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Saturday, February 17, 2007


The relationship between British actor Hugh Grant and socialite Jemima Khan reached a dead end as the actor’s agent confirmed they “decided to split amicably.” "Hugh and Jemima have decided to split amicably," Robert Garlcok, Grant’s publicist said, confirming the first report by People Magazine . According to recent reports Khan told Grant at a face-to-face meeting in London that their relationship had run its course. "It’s over," the Daily Mail quoted Khan, as telling Grant. The split followed rumors claiming Grant wasn’t ready to commit as he had been obviously avoiding questions regarding marriage even though he seemed quite pleased by Khan’s side. "It`s true that I have taken a long time to settle down," Grant said at a London press conference for his latest movie, “Music and Lyrics,” last month. "My life is very nice now," he added. However, a friend of Khan revealed that the news had not come as a surprise to Grant. "They both finally realized it was over. When Jemima told Hugh, it didn’t surprise him - it wasn't a bolt from the blue - the relationship was effectively dead," the pal said. "She feels the relationship has run its course. She felt the relationship was probably never really sufficiently stable to move towards marriage. "Jemima has been hugely, hugely fond of Hugh and there's absolutely nobody else involved on either side. There's great sadness on her part but no acrimony, it is a dead relationship as far as she is concerned." The “Bridget Jones” star and the mother-of-two, daughter of late billionaire Sir James Goldsmith, have been dating for three years, since Khan’s divorce from Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in 2004. A spokesman for the couple said: "It is an entirely amicable split, but both regard it as a private matter and will not be making any further statements." Recently, Grant admitted he is "not a very romantic man" in real life, despite finding fame in romantic roles. Speaking to reporters on the red carpet at his movie premiere where he and Khan were seen together for the last time, the actor described Khan as "brave" for standing in the cold with him for an hour as he talked to the press. "I'm not a very romantic man and I'm not a very musical man... What am I doing in this film? I don't know." Only hours before the split was confirmed, Grant described his lover as a "cracker" on US TV show The View, which aired Friday night. He said on the show that he became "fussy" about women's fashion since being with Khan. Grant, who rose to fame in the romantic comedies “Four Weddings and a Funeral'' and “Notting Hill,'' previously dated Elizabeth Hurley for 12 years but refused to commit.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Hugh Grant shocked guests at lover Jemima Khan's birthday party by branding her a "dictator". Jemima, who was celebrating her 33rd birthday at London's The George restaurant, provoked Hugh's outburst by joking about his commitment fears. A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "The night started off pretty well and they arrived looking very coupley."But when Jemima started chatting to her guests she made a joke about commitment phobia that didn't go down too well - to say the least."She said, 'If I had a child with Hugh, his dad would be 60 before he was even a teenager. That's how long it takes Hugh to make up his mind.'"Hugh didn't think her comments were appropriate. He told her, 'You're too overpowering Jemima. Strong is one thing but you are acting like a dictator.' "Jemima's comment hit a raw nerve with Hugh and the couple - who have been dating for three years - were visibly strained for the remainder of the party. Commitment wasn't the only thing bothering Jemima - she was also overheard moaning she isn't spending enough time with Hugh, 46. The source added: "Jemima also said the promotional schedule for his new film 'Music And Lyrics', meant they weren't seeing a lot of each other,which was obviously annoying her."This isn't the first time Hugh and Jemima have been seen arguing at a party. In 2005, Jemima lost her temper when she saw Hugh suggestively sucking former lover Liz Hurley's finger.
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