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Wednesday, March 02, 2016


Courtney Crawford Homeless With Dog

Yesterday R&B Divas star Terry Thorpe AKA Terez, evicted Courtney Crawford who is suffering from AIDS. The guy is now living on the street with his dog.

Almost two years ago I filed a lawsuit against Terez's company St Nicks Alliance. I am also suffering from AIDS. Their tenants spent day and night harassing my son and I, and Terez would do nothing to stop it. Terez and St Nicks Alliance staff instead started harassing me. We lived with mice and rats and Terez and her partner in crime Michelle Sainsbury did nothing. We were being tortured day and night by tenants and by the staff from St Nicks Alliance and they would not stop.

We proved to the city that either Terez or her employees forged our leases and the city refused to do anything. They left me no choice but to file a Supreme Court Lawsuit.

Disgusting Terez Thorpe


I complained about the drug dealing in the building. I told St Nicks Alliance in so many e-mails. All Terez and her partner at St Nicks Alliance Michelle Sainsbury would say was, I should be careful about my accusations. They called me a liar. Now St Nicks Building manager Haydee Cordero has been arrested for Money Laundering for a heroin cartel in Brooklyn. St Nicks Alliance owns or operates around 80 buildings in Brooklyn. They protected Ms. Cordero. How will you answer this Terez?

Passed Out In Hallway Michelle Sainsbury

The photo above is Michelle Sainsbury who is in charge of scatter site housing for people with AIDS. The photo was taken by a former employee of St Nicks Alliance. Ms. Sainsbury is spotted often in bars on Flatbush Avenue. The photo shows Ms. Sainsbury passed out in some hallway after a night of drinking. Is this a person who should be appointed Executive Director, in charge of watching over sick people with AIDS? Well Terez and St Nicks Alliance think so.


Courtney Crawford is now on the streets of NYC with his dog. E mails to Daniel Tietz from the HRA and to the housing staff at the HRA produced no help. They not only allowed him to be evicted by this horrible landlord, they refuse to take away the city contract which costs millions a year. With Federal and Supreme Court Lawsuits, the HRA still refuses to act.

The city contract clearly states, any landlord-provider who violates the Americans With Disabilities Act or violates Federal, state or housing laws, will have the contract revoked. We proved St Nicks Alliance violates these laws and the city did nothing. We proved we lived with mice and rats and the city did nothing. We proved St Nicks Alliance forged our leases and the city did nothing.


Terez and St Nicks Alliance are paid to help people with AIDS. Instead they abuse them, they ignore the laws, all in the name of profit. St Nicks not only makes millions from people with AIDS, they make untold amounts of money from Section 8 and all other kinds of housing. The taxpayers foot this bill and even after a Supreme Court lawsuit and Federal lawsuits the city still allows them to operate.


On television Terez and her wife Monifah play wonderful people. Terez plays the part of the person who helps people with AIDS, but the reality is she abuses them. She forces them to follow rules that are illegal. She does not allow them to paint their apartments, she won't allow them to have a dog, which every other regular tenant has, she won't allow you to hang pictures on the wall. Dozens of rules that other tenants don't have.

The American With Disabilities Act clearly states persons with disabilities must have equal or better housing. Terez and St Nicks Alliance break this law without even blinking a eye. They think they are above the law. They throw things in leases which no one has to follow except the person with AIDS.


The Federal lawsuit has now been endorsed by ACT UP. Flyers will now be posted everywhere asking people being abused by St Nicks Alliance or other landlords to join the lawsuits. 


When My story of my lawsuit hit the NY Daily News, St Nicks Alliance sent their now jailed building manager Haydee Cordero to remove the hard drives from the camera system. She also removed the security books. Almost two years now we have been fighting for them to turn over e-mails, security books, videos and so much more. St Nicks Alliance Refuses to follow the laws. If you have nothing to hide, you don't act like this.


During the eviction, Terez videotaped Mr. Crawford. This is a violation of the law and Mr. Crawfords privacy. Other violations included letters meant for other clients being mailed to Mr. Crawford with such charges against the person as violating caseworkers cell phone privacy. How the hell can you violate a caseworkers cellphone privacy? That did not matter to the HRA, any and all outlandish charges the HRA accepts. 


Dozens of e mails to St Nicks heads Michael Rochford and Joseph K. Robles about the conduct of their employees were ignored. Proven allegations to them were met with more abuse from their employees. Endless phone calls and e mails only resulted in St Nicks Alliance abusing me and Mr. Crawford more. St Nicks Alliance lives off the taxpayers. The City State and federal government pays them for services that are not rendered. Proven to the city that no services are provided resulted in no action. I will see you all in court.

Photos By: James Edstrom And Marcelo/ACT UP

Tuesday, November 17, 2015



Story By: James Edstrom
Charlie Sheen And James Edstrom

First of all, Charlie Sheen is a very nice guy. I met him a couple of times, he is sweet, caring and funny. I applaud him for telling the world about his status, he should have done it sooner though and not been blackmailed by these ruthless people.

Being diagnosed with HIV is very hard. You are in shock, you think your going to die and you start making plans to die. But even worse is the abuse you receive from the city of New York trying to find a way to stay in a home and to pay for your medicine to stay alive.

When I was told I had full blown AIDS in 2001, days after September 11th, my whole life changed. I was so sick, I could not pay my rent, I could not afford my medicine and having HIV was still not accepted. My doctors sent me to the City's HRA HASA HIV unit which in turn gave me even more horror. They made promises they never kept, they abused me till I finally had it and called my high powered politician friends who contacted the commissioner. But this was just the beginning, the beginning of years of abuse, the beginning of years of being threatened with homelessness by the HRA and their corrupt landlords, being forced to live with mice and rats and when I complained, the abuse got worse.

The last few years I was living on Maujer Street owned by St Nicks Alliance. Right away my son and I were being abused by tenants and caseworkers from St Nicks, because I had AIDS. The more I complained, the more they abused me. Our life was threatened by St Nicks tenants, St Nicks Alliance employees were always threatening us with eviction if we did not do what they told us too. Here we were living in a rent stabilized apartment where we paid our rent, and we had no rights.

We went to the city and complained. They refused to do anything. Here we were, me with full blown AIDS and my son who I adopted and took off the streets. We proved to the city that we were living with mice and rats, we proved tenants were abusing us and we proved the landlord St Nicks Alliance forged our lease agreements. The city still ruled against us. Their own employees who were at the lease signing testified that they were at the lease signing and we never agreed to caseworkers and other things and the leases were forged, yet the city ruled against us.

Rent laws are clear and so is the Americans With Disability Act. Persons with disabilities must have equal or better housing. St Nicks Alliance refused to abide by the law and the HRA refused to enforce their contract with St Nicks Alliance which states that they must comply with all ADA laws. After endless e mails to the Commish, the Deputy Commish, phone conversations with them both and endless e mails to HRA HASA personal, I was forced to file in Supreme Court and to go public that I had AIDS in the New York Daily News.

I complained about the mice and rats, no one did anything. St Nicks Alliance has violations going back years for mice and rats, yet they did nothing. I was bitten in my bed one night. Still they did nothing. Tenants were outside my windows yelling move white boys move and we have to get the AIDS faggots out, the city did nothing and St Nicks Alliance did nothing. I complained about the drug dealing in the building. St Nicks Alliance told me I should be careful at what I say, I could be sued for slander. They refused to do anything. But lo and behold, St Nicks Property Manager Haydee Cordero was recently arrested for money laundering for a Heroin drug cartel. St Nicks Alliance owns or operates around 80 buildings in the Brooklyn area. I told them about the drug dealing and they ignored. They even refused to give video to the police department when I witnessed a deal in our lobby.

When I filed the lawsuit, St Nicks employees came to the building and took the hard drive on the security system. They also took the security reports. St Nicks Alliance refuses to turn them over to us as required by law. There are also hundreds of e mails they refuse to turn over, they gave us around ten. In them St Nicks employees Michael Rochford and Frank Lang joke about the mice and rats. Replys are blocked out. They refuse to comply with the law. Another lawsuit was filed in Federal Court last week by Courtney Crawford. He is being abused by St Nicks Alliance employees and the same tenants in the building who abused us. St Nicks Alliance is trying to evict Mr. Crawford because he has a dog, something everyone in the building has, but St Nicks Alliance thinks it's right for them to discriminate against people with AIDS.

Still the HRA refuses to step in and pull the contract from St Nicks Alliance. Lawsuits in Supreme Court, Lawsuits in Federal Court, and the city continues to allow this alleged Not-For_Profit to get city contracts. 

The abuses have gone on for so many years in the city's HRA-HASA system with these providers and it has to stop. Thousands of people are being abused in this system that costs a Billion A Year to the taxpayers, A system that abuses people with AIDS who need housing and most of all, need their medicine. My Medicine costs over three thousand a month. Someone like Charlie Sheen can afford this, but most people can't and end up very sick and even die. 

I am out of this fake provider system and out of abusive St Nicks Alliance. My lawyer bills are through the roof and since St Nicks Alliance refuses to follow the law and turn over videos, security books and e mails, we are spending so much money on motions trying to get them. What is St Nicks Alliance scared of? I'll tell you, they are abusing people with AIDS, they are breaking several laws, some of them Federal Laws and they run a corrupt operation that provides no services to anyone with AIDS. They live off the taxpayers of New York City and the Federal Government. Most of all, they live off the sick people who suffer with AIDS. Persons with AIDS are trying to stay alive and St Nicks Alliance is profiting off them.

I am glad Charlie Sheen came out for having HIV. I understand what he was going through being blackmailed and getting to courage to stand up and fight and to tell the public he has HIV. I had to do it last year in the NY Daily News. It was not easy, but St Nicks Alliance and the HRA left me no option but to admit I was sick and fight. I hope Charlie continues fighting for the rights for people with HIV. I hipe he give me a call.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Governor Cuomo And Mayor De Blasio Announce Affordable Housing Protection For Low-Income New Yorkers Living With HIV/AIDS

Story By: James Edstrom

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

We applaud Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to help New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS. It will save money and will save lives.

I remember a few years back I had a friend that lived in supportive housing where his rent was capped at 30 percent. He wanted to move on and won a lottery for a affordable housing apartment in Manhattan. The building was beautiful, affordable housing was mixed in with the rich apartment renters. The only problem was my friend had limited disability checks coming in every month, his rent went from around two hundred a month to about five hundred a month, leaving him with nothing to buy food with. He lasted only two months and finally he had to decide, pay the rent and don't eat or become homeless and have food. He chose being homeless. And he ended up in the hospital endless times due to being homeless, which in the long run cost the city and state more money than if he had a apartment in the first place.

Lucky after a few months, he was able to get another supportive apartment with low rent, but he did not need supportive housing, and by him taking another apartment meant that someone with HIV/AIDS that did need the services, did not have a place to go. This is the major problem with supportive housing. Even if the person with HIV/AIDS does not need caretakers and supportive housing, they are forced to stay there, because that is all they can afford. So they stay there for years, taking up a apartment that could be used for someone that really needs the services. Supportive housing also is for people with mental Disabilities, War Veterans and other health problems as well as other issues. So this bill will allow people that do not need these services to move on. It will open up housing for people that really need it.

Perhaps one more thing can be accomplished next. Currently the state and city will pay twenty dollars per month towards the electric bills of people with HIV/AIDS. This is just not enough. I can not tell you how many people I know with HIV/AIDS who are always on a final disconnect for their electric bill. Their bills range from a hundred a month in winter to over two hundred in the summer when electricity demand is high and so are the prices. Either the city or state or both should raise the help they can give with these bills. Better yet, Con Edison of New York City should give a deep discount towards people with HIV/AIDS as well as people with other disabilities. Considering how much CON ED makes a month in profit, maybe a bill is needed in Albany, that would require this utility to give people on limited income electricity and gas at cost. It is only right considering how much money Con Ed rakes in every month.

On another note, Dr. Frank R. Lipton from The Human Resources Administration (HRA), who has been called the quintessential unsung hero in media outlets, should be named the new Commissioner of The HRA. Under Dr. Lipton's direction, almost 15,000 supportive housing apartments have been created. Considered widely successful, Dr. Lipton has put New York City on the right track to end homelessness.

But Their Are Problems With HIV/AIDS Programs

There are some problems though. Currently a provider of Scatter Site and Supportive housing can do what they want. If a tenant has a complaint about services received by a provider, there is no outlet for the tenant to complain and take action against the provider. It is the provider that has the power to take the tenant on, but the tenant has no recourse to say to the HRA, "Hey, I am not receiving services". Currently apartment providers for the HRA can call level one, two and three meetings against the tenant and the next step is eviction. But if the provider is not living up to the contract for which they are being paid, no action can be taken against the landlord provider. This has to change, as providers are taking advantage of this loophole and people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS, Mental or other, have no recourse. They can be abused by the provider, which happens more often than anyone can imagine. I have heard more horror stories on this issue and recently I wrote Dr. Lipton asking him to put safeguards in place, so the City's HRA HASA program for people with HIV/AIDS, can take action against a provider who is being paid for services and not rendering them.

Another example of the abuses of providers. People with HIV/AIDS are told they will have Case Management. Yet none of the providers can tell you what that is. They demand that the person living with HIV/AIDS meet with them every week or every other week, yet provide no services. The caseworker will sit there and ask the client, what have you done, yet they never have any answers to what they have done to make the person living with HIV/AIDS live a easier life.

One recent example is St. Nicks Alliance of Brooklyn. I spoke to a caseworker who was recently fired because she wanted to help people with HIV/AIDS. She was told she did not manage her time well. But the reason she was not managing her time well, was she really was trying to help her clients. Helping takes time.

When I put the question to St Nicks Alliance about their Scatter Site program, they denied they had anything to do with their founding fathers, St. Nicks Alliance The Landlord. They said they were a separate entity, and the Landlord had nothing to do with the Scatter Site program. I could have believed this, since I live in one of St. Nicks buildings in Williamsburg. But when this case worker lost her job, she was called down to Frank Lang's office.When doing a search on Frank Lang, this is what several websites say.

Frank Lang is the Director of Housing for the St. Nicks Alliance since 2006 overseeing all of St. Nicks’ housing programs including real estate development, tenant assistance and property management. St. Nicks, founded in 1975, is one of the premiere community development companies in NYC.

St. Nicks Alliance Scatter Site programs separate from  St. Nicks Alliance the landlord? I THINK NOT!

When I e-mailed the fired caseworker on what St. Nicks Alliance Scatter Site Case Management meant, this was her reply.

"Case management is an intangible construct. I don't know how they measure their results of case management. They are unbelievably infatuated with getting program fees. But you are right, they are not exactly managing anything."

Now for anyone who wonders what program fees are, they are the rent paid by the tenant and the monies paid to the program by the City, State and the HRA.

Now in a e-mail to Michelle Sainsbury Deputy Director of Supportive Housing, AKA Scatter Site, I have requested her definition of Case Management. I look forward to her reply, if there is one. 

Now to keep things out in the open, St Nicks Alliance is also my landlord. Since day one here, we have been abused by several of their tenants. Since day one, we have been plagued with Mice and Rats and many maintenance issues. We were robbed the first hour we were here and their tenants harass us day and night. They call us faggots, white trash and everything else in the book. The police refuse to help almost every time and the St Nicks Alliance is protecting these tenants. Recently St. Nicks Alliance showed up to finally fix some of the problems, after 15 months of complaints, but the vermin problem persists. Building manager Hayde Cordero also showed up to speak to me. But she refuses to enforce the building rules. This one tenant who is always outside our window, smoking pot, drinking and yelling and screaming is allowed to continue in this manner. When I asked Ms. Cordero to take action, she said she had no proof. I told her she did. I told her she had numerous police and security reports, and most recently this tenant was arrested in our stairwell smoking pot and drinking with his friends. I also informed her that ST. Nicks Alliance's recent installation of cameras everywhere would show that this tenant was in front of my windows for hours at a time on several nights, smoking pot and drinking with his friends. I told Cordero that the police have been to this persons apartment a dozen times, St. Nicks personal have been to this guys apartment several times and he is not going to stop. He does not care and refuses to follow any rules of this building. The harassment is pure racism, plain and simple. If I was acting in this manner, if I was calling other tenants the N WORD and I was breaking all these rules, I would be evicted. No doubt about it.

Considering we are very quiet, and we don't break any rules, I can only assume not only are these tenants anti-gay, they are racist. And since St. Nicks Alliance refused to enforce the rules against these tenants, I can only assume they are also racist. We will be writing about this more very soon, but you can read our first story HERE. You can also be sure, St. Nicks Alliance will try to get revenge against my son and I, but I am very prepared for that.

The following statement was sent to us by The Governor's Office.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have announced a new affordable housing protection for low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS. With today’s announcement, New Yorkers who are permanently disabled by HIV/AIDS and receive rental assistance will pay no more than 30 percent of their income toward their rent. Without this protection, more than 10,000 New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS are denied affordable housing and required to pay upwards of 70 percent of their disability income toward their rent.

“This action will ensure that thousands of New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS will no longer be forced to choose between paying their rent or paying for food and other essential costs of living,” Governor Cuomo said. “By implementing a 30 percent income cap for low-income renters with HIV/AIDS, we are protecting New Yorkers in need and making our communities stronger, healthier, and more compassionate for all.”

Mayor de Blasio said, "I'm very proud to work with Governor Cuomo to provide some measure of security to people struggling with the debilitating effects of HIV-AIDS. And we come to the table ready to shoulder two-thirds of this program's costs because we are committed to lifting up the most vulnerable among us. This is the mark of a compassionate city."