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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Shami Media Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the worldwide release of the award winning documentary film "Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story"

Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story

From Co-founders Edvin Ortega ("Orange Is The New Black", "The Jersey Devil") and John Wagner comes "Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story"

Shami Media Group, Inc. a distribution, marketing, and media leader in worldwide film distribution has acquired and released the documentary which is currently streaming on Amazon VOD.

Shami Media is led by film veteran Bob Shami who has been in the film distribution business for over 20 years. Their movies are currently found in retailers such as, F.Y.E., Best Buy, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sears, Kmart, MVD, Walmart, Target, Baker & Taylor, Red Box, iTunes and Netflix. They will now be adding Larger Than Life: A Boyband Story to their catalog of outstanding films.

The film not only takes a close look at what is like to be a tribute artist in New York's cut throat music scene, but it depicts the journey of co-founder Edvin Ortega as he tries to reunite John, Chris, Devin, Toly and others to not only form the Ultimate Boyband Tribute, but also relaunch their once promising careers as an original pop group.

It was the late 90’s and The Boy Band craze was at its peak. Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, 98 degrees were ruling the charts. Larger Than Life, the next great boy band was ready to take the world by storm. But then the music faded away. Justin left N’Sync. Backstreet didn’t come back and 98 Degrees cooled off. But now, the group is ready to make their big comeback and achieve the success they came so close to getting. Follow the journey of co-founder Edvin as he tries to reunite John, Chris, Devin, Toly and others to form the Ultimate Boyband Tribute band and to release their own hit song! For this boy band it’s a Brand New day!

Starring: Edvin Ortega, John Wagner, Devin Peacock, Chris Jehnert, Toly Rod, Keith Collins ("The Evangelist"). Produced by, Edvin Ortega, John Wagner, Keith Collins. Directed by: Edvin Ortega. Written by, Edvin Ortega, Joseph Pepitone ("The Jersey Devil"). Cinematography & Edited by, Brian Melso.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


This Award Winning Team Always Sends Me To Hell & Back

Reporting By: James Edstrom


Diamond Jesus Productions announced today that production of the new comedy web series, The Deplorables will begin shooting late Spring and will be released on digital platforms in the Fall/Winter.

Millennial mailroom slacker Michael Cheevers dies and is sentenced to Purgatory, to work in …the mailroom. There he meets his flirtatious manager, a demoted St. Peter, a disgruntled secretary and the Boss’ Son (Jesus). Together this dysfunctional team must stop a greedy real estate developer from taking over Purgatory and deporting them to Hell. But can these snowflakes actually work hard to stop him or will they just complain?

The Deplorables is based on the film Stuck in the Middle, which won Best Comedy Feature at the Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival. Stars Stephen Fontana and Penelope Lagos reprise their award-winning roles. Keith Collins (“The Evangelist”), Edvin Ortega (“Orange is the New Black”), Evonne Walton (“The Jersey Devil”) and Charles Goonan (“Smokers”) have signed on with more names to be announced soon.

The Deplorables was created by two-time Emmy winner Joseph Pepitone. The eight-episode arc was written by Joseph and his brother Billy. “I’m really excited to be heading back to Purgatory with some old friends and some new ones,” said Joseph. “The Deplorables is going to deal with some new issues that Stuck in the Middle didn’t and our goal is to make Purgatory great again. And since no one from Purgatory has told me of the conditions there, I think we can do it.”

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Twitter: @Deplorables201