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Monday, November 18, 2013




Scandal: A Manual

RUSH & MOLLOY’S SCANDAL --- Being in the ink-stained wretch business, I knew I was going to love George Rush and Joanna Malloy’s new tome, Scandal: A Manual, but I am truly loving it; not so much for their celebrity-stories (Kirstie Alley, Sylvester Stallone, Don Johnson and Jack Nicholson), but for the memories and references to such legendary newspaper characters like Steve Dunleavy; Richard Johnson; Richard Gooding; Cindy Adams; Liz Smith; Lou Colasuonno; and the dean of them all, Neal Travis. I mean, if you do a job like this, these names are like royalty. The stories are great, but the behind-the-scenes moments are priceless. Their classic Rush & Molloy column in the New York Daily News was required reading … right along with Johnson’s Page Six.

I met Joanna years ago and through her, met George, who has always impressed me as a writer out of the Dorothy Parker-era. Classy, reserved and, remarkably funny. It’s a classic book for sure … required reading. I loved Joanna’s machinations amidst the Woody Allen/Soon-Yi Previn scandal and George’s own dance with Motown-founder Berry Gordy.

Johnson left Page Six a while back and it really has never returned to what he made it; although Johnson has recently returned to the Post penning a Neal Travis-like column. The News, on the other hand, he re-christened their gossip sheet (in what must be like the 7th time) as NY Confidential and though they've gotten some legitimate stories, it’s a pale, pale link to what Rush & Malloy were. I guess the one constant in gossip is change.

Sirius XM's Brett Winterble talks to George tonight on his show.

 HOMELAND --- What was missing the most from Showtime’s Homeland this season, returned in the closing minutes of last night’s “Little Red Wagon” episode …. Damien Lewis. Mandy Patinkin’s character, after carefully orchestrating the possible coup of his career suddenly went under the radar and materialized where Brody has been held all this season. It posits several questions: How did Patinkin know he was there and for how long; did he ever truly believe Lewis was responsible for the mass bombing that ended season two; and, what plan does he have in mind for him. No doubt about it, this has been Patinkin’s season and he’s been truly brilliant. Many have believed that since the show began, he’s been the mole. Really, quite a superlative episode; certainly the best of a season that struggled somewhat. The last few episodes should be dazzling.

LADY GAGA --- I thought she did a tremendous job hosting this weekend’s Saturday Night Live; in fact, it garnered the show’s highest ratings since March.

Opening with a jazzed-up version of her current hit, “Applause,” she showed off her voice to great effect and it was a great arrangement of the song; mixed in with a bit of "New York, New York." There’s no question that she was in on the whole Gaga-joke and her appearance really displayed a great side of her personality; a side that’s often gotten lost. One reviewer called it her New York-theater side, rather than her art-school/shock persona. I couldn't agree more.

She also performed “Gypsy,” from her new album, which was most excellent. I noted many similarities to any of the classic Springsteen-anthems and felt that the late, great Clarence Clemmons’sax would have fit so perfectly in this. She’s got a real voice and can write songs; something so missed in today’s music scene. She came on the scene with such a fervor, that many missed the point; she’s a real talent.

CLOSING NOTES --- After a tremendous start last year: Mark Bego’s excellent edited-magazine on the 50th Anniversary of The Supremes – and, a healthy dose of Mary Wilson to boot – the company that issued it, Event Bookazines, has possibly shuttered. We haven't gotten any official word, but communication has gone silent. Publisher Tony Seidl, who invented the instant book years ago; with this company, basically invented the instant magazine. I know for a fact they had several new magazines in the pipeline. We're keeping our fingers crossed. They were a great addition to the media-scene.

LITTLE RASCALS-- The Rascals were absolutely brilliant opening The Views’ birthday episode for Whoopi Goldberg last week. Boy, did they sound like heaven! I totally missed their run on Broadway, but kept hearing raves left and right. I had occasion to sit with co-producer Maureen Van Zandt last week and she told me the production would be returning to Broadway in mid-September. Believe me: I will be there opening night. Maureen’s a visionary talent in her own right and I can't wait to see her talent explode in the production of the show, Once Upon A Dream. She’s been a key player in many projects, some with her husband Steve. A true talent for sure.

ANTI ALEC-- I've almost reached my tipping point with Alec Baldwin. I've loved him for years, possibly most in The Departed, and on many David Letterman appearances but, the man does have anger issues. In his so-called stalking trial last week; who the hell knows what really happened, but I'll say the alleged stalker’s attitude in court didn't really help her. She was sentenced to a contempt charge and 210 days in jail. I wonder if there’s a book in her future. And, post-trial Baldwin’s been systematically picking off photographers and journalists near his Village home. MSNBC pulled his talk-show for two weeks in response to a alleged homophobic rant he shouted at one photographer. Look, I'm quite sure what he’s been going through is the worst, but Alec, get a grip. You are killing what’s left of your career and your reputation. I predict MSNBC will pull the show. I've heard stories like this for years about Alec and, what can I say, karma’s a bitch.

Friday, June 06, 2008


The Wayuu Taya Foundation
Rita Cosby With Patricia Velasquez

Iman With Tomaczek Bednarek And Rita Cosby

Alex McCord And Simon Van Kempen

Donna Karan And Rita Cosby

Rita Cosby With Anderson Cooper

The fifth annual Wayuu Taya Foundation fundraising gala took place in New York City at The Bowery Hotel yesterday. The nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by actress, model and UNESCO Artist for Peace Patricia Velasquez, raises funds for Latin American indigenous communities. The Foundation focuses its attention on those that are most at risk – women and children. Since its inception, the Foundation has helped save the lives of hundreds of children, and has created a self-sustainable program focused on improving the lives of women through education and earning capabilities. In 2005, the Foundation inaugurated its first Roof Project Center; a centrally located network of facilities aimed at improving nutrition, education, and health care for the poorest and most ignored indigenous communities.The Foundation also reaches out to educational and healthcare facilities outside its Roof Project Center. In late 2006 continuing through 2007, the Foundation was instrumental in creating classrooms and assisting local clinics in their reach and operation. The intimate event honored a group of humanitarians who have contributed to the welfare of our global community. In honor of the Foundation’s fifth year anniversary, this year’s honorees included 5 incredible women: iconic fashion designer and founder of the Urban Zen Project Donna Karan, supermodel and CEO of Iman Cosmetics Iman, philanthropist Dany Garcia, Creative Vision’s Founder Kathy Eldon, and world renowned singer Bebel Gilberto. Presenters included CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Rosie O Donnell, designers Isaac Mizrahi and Narciso Rodriguez. The emcee was former Fox News and MSNBC host and NY Times bestselling author Rita Cosby. Russell Simmons delivered “special remarks” during the event. They joined past honorees that include Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Rachel Weisz, Russell Simmons, Wilmer Valderrama, Eileen Ford, and Carolina Herrera. A special performance by multi Grammy nominated Brazilian singer and honoree Bebel Gilberto provided the evening’s entertainment. The evening opened with a heart-stopping flamenco performance by internationally acclaimed dancer Rafael Amargo. “In just a few short years, we have been able to make a real difference to the lives of so many women and children in one of the poorest areas of the earth. I am confident that this year’s gala event raised enough funds for us to continue and expand our vitally important projects,” said founder, Patricia Velasquez. The Wayuu Taya Foundation was created in order to help improve the lives of Latin-American indigenous people while maintaining and respecting their traditions, culture and beliefs. The Foundation began its operations in an area that borders Venezuela and Colombia — where it has concentrated its efforts in assisting the WayĂșu, an indigenous group comprised of over 500,000 people.

Rita Cosby With Russell Simmons

Daily News Icon George Rush With Mark Pasetsky
Photos By: James Edstrom

Friday, April 04, 2008


Gypsy Impalla With Rita Cosby And Vinny Parco

Charlie Ruppman With Rita Cosby And Gypsy Impalla

Once again I have to say goodbye to my old friends. Everything in this business is changing so much. Gypsy Impalla, an icon at the New York Daily for 47 years. He's leaving. He's gone. Gypsy who started as a proof boy almost 50 years ago and who I met many years ago on my adventures with the Daily News, is moving on. I used to bring him and photo editors Charlie Ruppman and Mike Lipack donuts when I went up to their old 42nd street offices,and they used to be so happy to see me. I really loved going there and seeing them all including Editor Jo Barefoot. I guess I felt important. A guy from little Glen Cove Long Island in the news room of New York's hometown newspaper. I remember being at some party and getting wasted and meeting some drag queen, and I said ,"Hey want to come to the Daily News With Me?. I walked into their 42nd street newsroom and Charlie Ruppman was at the photo desk. Charlie yelled, OK, what you got for me. Meanwhile the whole newsroom stopped. Here I was with some drag queen holding some designer purse and all the newsroom stopped. Quiet. But Charlie just wanted to know the facts. What do I got? I look back on this with Charlie and Gypsy and we laugh. How stupid was I ? But these guys have become my lifelong friends. They are icons in this business. These guys have the biggest heart you could ever see. Another nice guy Keith Kelly from the competition The New York Post even wrote about Gypsy leaving. This is how much this guy is loved. I am going to miss so much calling the City Desk and telling Gypsy I have a hot story. Let me talk to someone. I am going to miss someone who knows the business like Gypsy does. Anyway, the farewell party was great. It's was like the third party we had and the last. It was at Hogs And Heffers on Washington and 13th street. Wild fun place. Vinny Parco showed up to say goodbye. Emmy winner Rita Cosby stopped by to say goodbye to the famous Gypsy. Everyone from the Daily News was there. Old friend George Rush from the famous Gossip page Rush And Molloy was there. I now know what George has to go through to do his column everyday. I realize the fact checking and the photo composition George and Joanna have do every day. I never appreciated that before. Now I do. I appreciate you all my old friends. I want you to know that. And Gypsy we all love you !

Parco PI Star Vinny Parco With George Rush
Photos By: James Edstrom