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Wednesday, August 08, 2012



Bitching By: James Edstrom

James Edstrom Clowns Around On G5 Jet

The past week has been a tough one. I really don't know about this summer, it has been hard just to survive.

Many of my readers wrote and asked why I did not write anything last Friday. Well I had to fly to Washington DC, that's all I can really say right now, I will be writing about that in a few days. Just want to make sure I have all the information right before I do a big story with some great photos. 

I have some very good and generous friends. Knowing that I was not feeling so good last week, they flew me and a few friends down to DC on their personal G5 Jet, arranged for all the limo service and treated me like a king. I know they are very private, so I won't mention their names. But they got me to Washington DC in 30 minutes compared to a 5 or 6 hour drive and they got me home just as quick. 

Who else can say they left for Washington DC at 1pm, attended meetings and a dinner, met with television stars, members of Congress, Generals, Diplomats, Politicians and was back home in Times Square by 9pm. But being around such good people, when I have been feeling so down lately, really made me feel alive again. Like I say, I am working on the story and it should be up sometime this week, hopefully. 


I am sure I will be doing a scandalous story on why I really have to move out of Times Square. My building has just become impossible to live in. There are drug raids in our building, drug dealers that live here dealing up and down our street and I am hearing rumors of prostitution from other tenants. When I moved in here there was none of this. The landlord has made some very mean moves against me all while smiling to my face like they were my friends. The more I complain about whats going on the more they want me out. So I have decided I do not have the time or energy anymore and I just want to move. I have been speaking to my media friends as well as my politician friends and when I give the signal, this landlord is going to learn a few things about being fair and they are going to learn that they can not break State and Federal laws, and to treat good people this way. And all of this in Times Square!


So many of my friends are moving to Harlem. It is the last Manhattan frontier to be renewed. One of my ultra rich friends just brought a townhouse there. In Harlem you are going to get more bang for the buck. The Times Square area is now all tourists, Central Park is all tourists and the feel of the old New York is disappearing. Everywhere you look is Disneyland and tourist traps. 

Harlem still has that old Manhattan style, so I am really considering a move up there. But Times Square Gossip will remain as always. We are getting close to 8 million readers and I have some wonderful changes planned for the future. I really need more space and a change. I need to leave the stress of Times Square and this building. Harlem could be the answer!

UPDATE: I got so many e-mails from friends asking what happened to my eye. Nothing happened, friends sunglasses broke and I was joking around. I am fine!