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Wednesday, May 06, 2015




When filmmaker Josh Fox received an unexpected offer of $100,000 for the natural gas drilling rights to his property in the Delaware River Basin, on the border of New York and Pennsylvania, he resisted the urge to accept. Instead, he set off on a cross-country journey to investigate the environmental risks of agreeing to the deal.

Gasland is Fox's urgent, cautionary and sometimes darkly comic look at the largest domestic natural gas drilling campaign in history, which is currently sweeping the country and promising landowners a quick payoff.

However, as Fox discovers, the drilling process, called hydraulic fracturing or fracking, was exempted by the Bush-Cheney Energy Policy Act of 2005 from the United States' most basic environmental regulations, including the Safe Drinking Water Act  and the Clean Air Act. Across the country, in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Dallas-Ft. Worth, where drilling is slated to take place or is already occurring directly in water-supplying areas nearby, a crisis looms that could affect millions.

Part verité road trip, part exposé, part mystery and part showdown, Gasland follows director Fox on a 24-state investigation of the environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing. What he uncovers is mind-boggling: tap water so contaminated it can be set on fire right out of the tap; chronically ill residents with similar symptoms in drilling areas across the country; and huge pools of toxic waste that kill livestock and vegetation.

Gas companies have now turned their attention to the massive Marcellus Shale Field, where Fox's Pennsylvania home rests. Stretching from the Catskill region of New York State to West Virginia, the so-called "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" is also home to the country's largest unfiltered watershed, supplying water to millions of Americans, including the residents of New York City. Thousands of leases have already been purchased by drilling companies, prompting a public controversy.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012


 Ed Asner

Today, celebrities and environmental leaders joined the call for the first-ever national mobilization on Fracking July 28th in Washington, DC, “Stop the Frack Attack.” The event will have three demands for Congress: stop dangerous fracking, close 7 legal loopholes that exempt the oil and gas industry from parts of the Safe Drinking Water, Clean Air, and Clean Water Acts, and implement a pathway towards 100% clean renewable energy.

Mark Ruffalo, Pete Seeger, Lois Gibbs, Bill McKibben, Ed Begley Jr., Ed Asner, Josh Fox, Gus Speth, Cornel West, Vandana Shiva, Holly Near, James Hansen, Dar Williams, Michael Kieschnick, Joe Uehlein, and Margot Kidder join over 100 organizations and community groups in their call to action.

"Fracking is proof our addiction to fossil fuels has gone too far,” said Margot Kidder, “In the face of this kind of destruction, doing nothing is not an option. I'll be in DC on July 28th because I’m worried about the world my grandchildren will inherit without immediate action. We have to stop the destruction, and we have to do it now."

Fracking is a hot-button issue in swing states including PA, OH, CO, NM, NC, and MT. In New York, the fight against fracking spurred Governor Cuomo to ban the practice in much of the state, but “Fracktivists” continue to fight for a total ban.