jewish Board has seamlessly partnered with us to offer a bold, immediate, effective response for both the Jewish community and the entire city of New York.”

Friday, April 26, 2013



Jean Shafiorff And Michael Bloomberg

Melissa Russo

Jean And Martin Shafiroff

Mario Buatta

Oscar Plotkin With Sharon Bush

Ann Rapp With Roy Kean

Tony Mann With Jean Shafiroff, Joyce Cowin, Jerold D Jacobson,
 Seymour R. Askin, Jr., Paul Levine, Jean Troubh And Michael Album

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services (JBFCS) celebrated its 2013 Spring Benefit honoring Seymour R. Askin, JBFCS Honorary Chair of the Board, Jerold D. Jacobson, Proskauer, Partner, Jean Shafiroff, JBFCS Board Member and Paul Levine, JBFCS Executive VP & CEO at New York City’s Plaza Hotel. Melissa Russo, WNBC news anchor, served as master of ceremonies.

The evening began with a flourish, as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg attended the cocktail hour to address the crowd and thank JBFCS, noting that “you can’t do it alone” and that the work of JBFCS is a necessity for the city to help its residents in need. At the conclusion of the cocktail hour, the attendees moved upstairs where master of ceremonies Melissa Russo introduced Tony Mann, the President of the Board of Trustees. Mr. Mann announced the news to the 375 attendees that some $1.3 million dollars had been raised for the organization.

After Fred Yerman blessed the bread, Paul Levine, Executive Vice President of JBFCS, was introduced by John Herrmann, the former President of the Board of JBFCS. Outgoing VP and CEO Levine reflected upon his time with JBFCS and concluded by thanking everyone involved with the organization and the leadership under which he served.

Chair of the Board Jean Troubh then introduced honoree Seymour R. Askin, Jr. who outlined his detailed past with Big Brothers, the Jewish Board of Guardians, and JBFCS, working with those in need. He said his mother taught him that “people who are able to live well have an obligation to pay it back in some way.” Jerald D. Jacobson, the next to be honored, spoke about his four decades spent as counsel for JBFCS and the experience of working with four generations of leadership in the organization.

Jean Shafiroff, the final honoree of the evening, was then introduced by Joyce Cowin. Jean, in attendance with her husband Martin and daughter Elizabeth, kept her address brief, noting with genuine modesty that the actual heroes are the staff, the volunteers, and the thousands of individuals that JBFCS helps and houses.

The $1.3 million raised will benefit JBFCS’ 175 community-based programs, residential facilities, and day-treatment centers that annually serve more than 55,000 New Yorkers-in-need of all faiths, races, and cultures.

JBFCS has been a trailblazer in treating social problems for more than a century. Today, the organization is one of the nation’s largest and most respected nonprofit mental health and social service agencies—every night, more than 1,000 individuals call a JBFCS residence home. The work of JBFCS is built upon a network of more than 2,200 professionals, including social workers, licensed psychologists, and psychiatrists, as well as a cadre of clinical support personnel in continuing day treatment and residential treatment centers, and a corps of more than 800 dedicated volunteers.

JBFCS provides a comprehensive network of mental health and social services to promote well-being, resilience, and self-sufficiency for individuals and families in need in the New York metropolitan area. As leaders in the field of human services, JBFCS’ mission is clear— 175 social service programs. 1 mission. To get help to those who need it.

For further information, please visit

Photos By: James Edstrom/Times Square Society