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Friday, November 27, 2015



Rachel Barrer

"What A Difference A Stay Makes"

Barrer-Rojas Productions, announced today that shooting for the drama film “The Atlantic Motel” will commence in December 2015.

Award winning director Patrick Mandeville (“Walls”) will bring this piece to life; starring Dan Grimaldi (The “Sopranos”), Fiona Robert (“Donny”), Shane Patrick Kearns ('Law and Order'), Ryan Barry ('Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'), Michelle Duffy (“Desperate Housewives”), Joel Nagle (“All My Children”), Rachel Barrer ('Golden Boy’,'Catch-30'), Tanya Rojas (“Catch-30”).

A grungy New Jersey motel is the backdrop for this new film as it plays host for one-night to a series of couples who face the reality of their troubled relationships. Through its neighboring walls and within its rooms,‘The Atlantic Motel’ reveals how love can be found, rekindled, and lost.

Produced by, Rachel Barrer, Tanya Rojas and Keith Collins (“The Meat Puppet”). Written by, Rachel Barrer, Tanya Rojas & Patrick Mandeville. Assistant Director, Doug Bollinger (“Waltzing Anna”). Cinematography & Editing by, Cory Green (“The Jersey Devil”).

Photo Courtesy Of - Barrer-Rojas Productions / Keith Collins