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Thursday, September 13, 2018



Story By: James Edstrom

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

We have done a lot of research. Having been a New Yorker all my life, I know the Cuomo family from many years of attending parties with them and photographing them. I like some of Cynthia Nixon's talk, but we just do not think she can do the walk. We also like Andrew Cuomo's talk and we know he can do the walk.

Andrew Cuomo's dad Mario Cuomo was a gentleman and a very smart man. The guy had class. Andrew's mom Miltilda Cuomo was truly New York's first lady. She always sent me thank you letters that she wrote herself and I had many conversations with her and Mario over the years. They are a good family. But this is not why I think we need to vote Andrew Cuomo back in office.

We have a crazy man AKA Donald Trump in the White House, a man who I have known personally for 30 years. Trump is after New York City even know it is his home town. We need protection from this maniac.  Cynthia Nixon is not a seasoned politician and this is what we need in this day and age of Donald Trump. She has ideas, some of them good, but she will just not know how to implement them nor will she know her way around the political arena in New York State or Washington DC.

 Andrew Cuomo knows his way around. Andrew Cuomo knows how to fight for New Yorker's. In this day and age, we need protection from Donald Trump and his policies. I understand the talk of this deal and that deal from the politicians up in Albany. But no matter what deals are going on, weather bad or good, Andrew Cuomo is a fighter, Andrew Cuomo when push comes to shove will not let New Yorker's down. I know this. I have known this family for years.

I considered Cynthia Nixon. I like the idea of new blood in Albany and in Washington DC. But watching Cynthia being supported by the same old political losers like Jimmy Van Bramer was not what I was looking for and many residents in my neighborhood were sickened by watching her and Van Bramer work the political circuit together. Jimmy Van Bramer only cares for media attention and watching Cynthia and him together made many of us sick. Cynthia Nixon even hosted Jimmy Van Bramers Birthday bash here in Hunters Point South. Considering we can not even get garbage cans or a red light from Jimmy Van Bramer, by Nixon surrounding herself with this man only makes the residents around here very uneasy that she will not be able to deliver.

Nothing for nothing, Andrew Cuomo is a New Yorker and for New Yorker's. Andrew Cuomo knows how to handle someone like Donald Trump and knows how to protect New York. Right now is not the time for a change. Vote today. These days our elections are more important than ever.


I do not know Zephyr Teachout, but I know Tish James. I know Cuomo supports Tish James, but I do not and here's why.

I contacted Tish James Office when she was Public Advocate about the abuse I was getting from landlord St Nicks Alliance. I complained about discrimination because I was white and I was gay and had AIDS. I complained about the drug operations that were being run out of my building at 19 Maujer Street in Brooklyn and she did nothing. I finally had to go  to the Brooklyn DA and they ended up busting a Heroin Cartell run by St Nicks Alliance Property Manager Haydee Cordero. It was a huge operation running drugs all over Brooklyn, but Tish James had the heads up on this first and did nothing. To this day, Tish James has done nothing about the city awarding contracts to convicted felons like Joseph Robles President Of St Nicks Alliance. Tish James not only did nothing about my complaints about St Nicks Alliance and the drug operations, I wonder how many people died until the Brooklyn DA busted them all. Meanwhile St Nicks Alliance continues to get contract after contract, even know they are run by a convicted felon, even know their property manager was busted for running a drug ring. Tish James is not good for New York, Tish James only cares for her landlord friends in Brooklyn. Tish James will not fight for New Yorkers.

I have done my research on Zephyr Teachout. The New York Times endorses her, but that is not the reason I choose her. Zephyr Rain Teachout is an attorney, author, and Associate Professor of Law at Fordham. She is one smart cookie. She will fight for securing tenants’ rights and voting rights and pursuing criminal justice reform. She will also fight Donald Trump who charities and companies need to be taken to task for the way they operate. Ms. Teachout is not surrounded by political cronies and in this day and age, we need someone like her. No one is better suited for this job than Zephyr Teachout. 

Tish James will be the same old thing. We need old blood in the Governors office like Andrew Cuomo to fight Donald Trump, and new blood in the Attorney General's office to fight corruption. This will be a great balance in New York.

Friday, December 08, 2017


Governor Cuomo posted this to Twitter this week. He is right, Already my rich friends are talking about residences in Fla for 6 months, so they will not have to pay the extra taxes on real estate, even know they will same much more with the tax cuts.  This is a tax against the Poor, The Middle Class and in States like New York we get hit hard.  The Republican politicians are going after us. They have their salaries, their benefits for life, but the rest of us will end up with nothing. Their rich friends will get richer and corporation stock holders will get richer. There will be no trickle down jobs, no trickle down higher wages and no more investment. I do not understand why these politicians do what they want, not what the people want. I am hoping next election there will be consequences. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


Andrew Cuomo

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has just done a huge dis-service to New Yorkers. I like the guy, I like his family, but am very disappointed.

The state Senate passed a bill that would limit consumption to edibles, pills, and oils—prohibiting the smoking or sale of actual marijuana plants. Gov. The bill passed the Senate 49 to 10 after state leaders announced a legislative compromise.

Everyone bowed down to the drug companies. Having had my own health issues a few years ago, I was prescribed Marinol Pills, which is Marijuana in pill form. They did nothing to help, and they cost over 2 thousand dollars for a month prescription. I am sure by now they are over 3 grand a month.

What Gov. Cuomo has done by demanding this compromise, was continue to allow arrest of innocent people and allowed the black market to continue in the Marijuana trade. New York State would have collected billions, once the whole system was in place for a couple of years. New York State would have saved billions from not arresting and jailing Marijuana users. It was a win-win for New Yorkers. Our lawmakers and our Governor have failed us. Now the doors are open for the big drug companies to produce useless Marijuana pills and edibles, that cost thousands and do nothing. I can not wait for the first drug company to open up a bakery for Marijuana edibles in Manhattan. 

Our elected officials need to re-visit this. Every arrest and every prescription will cost the taxpayers billions that could be used on education, infrastructure and other things. I adore Andrew Cuomo, but this was a huge mistake. Our elected officials need to wake up and do what the people of New York State want.