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Monday, May 18, 2015


Kendal Jenner

Kendall Jenner may not be home watching the Keeping Up With the Kardashians: About Bruce special with her family, but she's there in spirit.

The brunette stunner stepped out on the red carpet last night at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards—looking drop-dead gorgeous in a Balmain creation, we might add—and spoke with E! News about how proud she is of her father.

(At this time, Bruce Jenner is choosing to not live publicly in the media as a woman and will be referred to as Bruce Jenner and with male pronouns until he specifies otherwise.)

"Honestly, I've never seen him happier," she told Giuliana Rancic when asked about Bruce Jenner's decision to speak publicly about his transition.

"That alone makes me so happy. To see him so happy and to see him going through this and staying so strong and really thinking about his kids is amazing."

Earlier this month, the runway model further gushed about her famous father during a preview clip of the special, saying, "He's the most amazing person I know. I couldn't ask for a better dad. He taught me how to ride a bike and be the tomboy that I am."

Part One of the E! special aired Sunday, May 17, at 9:00 p.m.

Part Two follows tonight Monday, May 18, at 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Khloe Kardashian

E! NEWS -- Family comes first, as Khloé Kardashian and Bruce Jenner can attest.

Bruce Jenner
Last month, Bruce announced to Diane Sawyer—and 19 million viewers—that he is transitioning to life as a woman. The Olympic gold medalist discussed his family's varying reactions to the news, and at the time, he revealed that Khloé "had the toughest time with it because she's had a lot of losses in her life," citing her father Robert Kardashian Sr.'s death and husband Lamar Odom's "issues" as examples. Bruce knew that information might surprise some people, telling Sawyer, "You would think out of all of the kids, Khloé is the most fun, open-minded...and that's not the case with Khloé. She's very emotional."

Khloé tweeted her support after the special aired, and since then, it seems the reality star has begun to accept Bruce's transition.

(At this time, Bruce is choosing to not live publicly in the media as a woman and will be referred to with male pronouns until he specifies otherwise.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Bruce Jenner

Even before Bruce Jenner became an Olympic champion, his first wife Chrystie Scott said, he told her early on during their marriage that he was struggling with being transgender and wanted to “be a woman.”

“It was such a shock to me, but he opened up his heart and confessed,” Scott said in an exclusive interview on “Good Morning America” Monday. “[He said] he had to share this deep, dark secret and he told me he always wanted to be a woman and, understandably, I was speechless. I didn’t really know what to say.”

Jenner and Scott were married in 1972, and she was by his side as he took home the gold medal for the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. Jenner was crowned an American hero during the Cold War, and afterwards, endorsement deals and appearance opportunities poured in. His likeness became a nationwide brand, and Jenner appeared in ads, movies and TV shows.

But it was during their first year of marriage, Scott said, that the former Olympian told her about his issues.

“I was really pleased that he shared that intimacy with me, that he trusted me with his deepest, darkest secret,” she said.

Monday, April 27, 2015



Story By: by G. H. HARDING
Bruce Jenner

BRUCE JENNER SPEAKS --- Fourteen million people watched, and here’s what I saw:

First, it was one of the most courageous things I’ve ever witnessed on broadcast TV. Second, I always liked Jenner and he certainly came across as confident that he was finally making the right decision after years of anguish, And third: of all those bleeding Kardashians, Kim apparently was the first one to step up and support him . . . with Kanye, of all people.

One journalist immediately termed it: “Bruce Jenner’s Coming Out Is the Millennial Moon Landing.”

I thought Diane Sawyer did a fine job, although perhaps Anderson Cooper or Ann Curry (yes, she's still positioned with NBC Universal) would have been interesting choices as well.

While Bruce kept saying it was a mostly private and personal choice, I just didn’t get why yet another reality show about his impending gender transition is necessary. Two days later, I still don't get it.

Micky Dolenz

2 MONKEES IN ONTARIO --- Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork kicked off a series of shows in Ontario this weekend, and here’s what our reporter Tyrone Biljan had to say:

“I’ve always viewed The Monkees as a diamond. A diamond in the rough, perhaps. What I mean is that you can look at it from any angle and see within many different things. It’s multi layered.

“The two shows outside of Toronto was a spotlight of the blues from their extensive catalog for these two sold-out shows.

“The Monkees’ band (Yes! They really are a band!) has had many configurations over almost 50 years. But while both Dolenz and the late Davy Jones put out a Monkees album called Changes in 1970, this is the first Monkees tour to feature Tork & Dolenz together as a two-some. (After a rare and very welcome return to Monkees concert tours over the past two years by Mike Nesmith, it seems that “Papa Nez” has decided to opt out of touring this time around.)

“Highlights of the night, of which there were many, included the return of an acoustic-seated set that included a bluesy ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ with Peter on lead and Dolenz on guitar and harmony vocals. Tork has maintained a very spirited devotion to blues music these past years with his own group Shoe Suede Blues, and this down ‘n dirty version of “Clarksville” was first recorded and released in 2007 as part of the Shoe Suede Blues album, Cambria Hotel.

“There was also Dolenz singing what he calls his ‘Layla,’ the Gerry Goffin- and Carole King-written ‘Sometime in the Morning,’ which sounded amazing. Just as Tork’s performance of ’Clarksville’ at the show came from his own 2007 SSB version, Micky’s version of ‘Sometime in the Morning’ was informed by his own fantastic recording of the song on his own 2010 album devoted to the songs of Carole King—and called, aptly enough, King for a Day.

“The duo also brought forth a classic and seldom-performed live version of Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce’s ballad “I’ll Spend My Life With You.” Being that The Monkees recorded a version of this song back in ’66 with the great L.A. session musicians known collectively as “The Wrecking Crew,” only to then go on and re-record the song when they were playing all the instruments themselves on the 1967 album, Headquarters, means it can now be said without a doubt that this song stands as testimony to what Micky and Peter in particular have said all along—that they began as actors playing a band on TV, but quickly became a real band that made their mark both in concerts and on records.

“The solo set backed by the Monkees’ band included Micky’s sister Coco Dolenz, as well as seasoned musicians from various Monkees tours. They played a very bluesy rendition of The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar,” which Dolenz mentioned can be found on his most recently-released solo album Remember. (For those who know that it was the choice by Monkees’ original music producer, the late Don Kirschner, to have The Monkees record a single of “Sugar, Sugar” that got him fired by the band, Micky’s performance of the song was the ironic cherry on top of this song’s performance that night.) Peter also played 'Even White Boys Get the Blues,' and both songs got a very positive reaction from the audience.

“The video presentation, by tour producer and Rhino Records visionary Andrew Sandoval, was set with many rare images. My favorite of the night had to be a very early ‘70s photo with bearded and shoulder length hair Tork on stage playing guitar, with Coco singing in the middle and Micky strumming guitar with his curly hair and mutton-chop sideburns. There were also video clips from the original Monkees TV show that included songs by Nesmith and the dearly-departed 'Manchester Cowboy' himself, Davy Jones.

“A final highlight of the show was the duo singing and exchanging verses on Davy’s signature Number-One worldwide hit, 'Daydream Believer.' After seeing this concert, and taking into consideration all the many countless dozens of live shows that The Monkees have given to the public now for nearly the past forty years, it would seem sheer lunacy to me—and I’m sure to many others all over the globe—to suggest that The Monkees are not entirely deserving of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame induction that continually eludes them. For this reporter, the absence of The Monkees from the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame truly signifies a crucial ‘missing link’ in the evolution of this organization. But the ongoing snub didn’t seem to mind Peter or Micky that night or any other night. To paraphrase the lyrics from The Monkees’ own TV show, ‘We’re’ too busy singin’ to put anybody down.’ At these new Monkees shows in Canada, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork did themselves and their other two bandmates proud. Well done, gentlemen, well done.”

MOVIE DOWNLOW – I really was looking forward to watching two movies that had somehow escaped my view late last year: Christopher Nolan’s film Interstellar, and J. C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year.

Nolan has seemingly been anointed as the director to watch. Whenever I see one of his Batman movies on TV, I simply cannot turn away. And his other films, Inception and Insomnia (featuring one of the best “serious” roles in the entirety of the late great Robin Williams’ acting career) and the first film, Memento, are among my favorites.

Interstellar (with a strong cast of Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway and Oscar-nominated Best Actress Jessica Chastain, no less) made less and less sense as it went on. It was totally impossible to understand. I was crushed. I watched the almost three-and-a-half hour opus, hoping that it would regain some momentum. It did not.

It wasn’t a big hit when it was first released and, though McConaughey is good . . . it just made no sense. I wonder if it made sense to the actors at all, or if they were just content to leave themselves in the director’s usually-capable hands. A mystery, for sure.

J. C. Chandor is the director who first gained fame with a terrific little movie called Margin Call, followed by his work on the stunning Robert Redford movie, All Is Lost. This new one, with Oscar Isaac who was terrific and the ever-busy and “also in Interstellar” Jessica Chastian, was simmering . . . and stayed that way for the duration of the movie. The gist of the movie was to show just how hard the oil business is. What?!

The ending was a conversation that ended with a question. In light of the film’s title, there was in fact very little violence, but plenty of simmering emotion. Again, I felt cheated. In my opinion, anyone who wants to see a remarkably entertaining motion picture over the past year that actually had a profound message at its core should go right away and check out Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Whatever these folks are doing with this fairly new re-boot of the classic Arthur P. Jacobs film series is working.

My new movie wish-list, meanwhile: the new Mad Max; Tomorrowland with George Clooney and, at long last Entourage, the movie—a.k.a., The Ride Ain’t Over. Yikes, what a title!

CLOSING NOTES --- Gloria Reuben's last NYC show is this Thursday night at The Metropolitan Room. Don't miss this one . . .

Hot podcast The SDR Show—hosted by metal DJ Ralph Sutton and comedian Big Jay Oakerson—will be celebrating their one-year anniversary at a special live recording party at The Museum of Sex’s Play Bar and Den tonight at 6pm, featuring a live performance by the Shift and appearances by comedian Aaron Berg and Savanna the Psychic Stripper.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year! We’ve hit so many milestones, between Shiprocked and Motorhead cruises, hitting number one in iTunes Comedy, signing with “All Things Comedy” and all of the amazing guests we’ve had, it’s truly been insane,” says Sutton. “And this special show recorded in front of a live audience with live music, a psychic stripper, and a few past guests all streaming live at The Museum of Sex seemed like a great way to round out the year. I can't wait to see what kind of craziness happens next!”

Furious 7 - the hugely popular sequel crossed the $1 billion mark at the international box office, becoming only the third film to pull off that track. It’s in some pretty good company in that regard, joining both of James Cameron’s films Avatar and Titanic. With a global haul of $1.3 billion, Furious 7 is now the fifth highest-grossing film in history.

Furious 7, which is the last film in the series to feature actor Paul Walker, is also now the highest-grossing film in China. Its $323 million gross in the People’s Republic exceeds Transformers: Age of Extinction’s record-breaking $319 million bounty.

Domestically, Furious 7 became the first film since The Hunger Games in 2012 to top box office charts for four weeks in a row, picking up a leading $18.3 million and driving its Stateside total to $320 million.

And to think that the biggest car-related moneymaker in Hollywood way back in 1968 was Disney’s live-action comedy, The Love Bug . . .

New bookings at Steve Walter's Cutting Room include David Lindley and David Duchovny .... now, that's booking!

Friday, April 24, 2015


Linda Thompson

The Huffington Post is the exclusive outlet for a compelling blog written by Linda Thompson, former wife of Bruce Jenner.

Below is part of the piece and a link to the full post.

There is also a additional piece written by Cavan Sieczkowski, HuffPost's Senior Trends Editor, on Bruce Jenner's interview with Diane Sawyer.

By now, Bruce Jenner has revealed his struggle with gender dysphoria.

I never would have dared to speak on this issue before he was comfortable enough to do so first. It is, after all, his truth, so I knew he should be afforded the dignity to reveal that truth on his own time and in the way he sees fit.

I have respectfully kept his secrets private and would have taken his confidences to my grave had he not spoken out.

But now, many years into his remarkable life, he has spoken out. His legacy will likely be sprinkled with references like "Olympian," "decathlon gold medalist," "world's greatest athlete," "son," "brother," "husband," "father," "grandfather," "friend," and, hopefully, "pioneer" and "trailblazer for the civil rights of the transgender community."

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Kris and Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner tells ABC's Diane Sawyer that the family members are "the only ones I'm concerned with" in a new promotional clip of the exclusive interview.

"I can't let myself hurt them," Jenner says in the new promo that will begin airing on the ABC Television Network tonight.

Jenner has six biological children -- Burt, Cassandra, Brandon, Brody, Kendall and Kylie -- and four step-children -- Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian.

Jenner, a record-shattering, gold medal Olympian and reality television star, talks with Sawyer about the journey through the years, and says in the promo, "It made me who I am."

Jenner sat down with Sawyer for a far-ranging interview that will air on Friday, April 24 during a special two-hour edition of “20/20.”

The special, “Bruce Jenner – The Interview,” airs on ABC at 9 p.m., ET.

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” Jenner said.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Bruce Jenner

FREBERG PASSES --- Stan Freberg –whose idiosyncratic comic career in advertising garnered him worldwide acclaim, and whose satirical entertainments abounded on TV, radio and records—has died. He was 88.

Freberg died of natural causes at a Santa Monica hospital, with his son and daughter, Donavan and Donna, and wife Hunter at his side.

“He was and will always be my hero, and I will carry his brilliant legacy forward as best I am able,” his son wrote on Facebook.

The godfather of humorous and irreverent commercials, Freberg lampooned cultural institutions and described himself as a “guerilla satirist.” The New York Times dubbed him the “Che Guevara of advertising,” and, years later, “Weird Al” Yankovic called him a major influence on his career.

“Very sad to say that one of my absolute all-time heroes has just passed away,” Yankovic wrote on Twitter. “RIP Stan Freberg. A legend, an inspiration, and a friend.”

Freberg also was known for his musical parodies. “Wun’erful Wun’erful,” his 1957 spoof of “champagne music,” lampooned The Lawrence Welk Show.

Freberg also starred in a memorable 1966 TV episode of The Monkees on NBC, the third in Season One called "Monkees Vs. Machine” (directed by the series’ co-creator Bob Fafelson, in what was the first of only five episodes that he directed before helming the anarchic Monkees 1968 motion picture Head).

In the episode, Freberg played Daggart, a toy executive who wants to automate the old-fashioned company. His efforts were, in the end, thwarted by the Monkees. In fact, on the Rhino DVD audio commentary for this episode, Peter Tork recalls with amusement how Freberg’s repeated deadpan line “Don’t do that” became a bit of a catchphrase for Peter, Davy, Micky, and Mike back when they were working on the show.

“So sorry to hear of Stan’s passing,” Micky Dolenz said in a statement. “He had such an enormous influence on me and I was so honored to have worked with him and known him as a friend. He will be sorely missed.”

Both Dolenz and Yankovic appeared at a gala event for the comic last year called The Genius of Stan Freberg.

BRUCE JUICE --- Bruce Jenner appears ready to talk.

The celebrity will break his media silence to Diane Sawyer on ABC.

Bruce Jenner – The Interview will air as a two-hour special on Friday, April 24 as a special edition of ABC’s “20/20.”

ABC News did not release any information about the interview, other than to describe it as “far-ranging” and “exclusive.”

Jenner, who is widely assumed to be transitioning from a man to a woman, was also involved in a car accident this past February that resulted in the death of another driver.

Despite the relative media friendliness of the Kardashian empire, reports about Jenner’s situation have been largely based around unnamed sources and salacious rumors . . . with Jenner himself remaining oddly quiet on the subject.

He was reportedly cooperating with a reality series for the E! TV network that was said to be documenting his transition. After the car accident in February, however, filming on the TV show was swiftly suspended.

TMZ said: “We're told Jenner views the show as ‘a farewell to Bruce.’ He will ‘present himself’ as a woman publicly for the first time. But it's not about his look—it's about his mental state and his journey.

Our sources, however, say that Bruce does NOT reveal his new name, or dress like a woman, on camera. Nevertheless, we're told Bruce sees the interview as the most significant event associated with his imminent sex change—more significant than the surgical procedures that will get him there.

Is this the get of the year? I’d say so, without question, as everyone—men, women, and all in between—will surely be watching.

YES TOTO --- It has been rumored since late January, but it took until now to become official. Yes and Toto will be touring North America together this summer.

The tour opens on August 7 at Foxwood Casino in Mashantucket, CT and runs through September 12 in Coquitlam, British Columbia (Canada).

Overall, the two bands have 26 dates already planned.

Toto just released their new album, Toto XIV, which has returned them to the charts for the first time in twenty-seven years. The last studio album from Yes, meanwhile, was 2014's Heaven & Earth while they have also have two live albums coming soon—the 14-disc Progeny: Seven Shows from Seventy-Two due for release on May 19, and the CD/DVD combo set Like It Is arriving on July 7.

So far, this combination is shaping up as one of the premier concert events of the year, certainly matching last year’s Rod Stewart/Santana mash-up tour.

CLOSING NOTES --- Joni Mitchell spent the Easter weekend continuing to recover in a Los Angeles hospital after being found unconscious at her Bel Air home last week.

The latest update of the legendary singer songwriter’s condition is that “Joni remains under observation in the hospital and is resting comfortably. Her progress is encouraging as she continues to improve each day.”

The 71-year old singer is still frail, but her illness has not been disclosed. In December, she told Billboard, “I can't sing any more – don't miss it. I can't play any more – don't miss it. I've got all these instruments laying around, and hopefully one day I’ll pick them up.”

Great Ringo Starr interview last Sunday on Q104.3's Ken Dashow broadcast. Dashow asked him some great questions, and several that haven't been before. Certainly, the one where Starr responded that Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein asked Starr (whose real name, of course, is Richard Starkey) to join The Beatles on the same day when he delivered the request on behalf of “the boys.” In the recent Rolling Stone interview, Sir Paul McCartney recalled that he and fellow Beatles John Lennon and George Harrison didn’t really feel like they were a “group” until that first gig with Ringo bashing the drums rock-steady behind them at the Cavern Club in February 1962. Ringo wouldn’t officially join The Beatles until nearly six months later in August 1962—which means that Ringo was still the beloved beat maker for Liverpool’s equally popular group Rory Storm & The Hurricanes.

That backstory, of course, explains why Ringo’s new album Postcards from Paradise starts off with the track "Rory and the Hurricanes." We would love to hear the rest of the album, but so far our requests for a press copy have gone unanswered. Thankfully, our friend Anthony Pomes (who is a member of one of New York’s top Beatles tribute bands, Mostly Moptop) has told us that the eponymous named track “Postcards from Paradise” is a major highlight of the record. “Co-written with the great Todd Rungren,” shares Pomes, “this song references at least twenty Beatles songs throughout the song’s lyrics. Ringo has created a ‘lyric mash-up,’ if you will . . . and his drumming on the album is just as tight and solid and strong as ever. Kudos, Ringo!” On evidence of these observations, Ringo has certainly earned his forthcoming induction to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Of course, The Monkees still haven’t been inducted. But we’ll leave that for another day . . .

Friday, November 14, 2014


Wendy Williams

Despite coming under fire last month for speculating about Bruce Jenner’s gender identity, Wendy Williams told HuffPost Live on Monday that she is “happy for him.”

The daytime talk show personality discussed the recent controversy surrounding her comments about the reality star and former Olympian’s recent change in appearance. Williams said her previous comments were not intended to be hurtful.

Williams: "I don't know what Bruce is going through, but I'm happy for him because there's got to be nothing worse in a person's life then to not be able to live in your own truth. Whether you're gay, whether you're transgender -- whatever. Whatever it is."

Williams also discussed her relationship with the LGBT community, the sincerity of which has been questioned due to this controversy and others before it.

Williams: "People hear what they want to hear, not what was actually said...Listen, I'm a friend to a lot of communities. You know, I call things as I see them and that's that."

Wendy Williams also weighed in on Britney Spears' new boyfriend, saying 'I smell an opportunist.'