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Thursday, October 12, 2017


More Than 100 Recipes from Rock & Roll’s Greatest

By Mark Bego

Introduction by Mary Wilson of The Supremes

Eat Like A Rock Star

Who knew that Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones) makes an amazing Lamb Chops with Endive and Blue Cheese Salad, that Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers) loves Pasta with Ham and Parmesan Cheese, or that Boz Scaggs eats Tuscan Grilled Chicken?

With more than a hundred recipes from seven decades of rock & roll, pop, country, R&B, and disco, Mark Bego, along with Mary Wilson of The Supremes, gathered beloved recipes from legendary rocker friends and invites the ultimate music fan to put on an apron and join them at the table. Featuring each rock star’s biography, their favorite recipe, and other fun facts, Eat Like a Rock Star is a must-have for every die-hard rocker-at-heart who loves to eat.

Mark Bego 'Eat Like A Rock Star'

There is nowhere else you will find Ray Parker Jr.’s Salmon and Eggs, Joey Fatone’s (‘N SYNC) Rice Balls, Micky Dolenz’s (The Monkees) Micky ‘D’ Cocktail, and Angela Bowie’s (David Bowie’s ex-wife’s) Rosti Hash Brown Potatoes all in one book. Whether it’s brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert, learn to cook:

• Michelle Phillips’s (The Mamas & The Papas) Organic Lemon Chicken

• Lou Christie’s Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes

• Marilyn McCoo’s (The 5th Dimension) Leg of Lamb

• Glen Campbell’s Favorite Mexican Chicken Casserole

• Sarah Dash’s (Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles) Peach Cobbler

With a section on head-spinning cocktails, full menu suggestions, as well as author Mark Bego’s own culinary concoctions such as Spicy Szechuan Sesame Noodles and Boozy Banana Cream Pie, look no further for the all-in-one cooking and rock & roll companion. As Martha Reeves says about her Smoked Turkey Necks & Lima Beans, “Honey, this is real soul food!”

About Mark Bego

Mark Bego is a New York Times bestselling author of sixty-two books on rock & roll, country music, and show business. Heralded in Publishers Weekly as “The Prince of Pop Music Bios,” his biographies have covered Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Billy Joel, with eleven million copies of his books in print. Bego lives in Tucson, Arizona.

 About Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson founded The Supremes with her high school friends Diana Ross and Florence Ballard in the early 1960s. They have since become the most successful girl group in the history of recorded music. She has written two bestselling memoirs, Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme and Supreme Faith: Someday We’ll Be Together. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Photos Courtesy Of: Mark Bego


Friday, June 24, 2016


Cedar Grilled Lobster Stew

Chef John Ross, author of The Poetry of Cooking will be appearing at The East End Seaport Museum & Marine Foundation in Greenport, New York on Friday, July 1st at 7pm. The legendary North Fork Chef, restaurateur, manager, educator, columnist, writer and home cook will be firing up his ‘little green egg’ grill and cooking Cedar Grilled Lobster Stew with Scallops. There will be tasting samples of his signature dish (along with local wine) prepared from his newest release, The Poetry of Cooking. The book illustrates how easy it is for anyone to cook delicious, healthy meals from fresh, locally sourced ingredients any month of the year. This event will be a testament to that.

Set against the backdrop of the Greenport Harbor, the event will offer guests the experience of an authentic Long Island summer experience at a Museum steeped in the area’s marine history. Sampling a taste of the abundance the local waters have been offering for years gone by, guests will also enjoy the architecture, history lessons, and exhibitions on display inside and out.

$12.00 Museum Admission charge for the event.  All are welcome to enjoy the evening, which is bound to be a memorable event for anyone who attends.


Released in the Fall of 2015, The Poetry of Cooking, Ross’ third cookbook, is organized by seasonal availability rather than ingredients, adapting many of the recipes from The North Fork Chef column Ross has written for The Suffolk Times and Riverhead News Review since March 2008. Divided into the twelve months of the year, each section of the book begins with a food-related poem selected by Ross and is followed by what he describes as a prime meal indicative of the month. Other recipes follow along with photos taken by Ross and other local photographers.

Friday, February 28, 2014


Lana Graziano With Renee Graziano And Jennifer Graziano

Renee Graziano, Jennifer Graziano and Lana Graziano Signed Copies of Their New Cookbook "How To Use a Meat Cleaver: Secrets & Recipes From a Mob Family's Kitchen" at Planet Hollywood Times Sqaure today in New York City.