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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Eva Mendes was set to wear prosthetic breasts in comedy 'Stuck On You',until directors saw her ample bosom.The stunning Latina actress - who played busty April Mercedes in the 2003 film - has revealed filmmaker brothers Bobby and Peter Farrelly re-wrote the script when they realized there was no need to employ fake tactics. She told Britain's You magazine: "They had written my character with these huge, fake boobs, and then they said, 'We're going to take that out - you have great breasts.'"They didn't want me to wear anything fake or prosthetic in the cleavage department. I said, 'Trust me guys, I can get them up there!' "Eva, 32, also said she is incredibly proud of her impressive assets, because they make her feel womanly. She added: "Boobs are really good. I love every aspect of being a woman. I believe you should celebrate who you are."Meanwhile, Eva - who was seen leaving a pre-natal yoga class in September -has fuelled pregnancy rumors after being spotted hiding what appeared to be a baby bump behind her large bag as she left a private gym in Hollywood.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


Heidi Klum with Hans and Franz

Heidi Klum calls her breasts Hans and Franz.The 33-year-old supermodel says she gave her famous assets the stereotypically German names in homage to her homeland. She said: "They've been an ongoing joke for, like, 12 years. It started because I was from Germany, and people always make fun of ze Germans, yah?"So when I began modelling I used to say, 'These are German breasts, one is called Hans and one is called Franz.' "Mother-of-three Heidi, who is married to singer Seal, has also insisted she will never starve herself to become a size zero. She said: "I have always been too round to do fashion shows. I don't look weird enough for them to want me for the catwalk that's fine."The other girls are always much taller and skinnier, so it just isn't my thing. I stick to what I'm good at and have never been prepared to starve myself to death and do crazy stuff just to be like a thin rail and fit into their clothes."Heidi has two sons, Henry and Johan, with Seal, and a daughter, Leni, from a relationship with Renault Formula One boss Flavio Briatore.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Kelly Brook with boyfriend Billy Zane ( Hat covers bald head )

Kelly Brook says Americans love her large natural breasts.The British actress - who has a home in Hollywood which she shares with her actor fiancé Billy Zane - claims so many people in Los Angeles have fake boobs they love seeing her real mammaries.Kelly said in an interview with Britain's FHM magazine: "My breasts are a bit of a novelty in California."And they go mad for my teeth as well. None of them can believe someone from England can have white teeth."The 'Smallville' star has also revealed although she and Billy prefer to spend as much of their time in their home in the English countryside, they do enjoy their glamorous life in Tinseltown. She said: "We went to a barbecue at producer Lawrence Bender's place and everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone was there."A Hollywood barbecue is nothing like an English one. There's no burnt burgers!"

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Still sexy Michelle Pfeiffer

'Batman' star Michelle Pfeiffer was thrilled when a woman approached her in the street and thanked her for having such small breasts.The 48-year-old 'Hairspray' star has revealed fans often thank her for being a naturally beautiful actress and it makes her day. Michelle told Access Hollywood : "A woman walked up to me and made my day by commenting on my breasts."I made her feel sexy about her small breasts and that made me feel really good. I walked away thinking, 'I'm hot!' "Despite radiating natural beauty, Michelle hasn't ruled out having plastic surgery - one day. She said: "I don't have anything against it and I think there is a lot of pressure on women. It's hard ageing these days."If one day, I look in the mirror and I just can't stand it anymore, than I may be right there."