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Tuesday, November 04, 2014


Brad & Jackie Waddell

Monday, November 10 is the ten year anniversary of Brad Waddell’s site – the preferred site to go for all things

Says Waddell, “Early in 1992, the Internet was getting a lot of buzz
and so as a computer programmer I had to get out there and see what
was happening. I re-discovered the Monkees fans from around the world;
hanging out on IRC chat and USENET ( and proceeded
to see what I could add to the mix. I created a Monkees mailing list
and began to help in scheduling Monkees parties online at scheduled
times in the chat.”

“In 1994 when the old menu systems of the Internet began to give way
to the new form of HTML web pages, I built the first Monkees-web site
and listed it on Yahoo and it was popular immediately because of the
ability to share photos, recordings and a few videos.”

Waddell says he’s met fans from all over the world and feels flattered
that his site has become something of a common ground.

He’s even interfaced, not only with the members of the band, but also
various resources the band has worked with. Says Micky
Dolenz-publicist David Salidor, “Brad’s done an amazing job of keeping
current; cherishing the history of the group and their music. Theirs
is a totally unique story and their fans, young and old, have a
perfect resource to go to.”