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Thursday, July 11, 2013



Les Gold On Good Morning America

Hardcore Pawn continues to be a hit on TruTV and America can't seem to get enough of the adventures of the Gold family and their Pawn Shop American Jewelry in Detroit.

The fact is, I even love this show, and it is really hard for me to watch a reality show, considering I know the business in and out. But I have to watch this show.

Forget the crazy people that come into the store on a daily basis, forget the bickering between Ashley and Seth, this show gives you a education in making a deal and in the case of American Jewelry, a fair deal. The Golds know what things are worth and they try to be fair. On a daily basis they hear peoples problems and their stories and they do understand. To work at American Jewelry, you have to be part merchant and part psychiatrist.

Having become friends with The Golds on their regular visits to New York City, I can honestly say I have not met a nicer family. Walking the streets of New York City with The Golds, fans come up to them and no matter how much of a rush they are in to get to a TV Studio or a event, they take the time to talk to each and every person they meet. This family is a hit, on and off screen.

On a recent visit to NYC, Carnegie Deli was naming a sandwich after Hardcore Pawn. The Gold family did not miss a beat, running to Fox And Friends, then to Good Morning America and then to Carnegie Deli, all in a matter of hours. They did interviews with reporters on the run and gladly posed for photos for fans and photographers and stopped to chat with a cameraman from TMZ about what Kim Kardashian's baby poop is worth. As Les Gold has told me a few times, it's only worth something if their is a buyer, and according to Les, Kim's baby poop is pure Gold!

You can shop online at American Jewelry and you can watch this hit show on TruTV. Les Gold also has a New York Times Bestseller "For What It’s Worth" Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker.  It is a must read for anyone wanting to make a deal. Reality sometimes can be fun and educational. Watch this show!

Photo Courtesy Of: Cyndee Harrison/American Jewelry